Nicht alle Kurzgeschichten landen am Ende in Anthologien und viele Anthologien sind erst dann verfügbar, wenn alle einzelnen Kurzgeschichten erschienen sind. Oder vielleicht wollt ihr, obwohl die Anthologie schon erschienen ist, nur eine der Geschichten haben, weil euch der Rest nicht interessiert?

Hier findet ihr die Kurzgeschichten, die Catalyst herausgebracht hat. Wenn sie ebenfalls in einer Anthologie verfügbar sind, verweise ich jeweils darauf, damit ihr euch entscheiden könnt.

Eridani Light Horse Chronicles

Die Reihe läuft derzeit noch. Einen Sammelband gibt es bislang nicht. Die Reihe soll im Dezember zu Ende gehen, den Sammelband können wir daher irgendwann Anfang 2022 erwarten.


Other mercenary units fly flags at two flagpoles at their headquarters, one with their unit’s flag, and other bearing the flag of their current employer. However, the Third Regimental Combat Team—a.k.a. the Eridani Light Horse—leaves one flagpole bare, as a reminder of the death of the Star League, and the other pole flies the Light Horse’s unit and regimental flags at half-mast.

What triumphs and tragedies shaped the Eridani Light Horse and its traditions? What drove them to become a force to be reckoned with, an elite mercenary unit with one of the longest histories and the deepest traditions in the Inner Sphere? Witness the unit’s origins in the Star League and follow their evolution all the way through the Succession Wars and the Clan Invasion to their downfall in the Dark Age and their resurrection in the uncertain future of the ilClan era.

I: Conflicts Of Interest

As part of the Star League Defense Force, the Eridani Light Horse battled the army of a madman for a dozen years, and helped bring peace to the Inner Sphere. But a new threat is rising as House Lords jockey for position and power, and soon the men and woman of the ELH face another terrible decision—stay and try to protect the Inner Sphere from being engulfed in war again, or leave…perhaps forever…

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II: No Tears

During the First Succession War, a tragedy borne of spite strikes the Eridani Light Horse on the Draconis Combine world of Sendai, and they will stop at nothing to exact their revenge.

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III: Dying Dignity

For a raid into the Lyran Commonwealth, the Eridani Light Horse teams up with the Black Warriors, a band of former Star League troops much like the Light Horse. But something about this mission does not add up…

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IV: The Hand that Feeds

During the Third Succession War, the Eridani Light Horse undertakes a recon-in-force to the planet Benet for their new employer, House Davion. But when a Draconis Combine ambush threatens the entire operation, it is up to a group of brave Light Horsemen MechWarriors to cover the retreat…no matter what the cost.

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V: There’s no We in Mercenary

On the battlefields of the Fourth Succession War, the Eridani Light Horse faces down the fearsome Warrior House Hiritsu, but defeating the Capellan force might require the ultimate sacrifice.

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VI: Failings in Teaching

A former Light Horse soldier has retired to the classroom, instructing House Davion recruits at the New Avalon Institute of Science, but the true war lies in the past he cannot reconcile…
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VII: View from the Ground

The Star League has been re-formed, and the Eridani Light Horse, now a broken unit, resumes serving under the new First Lord’s banner. What does this mean for the Light Horse’s future and its centuries of tradition?
Erscheint im September 2021

VIII: No Dust no Wear

The Eridani Light Horse regiment serving as the Star League’s representative in the Clan Homeworlds after the Great Refusal is beset by angry Clans who seek to destroy them for threatening their way of life. Colonel Sandra Barclay must do everything in her power if her command is to survive…
Erscheint im Oktober 2021

IX: The Day when Heaven was Faling

During the Dark Age, an invasion force from Clan Jade Falcon arrives at Hesperus II with the intent of conquest. The Eridani Light Horse must help the Lyran defenders hold the line…but at what cost?
Erscheint im November 2021

X: Strong as Steel

In the uncertain future following the fall of the Republic of the Sphere, the Eridani Light Horse name has reemerged, but can this reborn unit live up to the weight of its own storied history?
Erscheint im Dezember 2021

Gray Death Legion Reborn

Die Gray Death Legion ist zurück. Noch ist kein Sammelband erschienen, sondern nur die erste Kurz-Novelle der Trilogie. Es gibt noch keine Veröffentlichungsdaten oder Titel für Band 2 und 3.

