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Bei den Legends (oder „Legenden“) handelt es sich um Neuauflagen der Original-Buchreihe aus den 80ern, 90ern und frühen 2000ern. Während die deutschen Ausgaben ausschließlich als E-Books verfügbar sind (ältere Auflagen gibt es überraschenderweise zum Teil noch als gedruckte Bücher), stellt Catalyst die englischen Originale nach und nach auch als Print on Demand über Amazon zur Verfügung .

Decisions at Thunder Rift (Gray Death Legion Saga 1) (3024)


Thirty meters tall, seventy tons of quick-striding death and destruction, the armored war machines called BattleMechs are the front line forces of the crumbling star empire locked in the horror of the endless Succession Wars. Their pilots are MechWarriors, 31st-Century knights riding armored machines powerful enough to take a city apart.

Grayson Death Carlyle had been training to be a MechWarrior since he was 10 years old, but his graduation came sooner than expected. With his friends and family dead and his father’s regiment destroyed, young Grayson finds himself stranded on a world turned hostile. Now he must learn the hardest lesson of all: it takes more than a BattleMech to make a MechWarrior…

But to claim that title, all Grayson has to do is go out and capture one of those giant killing machines…

if it doesn’t kill him first.

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The Sword and the Dagger (3025)

MechWarriors believe that the only way to kill a BattleMech is with another ‚Mech… But Generals know that the best way to kill an army of ‚Mechs is with a well-placed dagger.

The five houses of the Successor States employ both warfare and treachery in their efforts to gain control of the interstellar empire once known as the Star League. Huge, man-like, walking tanks called BattleMechs rule the battlefields, but intrigues and plots rule the imperial courts.

Hanse Davion is Prince of the Federated Suns, the largest of the five warring Houses… an idealistic man who has had to learn that politics is neither honorable nor straightforward.

Ardan Sortek is the commander of Hanse Davion’s personal guard. Although a long-time friend of Hanse’s, he has not yet learned the lessons of power. Through a chance series of events he stumbles upon a plot of such magnitude, that it threatens the balance of power of Inner Sphere. Unfortunately, no one will believe him… Indeed, they think he is quite mad.

Is Ardan crazy or is someone trying to kill Hanse Davion?

Out of Print und aufgrund verworrener Rechtestrukturen auch unwahrscheinlich, dass es jemals wieder erscheint.

Mercenary’s Star (Gray Death Legion Saga 2) (3025 – 3026)


Galatea. The Mercenary’s Star. Even the most down on their luck units can find work here. Leading the newly-formed Gray Death Legion has been challenging for Grayson Death Carlyle, so when a job comes their way, he’s only too happy to take it. The mission: train the local resistance on the planet Verthandi to resist their Draconis Combine masters.

But things do not go well almost from the moment the Legion arrives. Trapped on Verthandi and facing a superior force and a fractured populace, the men and women of the Legion find themselves in a situation that makes the campaign on Trellwan look like a walk in the park. And Grayson quickly learns that repeating his past successes may not be so easy this time…

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The Price of Glory (Gray Death Legion Saga 3) (3027 – 3028)


The Gray Death Legion is in the employ of the Free Worlds League and has even been given a landhold on the planet Helm. But dark forces conspire against them and the Legion soon finds themselves declared renegade war criminals, fair game for anyone to attack.

Now they are on the run on their home planet, trying desperately to reach safety before the might of House Marik falls upon them. They are about to discover the true motives of those who engineered their downfall.

And what they discover will change the Inner Sphere forever…

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En Garde (Warrior Trilogy 1) (3026 – 3027)


Betrayed by his own House and stripped of his rank, exiled Mechwarrior Justin Allard is given one last chance to save his honor—by risking his life in the gladiatorial arenas of Solaris VII. But his newest Game World opponent—more skilled at ‚Mech-to-‚Mech combat than any other rival—raises the stakes even higher. It’s Justin’s half-brother, Daniel, lance commander in the dreaded Kell Hounds mercenary battalion.

