Technical Readout: Irregulars, RecGuide Cover und mehr …

Technical Readout: Irregulars ist im Handel. Parallel dazu kommt auch die gedruckte Variante von Era Digest: Dark Age heraus.

So, und endlich darf ich nun etwas verraten, was ich schon sehr, sehr lange weiß, aber nie sagen durfte: Die Silent Reapers sind damit nun wirklich offiziell Kanon (nicht mehr nur die zurückhaltenden Referenzen, die ich in Battle of Tukayyid untergebracht habe, sondern sie werden direkt erwähnt). Jill Jade aus meinem XTRO: Most Wanted findet hier auch Platz.

Technical Readout: Irregulars

“The lions are those who managed to take the grid down, while the jackals are feeding on the resulting confusion.”

Fall of 3134. After decades of peace and prosperity, interstellar communications broke down two years ago and conflict is sweeping through the Republic of the Sphere. As ancient hatreds and rivalries rear their ugly heads, people who have only known war through history books are suddenly thrust into the dark maelstrom of combat. Splinter factions have arisen, aligning themselves with fealties long thought forgotten, and stalking each other on Republic worlds like jackals. Often lacking military-grade equipment, these groups and defending militias deploy SecurityMechs, Support Vehicles, or even modified civilian machinery in their desperate struggle to prevail.

Technical Readout: Irregulars unveils the weapons deployed during the chaos after Gray Monday when paramilitaries warred in the Republic’s outer Prefectures. Technical Readout: Irregulars  debuts the production and custom machines used by the the splinter faction in 3132 and the following years. Statistics and Record Sheets are included for 25 new IndustrialMech MODs, Security- and MilitiaMechs, support vehicles, and their variants ready for play.

PDF (12,32 €) und Print on Demand (+PDF Kombo 24,65 €) auf Drivethru.

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