I: The Price of Duty


Former hauptmann Ronan Carlyle is a man without a nation. After his former commanding officer declared herself governor-general of a reborn Tamar Pact, Ronan, a loyal Steiner officer, led a group of soldiers and techs including his sister, Isobel, back for Garrison for reassignment.

But on Garrison, his troubles multiply. The senior Lyran officer brands the 26th Arcturan loyalists traitors and cashiers them, stranding nearly 200 former LCAF soldiers, technicians, and crewmen on a Lyran world with no way off-planet.

Forced to scrounge up a way to survive, Ronan and Isobel hatch a plan to get the former LCAF members back to their homeworlds by salvaging ’Mechs. But when a Lyran scout battalion goes AWOL over an off-world mission squashed by their commanding officer, the LCAF is shocked to discover the Arcturan loyalists have built up have the largest contingent of combat equipment outside the militia. Ronan’s people need cash. They have skills. And there’s history in his name…

Thus, the Gray Death Legion is reborn. First as a way to get funds for his people to leave. But they fight the Lyran unit—winning by use of unorthodox tactics—and discover they don’t want to disband…instead, the reborn mercenary unit wants to find its next employer…

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Kell Hounds Ascendant

Die Entstehungsgeschichte der Kell Hounds. Der Sammelband ist unter dem Titel Kell Hounds Ascendant verfügbar.

Die Fortsetzung der Reihe befindet sich in Shrapnel 1, Shrapnel 2, Shrapnel 3 und Shrapnel 5.

I: Not the Way the Smart Money Bets


Brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell have just landed on Galatea, the mercenary planet known for its brutal arena ’Mech combat games. They intend to found their own merc unit, building it from the ground up, but there are a few obstacles in their way. The first is a corrupt general fronting for the second, a local crime lord named Haskell Blizzard who crushes anyone he sees as a threat. And the Kell boys offering lucrative contracts for the best ’Mechwarriors and techs on the planet is a definite threat to his illegal empire.

But what Blizzard doesn’t know is that the Kell brothers have faced long odds before, and come out on top every single time. And with the help of some old and new friends, they’re going to take this crime lord down using his own tactics against him.

When the chips are down, the smart money is always on the brothers Kell.

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II: A Tiny Spot of Rebellion


MechWarrior brothers Morgan and Patrick Kell have successfully faced their first challenge in forming their new mercenary unit The Kell Hounds, toppling a criminal kingpin from atop his illegal empire on Galatea.

But while enjoying their recent success, the brothers Kell, along with the capital city of Galaport, come under threat by a new enemy—Bishop Arlington Poore, a religious zealot who wants to bring the entire planet under his repressive theocracy—and is willing to starve millions to do it.

Soon enough, the newly-formed Kell Hounds have their first job—put down this uprising as quickly as possible. But when a madman has converted thousands of civilians to his side, how will Morgan and Patrick quash his misguided crusade without shedding innocent blood?

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III: A Clever Bit of Fiction


Morgan and Patrick Kell, founders of the Kell Hounds mercenary unit, are riding high. First, they deposed the crime lord that had been ruling the mercenary world of Galatea, then they saved that planet again from a religious zealot who tried to starve the government into submitting to his new theocracy. Along the way, they assembled a crack team of ’Mech pilots, techs, and ground forces that will make the Kell Hounds one of the elite mercenary units of the Inner Sphere.

So when the Archon hires the Hounds to provide security for war games with Prince Ian Davion’s forces in a show of combined strength between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, Morgan thinks it’s a chance to relax while getting to know the mercurial leader of the Federated Suns. But when a powerful groups of raiders lands on Zavijava, he finds himself facing two threats—stopping the invaders from wrecking the planet while protecting Prince Davion. Trouble is, before the fighting is over, Morgan may have to make a very dangerous choice…with the possible fate of two Great Houses lying in the balance…

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