Both Daniel and Justin face fierce battles, but in the Inner Sphere, where nobles have schemed for centuries to win the ultimate power, those who interfere with the Successor Lords are sometimes called heroes.And sometimes called victims…

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Riposte (Warrior Trilogy 2) (3027 – 3029)


Hanse Davion and Melissa Steiner have united two Great Houses of the Inner Sphere in a marriage that upsets the balance of power among the stars. Though some hope this may bring an end to centuries of war, Maximilian Liao of the Capellan Confederation has enlisted the aid of two highly placed Davion traitors to destroy Hanse Davion and the Federated Suns from both within and without.

But in the distant star chambers of the Capellan March and Draconis Combine, the warlords of Maximilian Liao are honoring a different and more deadly vow: to wage an unholy war that threatens to rip apart the vulnerable worlds of the Federated Suns. As Davion ’Mech commander Andrew Redburn and his mercenaries streak into battle, an explosive clash of metal and men signals the return of a formidable foe. Interstellar legend Yorinaga Kurita has returned to stake his claim as the most bloodthirsty warrior of all. For both men, it is do-or-die combat that could ensure the triumph of a glorious new alliance—or result in total annihilation…

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Wolves on the Border (3023 – 3028)


Bushido is the warrior code that governs all these concepts. As a MechWarrior of the Draconis Combine, Minobu Tetsuhara is bound by it, a code that demands loyal service to the devious Warlord Grieg Samsonov.

When Minobu came upon a strange blue and gold Archer, the field littered with its vanquished opponents, and its weapons empty, bushido dictated that he not destroy an honorable but helpless warrior.

For that, he became Dispossessed, stripped of his BattleMech—and his honor.

Minobu is then assigned as liaison to one of the Combine’s most elite mercenary units, who treat him with the respect due a fellow warrior, and give him a BattleMech to take the field of battle once more. The skill and power of these mercenaries is unparalleled, but when they refuse to renew their contract due to sabotage from within the Combine, Minobu is instructed to use all means to destroy them.

Now, bushido dictates that Minobu oppose his honorable foe, a man whom he has fought alongside in battle, and who deserves far better than betrayal… Jaime Wolf of Wolf’s Dragoons.

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Coupé (Warrior Trilogy 3) (3029 – 3030)


The minions of Maximilian Liao are about to deliver a crippling blow to the forces of Prince Hanse Davion—discovering a way to use Hanse’s own technology against him.

Half a galaxy away, assassins stalk Hanse’s wife, Melissa Steiner, and her mother, Archon Katrina Steiner, in the passageways of their own palace.

Invasion is imminent. The only ’Mech force capable of stopping that invasion—the Kell Hounds mercenary unit—is trapped in a game of search and destroy with the most fearsome Kurita unit ever created. Even if they come back in time…how many would make it?

In a world where ten-meter-tall war machines are the soul of battle, assassins are state policy, and a spy’s loyalty is always for sale, the only thing certain is death. Who can you trust? And in the bitter end, how will you be betrayed?

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Heir to the Dragon (3018 – 3040)

A flash of steel, a thin crimson line, and a foamy gurgle of confusion marked the beginning of Takashi’s rule, and the passing of Theodore’s grandfather.

Theodore Kurita is the son of Takashi Kurita, and heir apparent to the Draconis Combine, one of the most powerful realms of the Inner Sphere. But the Draconis Combine has never been a place of smooth transitions. Historically, a Kurita proves himself a fit leader by a successful bid for power, political or… otherwise.

Theodore’s perilous journey to power is a twenty-year odyssey beginning with his graduation from Sun Zhang Military Academy. At each level of ascendancy, Theodore finds that keeping power is far more difficult than getting it, and failure lies in wait at every turn.

Theodore’s tactical knowledge is put to the test all too many times. His successes in impossible situations are dismissed as smoke and mirror trickery by some, but lauded as genius by others.

