Battletech Extended V 1.9.11 erschienen

Uff, viele Modupdates übers Wochenende.

Es gibt ein neues Update zum Battletech Mod:  Battletech Extended. Hier geht es zu Version 1.9.11 auf Nexusmods. Released Updated the mod to handle the latest Community Asset Bundle format.

DOWNLOAD THE NEW CAB INSTALLER, don’t use the one you already have, redownload it.

Clear your mod folder completely before updating, use the CAB mod to install the Community Asset Bundle, it will be different now, it will install 4 directories in to your \Mods\ folder:

  • CAB-Clan Mech
  • CAB-IS Mech
  • CAB-Misc
  • CAB-Tank

Added the following mechs:

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Battletech Advanced 7.0 erschienen

Es gibt ein neues Update zum Battletech Mod: Battletech Advanced. Bei Version 7.0 benötigt ihr nicht einfach nur das Update, sondern müsst den Installer komplett erneuern.

v7.0 (aka the „New Abilities and Installer“ release) has been released to the installer. There’s some stuff in here, so read closely.

First and foremost, we have a new installer. This is required for you to download. Delete your old installer including the cache it created and download our new installer (from here: This will necessitate a full download of the CAB again, this is necessary since the CAB has undergone some changes on the backend for better performance. I know it’s annoying but this is better for us all in the long run. Otherwise, installation instructions are as normal. Now, the changelog:

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