Mercenary's Handbook: 3055

Mercenarys Handbook 3055Es gibt mal wieder die digitalisierte Form eines älteren Quellenbuchs zu erwerben. Das ist immer besonders dann hilfreich, wenn sich die eigene Druckausgabe bereits in Wohlgefallen auflöst oder man einfach gerne alles auch in digitaler Form hat.
Dieses Mal handelt es sich um das Mercenary’s Handbook: 3055.

No Cash, No Galaxy!
Running a merc unit is a serious business first, last and always. Not just any group of gung-ho ‚Mech jocks can survive in the cutthroat world of the mercenary, and any MechWarrior who ignores this fact ends up working for someone else, dispossessed, or dead. Running a successful merc unit takes know-how, skill, careful planning, and sometimes a little luck. If you still think you’ve got what it takes to pit your skills against the fiercest warriors of the Inner Sphere and beyond, The Mercenary’s Handbook: 3055 is for you. The handbook provides a comprehensive, detailed system for creating, maintaining, and operating a mercenary unit in the BattleTech universe, covering every aspect of the mercenary life from combat to salary to medical care.
The Mercenary’s Handbook: 3055 also includes detailed briefings on five of the most renowned mercenary units of the Inner Sphere: Wolf’s Dragoons, the Kell Hounds, Rhonda Snord’s Irregulars, the Gray Death Legion, and the Black Thorns. So what are you waiting for? C-bills and glory await any MechWarrior bold enough to take them. But just remember, the battle’s not over until the check clears…

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