Upon reaching the level of Lord of the Combine Military, his new power allows him to see the uncertain future of his people. Theodore must step carefully as he bargains for his future with ComStar, the mystic sect, and the Yakuza, an interstellar network of organized crime. All the while, maintaining an uneasy truce with the man whom he must one day depose… his father, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine!

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Lethal Heritage (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy 1) (3049 – 3051)


Two decades after the events that nearly brought the Successor States to the brink of all-out war, the Great Houses exist in an uneasy peace.

But from out beyond the Periphery comes a new threat. A swift-moving military force of unknown origin. Nothing the Inner Sphere has can stop them. Their power, speed, and ferocity are unparalleled. Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged them and been crushed. No force has faced them and won.

They are the Clans! A military juggernaut whose sole reason for existence is battle. A race that selectively breeds itself for combat.

Humanity’s only hope is an alliance of mortal enemies. The Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, interstellar empires at war for 300 years, must now stand side-by-side—or face certain destruction.

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Blood Legacy (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy 2) (3051 – 3052)


Since appearing in the Inner Sphere, the frenzied Clans have overwhelmed every planet they’ve invaded, brutally crushing any opposing force. Their race is selectively bred for combat. Their technology is superior to anything the Inner Sphere possesses. Nothing the Great Houses have can stop them. Humanity’s only hope—an alliance of mortal enemies—may be doomed.

The Clan invaders have chosen their next objective—Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. House Kurita must now fight for survival on its homeworld. Hanse Davion is presented with a situation undreamt of…the final defeat of the Dragon itself. Should he attack his distracted foe and destroy the enemy his family has battled for over 300 years? Or should he reinforce a fellow House of the Inner Sphere against a force that Davion and the Federated Commonwealth might not otherwise defeat when their time comes?

And even if the Houses should somehow agree to stand together against the Clan menace, another just as dangerous threat lurks within their midst. ComStar, the semi-mystic sect that controls interstellar communication, schemes to hurl House Davion, House Kurita, and the Clans into a devastating war that will leave ComStar in a position to dominate the Inner Sphere…

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Lost Destiny (Blood of Kerensky Trilogy 3) (3052)


The Clans. Warriors bred for battle and mated to fantastic war machines, Clansmen live for victory and pray for death before defeat.

Invaders from beyond the Periphery, the Clans have beaten the forces of the Inner Sphere repeatedly. Now the Clans are driving toward their ultimate objective—Terra, cradle of humankind, and hub of the ComStar communications network.

Nothing the Inner Sphere has can stop them. The heir to the throne of the Draconis Combine is missing. Whole regiments of BattleMechs lie smashed like abandoned toys. Rasalhague is overrun. The Clans are sweeping toward the center of the known universe in a relentless tide.

Humanity’s only hope is the Inner Sphere’s most powerful traitor. ComStar betrayed the Inner Sphere by aiding the Clans in their conquests. Now the mystic sect that controls all interstellar communication must face the Clan hordes—alone. And a mysterious, elderly warrior—along with the untested warriors of ComStar—is the Inner Sphere’s last defense against total defeat.

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Blood of Kerensky Trilogy (Omnibus)


In the late 28th century, the Star League collapsed, and the Five Successor States were born. For the last three hundred years, these mortal enemies have fought over space, land, and politics, but now a new threat looms just outside the Inner Sphere.

The descendants of an old Star League general—the Clans—have returned from their long-ago exile to take what they believe is rightly theirs. They have been bred into the best military force humanity has ever seen. The Clans have come to conquer, and the Successor States must put aside their differences—or face total destruction.


Two decades after the events that nearly brought the Successor States to the brink of all-out war, the Great Houses exist in an uneasy peace.

But from out beyond the Periphery comes a new threat. A swift-moving military force of unknown origin, piloting BattleMechs unlike any seen before. Their power, speed, and ferocity are unparalleled. Nothing the Inner Sphere has can stop them. Some of the finest warriors and ablest units have challenged them and been crushed. No force has faced them and won.

They are the Clans! A military juggernaut whose sole reason for existence is battle. A race that selectively breeds itself for combat.

Humanity’s only hope is an alliance of mortal enemies. The Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine, interstellar empires at war for 300 years, must now stand side-by-side—or face certain annihilation.


Since appearing in the Inner Sphere, the frenzied Clans have overwhelmed every planet they’ve invaded, brutally crushing any opposing force. Nothing the Great Houses have can stop them. Humanity’s only hope—an alliance of mortal enemies—may be doomed.

The Clan invaders have chosen their next objective—Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine. House Kurita must now fight for survival on its homeworld. Hanse Davion is presented with a situation undreamed of…the final defeat of the Dragon itself. Should he attack his distracted foe and destroy the enemy his family has battled for over 300 years? Or should he reinforce a fellow House of the Inner Sphere against a force that Davion and the Federated Commonwealth might not otherwise defeat when their time comes?

And even if the Houses should somehow agree to stand together against the Clan menace, another just as dangerous threat lurks within their midst. ComStar, the semi-mystic sect that controls interstellar communication, schemes to hurl House Davion, House Kurita, and the Clans into a devastating war that will leave ComStar in a position to dominate the Inner Sphere…


Invaders from beyond the Periphery, the Clans have beaten the forces of the Inner Sphere repeatedly. Now the Clans are driving toward their ultimate objective—Terra, cradle of humankind, and hub of the ComStar communications network.

Nothing the Inner Sphere has can stop them. Entire regiments of BattleMechs lie smashed in their wake. The heir to the throne of the Draconis Combine is missing. Rasalhague is overrun. The Clans are sweeping toward the center of the known universe in a relentless tide.

Humanity’s only hope is the Inner Sphere’s most powerful traitor. ComStar betrayed the Inner Sphere by aiding the Clans in their conquests. Now the mystic sect that controls all interstellar communication must face the Clan hordes—alone. And a mysterious, elderly warrior—along with the untested warriors of ComStar—is the Inner Sphere’s last defense against total defeat.

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Way of the Clans (Legend of the Jade Phoenix 1) (3030s)

In the 31st century, the BattleMech is the ultimate war machine. Thirty meters tall, and vaguely, menacingly man-shaped, it is an unstoppable engine of destruction.

In the 31st century, the Clans are the ultimate warriors. The result of generations of controlled breeding, Clan Warriors pilot their BattleMechs like no others.

In the 31st century, Aidan aspires to be a Warrior of Clan Jade Falcon. To win the right to join his Clan in battle, he must succeed in trials that will forge him into one of the best warriors in the galaxy, or break him completely.

In the 31st century, Aidan discovers that the toughest battle is not in the field, but in his head—where failure will cost him the ultimate price: his humanity.

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Bloodname (Legend of the Jade Phoenix 2) (3040s)

Truebirth – Born in the laboratory, these genetically engineered soldiers train to be the ultimate warriors. They are the elite pilots of the Clan’s fearsome BattleMech war machines.

Freebirth – Born of the natural union of parents, these too are soldiers, but pale imitations of their truebirth superiors. Depised for their imperfections, they fight where and when their Clan commands.

Aidan has failed his Trial of Position, the ranking test all truebirth warriors of the Clan Jade Falcon must pass. He is cast out. Disgraced. His rightful Bloodname denied him.

But with a Bloodname, all past failures are forgiven. With a Bloodname comes respect. With a Bloodname comes honor.

Aidan will do anything to gain that name. Even masquerade as the thing he has been taught to despise.

A freebirth

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Falcon Guard (Legend of the Jade Phoenix 3) (3051 – 3052)

In 2786, the elite Star League Army fled the Inner Sphere, abandoning the senseless bloodshed ordered by the Successor Lords. Now, almost three hundred years later, the Clans, heirs of the Star League Army, turn their eyes back upon their former home. Nothing will stop them from raising the Star League banner over Earth once again.

For two years, the Clans BattleMech war machines have overwhelmed the armies of the corrupt Successor Lords. Now, at the gates of Earth the Clans must fight one final battle, a battle that will decide the fate of humanity for all time.

For Star Colonel Aidan Pryde of Clan Jade Falcon the battle is more than a question of military conquest. It is an affirmation of the superiority of the Clan way, a way of life that he has sworn to uphold despite his fear that the noble crusade has fallen prey to the lust and ambition of its commanders.

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Wolf Pack (3053 – 3055)

The Succession Wars.

The Marik Civil War.

The War of ’39.

The Clan Invasion.

Wolf’s Dragoons were victorious in them all.

For fifty years, the five mercenary regiments of Wolf’s Dragoons have been the toughest MechWarriors in the Inner Sphere. Whatever the job, whatever the odds, Jaime Wolf’s Dragoons always won.

Now an aging Colonel Wolf is facing the biggest challenge of his career. And the enemy is not an Inner Sphere Lord or a Clan Khan, but a rebellion among his own men!

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Natural Selection (3055)

The Clan War had ended in an uneasy peace. Sporadic Clan incursions into Inner Sphere territory supply mercenaries like the Kell Hounds with more work than they can handle… border raids sharply divide the Federated Commonwealth’s political factions, bringing further instability to the realm standing between Clan’s goals and anarchy.

And while secret ambitions drive plans to rip the Commonwealth apart, Khan Phelan Ward and Prince Victor Davion—cousins, rulers, and enemies—must decide if maintaining the peace justifies the actions they will take to preserve it.

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Ideal War (3054 – 3055)

Captain Paul Master, a knight of the House of Marik, is in over his head, when he journeys to a backwater planet to study a counterinsurgency operation and finds himself in the middle of a guerrilla war.

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Main Event (3054 – 3055)

The Black Thorns, a newly minted mercenary company, accepts a garrison contract on the backwater world of Borghese after brutal fighting on the world of Galatea. What seems like a normal tour of duty is punctuated by political infighting and a Clan invasion. Will their charismatic leader lead them to victory against the Clans, or will he lose his command again?

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Blood of Heroes (Gray Death Legion Saga 4) (3056)


Melissa Steiner’s assassination ignited the fires of civil war, and now secessionist factions clamor for rebellion against the Federated Commonwealth, The rebels‘ plans hinge on gaining control of the Skye March, and thus controlling the crucial Terran Corridor. Throughout the March, civil and military leaders plot to take up arms against Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. The final piece of the plan requires the secessionist forces to gain access to the planet Glengarry and the mercenary group that calls it home: the Gray Death Legion.

When Prince Davion summons Grayson Death Carlyle and his wife, Lori Kalmar-Carlyle, to the Federated Commonwealth capital, the rebel forces seize their chance to establish a garrison on Glengarry. The rebels didn’t expect the legion’s newest members to take matters into their own hands…

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Assumption of Risk (3055)


Solaris VII, the Game World, is the Inner Sphere in microcosm, and Kai Allard-Liao is its Champion, veteran of the war against challengers who wish his crown for their own.

There is no place he would rather be.

Then the political realities of the Federated Commonwealth intrude on Solaris. Ryan Steiner, a man sworn to dethrone Victor Steiner-Davion, comes to Solaris to orchestrate his rebellion. Tormano Liao, Kai’s uncle, redoubles his efforts to destroy the Capellan Confederation, and Victor Davion plots to avenge his mother’s assassination.

In one short month, Kai’s past, present and future collapse in on themselves, forcing him to do things he had come to Solaris to avoid. If he succeeds, no one will ever know — but if he fails, he’ll have the blood of billions on his hands.

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D.R.T. (3056 – 3057)


Jeremiah Rose and the Black Thorns, flush with their success against the Jade Falcons on Borghese, head to Harlech to draw a new assignment. Their only requirement: Their new job must let them face off against the Clans.

They find more than they bargained for—a lot more. Their assignment: Garrison duty on Wolcott—a Kurita planet deep in the heart of the Clan Smoke Jaguar occupation zone. Wolcott is besieged, but protected from further Clan aggression by the Clan code of honor.

Wolcott makes a useful staging area for Kurita raids on Smoke Jaguar-occupied territory. But too much aggression could bring the Clans down hard on the mercenary unit.

The pay is good. The advance is unbelievable. They just have to live long enough to spend it…

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Close Quarters (3056)

Resourceful, ruthless, beautiful, apparently without fear, Scout Lieutenant Cassie Suthorn of Camacho’s Caballeros is as consummately lethal as the giant BattleMechs she lives to hunt. Only one other person in the freewheeling mercenary regiment has a hint of the demons which drive her. When the Caballeros sign on to guard Coordinator Theodore Kurita’s corporate-mogul cousin in the heart of the Draconis Combine, they think they’ve got the perfect gig: low risk and high pay. Cassie alone suspects that danger waits among the looming bronze towers of Hachiman—and when the yakuza and the dread ISF form a devil’s alliance to bring down Chandrasekhar Kurita, only Cassie’s unique skills can save her regiment.

All she has to do is confront her darkest nightmares.

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Bred for War (3057)

Along with the throne of the Federated Commonwealth, Prince Victor Steiner-Davion inherited a number of problems. Foremost among them is the Clans‘ threat to the peace of the Inner Sphere—and a treacherous sister who wants to supplant him. The expected demise of Joshua Marik—heir to the Free Worlds League, whose very presence maintained peace—also endangers harmony. Victor’s idea is to use a double for Joshua, a deception that will prevent war.

But secret duplicity is hard to maintain, and war erupts anyway, splitting the Inner Sphere and leaving the Federated Commonwealth defenseless. And when Victor thinks things can get no worse, word comes that the Clans, once again, have brought war to the Inner Sphere…

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I am Jade Falcon (3057)

For years, Star Commander Joanna has had to live with the shame of the Jade Falcon defeat at Twycross, and the nightmares of the heroic Aidan Pryde flaunting his bloodname in her face.

Now, with the arrival of the new Star Colonel Ravill Pryde, who will lead them against the Wolf Clan, Joanna must once again fight for her chance to recapture the glory of her victory at Tukayyid. But will her advanced age, bring her to defeat again, or will being a Jade Falcon be enough for her to take on the legendary Black Widow in a repeat battle at the Great Gash on Twycross.

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Highlander Gambit (3057)

“Authorized to sacrifice your personal honor…”

With these words, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao dispatched Death Commando Loren Jaffray to the planet Northwind. His mission: to destroy the elite Northwind Highlanders, the mercenaries who abandoned the Capellans in their hour of need thirty years before. As the grandson of famous Highlander warriors, Jaffray is the perfect instrument to exact Sun-Tzu’s revenge. He can win the mercenaries’ trust, then divide the Highlanders from within to ignite a war for control of their homeworld.

But Prince Victor Davion is not about to give up this key planet without a struggle. And now, while Northwind and the rest of the Sarna March erupt in war, Loren must wage his own personal battle—one between honor and duty. A battle that can only be fought…alone.

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Tactics of Duty (Gray Death Legion Saga 5) (3057)


Treachery, tribulation, and a relentless slide into the bloody jaws of Armageddon! Insurrection sweeps through the fragmenting Federated Commonwealth, pitting Steiner against Davion forces, and civilians against their petty oppressors. On Caledonia, it’s no different—except that the mercenary Gray Death Legion is caught in the middle of it all.

Alex Carlyle, haunted by the gruesome specter of war, and Davis McCall, a veteran legionnaire and native Caledonian, unexpectedly find themselves key players in a popular revolt against a cruel and despised Davion-backed governor. When the Gray Death Legion is called upon to put down this very rebellion, they all find themselves pawns in a deadly game of manipulation and betrayal. But Grayson Carlyle, tactician supreme and founder of the Legion, is bound by the highest duty—to protect civilization from self-destruction, no matter what the odds or price….

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Star Lord (3057)

Stefan the Terrorizer

An ancient evil has slumbered for centuries, passing from generation to generation, until one day a man discovers the truth of his genetic heritage—and proclaims himself Star Lord of the Inner Sphere. Disguising his army of renegade mercenaries as Knights of the Inner Sphere, the self-appointed Star Lord launches a series of raids that threaten and terrorize the universe! But Thomas Marik, leader of the Free Worlds League, cannot afford to have his Knights tarnished—and two can play the game of impersonation. With the help of a trusted advisor, Thomas comes up with a plan to infiltrate the evil Star Lord’s backwater legions.

Enter Duncan’s Demons, a company of MechWarriors so improbable only desperation could have dreamed them up. Two soldiers seeking justice, a dishonored Clanswoman, a ne’er-do-well gambler and a real Knight of the Inner Sphere are entrusted with saving the Free Worlds League. But first they must learn how to get along….

Out of Print und aufgrund verworrener Rechtestrukturen auch unwahrscheinlich, dass es jemals wieder erscheint.

Malicious Intent (3057 – 3058)

In the wake of a civil war that nearly devastated the Jade Falcons and pushed his own Wolf Clan into nonexistence, Vlad of the Wards emerges harboring a powerful secret. He intends to use this secret to avenge the destruction of his Clan—and to reestablish the Wolves once again!

But the Jade Falcons have their own ambitious plans to stab deep into Katrina Steiner’s Lyran Alliance. Katrina’s only hope of stopping the Falcons is to enlist the aid of her brother and political rival, Victor Davion. He accepts, but it may be his downfall, for Katrina could have just the means to destroy him once and for all…

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Hearts of Chaos (3056 – 3058)

The enigmatic Draconis Combine industrialist „Uncle Chandy“ Kurita owns property on planet Towne. Upon hearing news of the secret Black Dragon Society’s plans to invade, Uncle Chandy dispatches Cassie Suthorn and Camacho’s Caballeros to protect his holdings there and organize the local militia to defend against the anticipated attack.

To the Caballeros‘ surprise, Towne has become a faction-ridden shambles. The populace rejects all outside intervention, and the Caballeros find themselves fighting the very people they were sent to help. Cassie Suthorn must use her unique woman-to-‚Mech combat style to unify Towne in the face of the Black Dragon threat—or be ultimately destroyed…

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Operation Excalibur (Gray Death Legion Saga 6) (3057)

The mercenary code was broken by the Gray Death Legion during their desperate fighting on the planet Caledonia. At least, that is the ruling of the courts. And the judges decide to hit below the belt—Grayson Carlyle, revered leader of the now outlawed mercenary band, is stripped of his title and holdings, and the legion is banished from Glengarry, the planet they’ve called home for years.

All seems lost, but Carlyle and his legendary troop of hardened warriors know they’ve been set up—and they have a trump card yet to play. Their dangerous scheme just might work, with the help of House Steiner—and enough guts and firepower to restore the name and the might Gray Death Legion to its rightful place of honor. But should they fail, they could lose a great deal more than their reputation…

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Black Dragon (3058)

A deadly mercenary force named Camacho’s Caballeros and their ace operative, Cassie Suthorn, attempts to unveil the traitorous Black Dragon secret society before they can succeed in sending the entire Inner Sphere off its course.

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Impetus of War (3058)

Major Loren Jaffray is a soldier’s soldier, a hardened professional who made his reputation with the Capellan Confederation’s legendary Death Commandos. Now serving as an officer in the Northwind Highlanders, Loren longs to prove his loyalty to his new comrades. And he’s getting that chance—the Draconis Combine is hiring his regiment to take on a mission unlike any before it.

The ruthless Clan Smoke Jaguar emulate the savagery of their feline namesake with lethal accuracy. Nobody knows this better than the samurai of the Draconis Combine, who fought to the death to save their very homeworld. Now Loren’s crack Highlanders will be the instrument of the Combine’s vengeance, striking into the Deep Periphery to crush one of the Jaguars‘ supply centers on a distant world called Wayside V. But the young, confident major is in for a very nasty surprise—and unless he makes a brilliant change in plans, Wayside V will be soaked with Scots blood…

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Double Blind (3058)

Using fast and furious hit-and-run tactics, Marcus GioAvanti and his Avanti’s Angels mercenaries have earned a tough reputation throughout the Inner Sphere. But the Inner Sphere isn’t where their newest job is taking them—because their latest employer resides in that remote and mysterious region of space known as the Periphery…

The Magistracy of Canopus has been the target of aggression by the Marian Hegemony, and in hiring Marcus and his gutsy band of can-do commandos, it  hopes to retaliate. But the fact that the Canopians are armed with technology that is considered rare in the Periphery is the least of Marcus’s problems.

Marcus and his „Angels“ will have to face the real force behind the hostilities—the religious cult known as Word of Blake. This fanatical group has a scheme deadly enough to trap even the amazing Avanti’s Angels…

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Binding Foce (3058)


Aris Sung is a rising young star in House Hiritsu, noblest of the Warrior Houses that have sworn allegiance to the Capellan Confederation. The Sarna Supremacy, a newly formed power in the Chaos March, is giving the Confederation some trouble—and Aris and his Hiritsu comrades are chosen to give the Sarnans a harsh lesson in Capellan resolve.

But there is far more to the mission than meets the eye—and unless Aris beats the odds in a race against time and treachery, all the ferro-fibrous armor in the galaxy won’t be enough to save House Hiritsu from the high-explosive cross fire of intrigue and shifting loyalties…

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Exodus Road (Twilight of the Clans 1) (3052 – 3058)

After the Clans are foiled in their attempt to conquer the Inner Sphere at the Battle of Tukayyid, one embittered soldier of Clan Smoke Jaguar resorts to treachery, upsetting the BattleTech universe for good.

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Grave Covenant (Twilight of the Clans 2) (3058 – 3059)


Possessing precious secret information that will lead them down the Exodus Road, the Inner Sphere Successor States can now meet the Clans on their own terms…and behind enemy lines. The Herculean task of amassing enough power means re-establishing the legendary Star League—a union of the Successor States and their BattleMechs led by Victor Steiner-Davion.

But with the deadly game of politics making the Successor Lords wary of alliance, and Victor’s Machiavellian sister, Katrina Steiner, hatching more vicious plots to further her own agendas, the war against the Clans may only be a distraction from the real danger…

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The Hunters (Twilight of the Clans 3) (3058 – 3059)


“Carry the fight to the Clans!” has become the rallying cry for the armies of the Successor States. Now, as the Great Houses launch an offensive against the Clan Occupation Zone, a combined armed task force, drawn from across the Inner Sphere, begins its own desperate journey.

Following the road marked out for them by a Clan defector, Task Force Serpent sets out to strike a blow at the heart of the Clans, at their home worlds. For so many years, the Inner Sphere has been the prey of the Clans. Now, in a war to end all wars, the hunted have become…

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Freebirth (Twilight of the Clans 4) (3058 – 3059)

„Dispatch Horse to the planet Huntress!“ The orders to investigate the secret experiment being done by the Falcons on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld came down from the Jade Falcon Khan herself. But does the covert mission require the natural bravery of a freeborn warrior—or do Horse’s genetically engineered comrades consider him expendable?

The perilous trek is dead-ended by a crash landing—right into a Smoke Jaguar trap. His ‚Mech confiscated, his DropShip down, his Trinary imprisoned, Horse is duty bound to the enemy Jaguars—and closer to the core of the strange secrets of the Falcon stronghold than he ever imagined. For the Clan, the consequences could be explosive. For Horse, they could be fatal…

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Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans 5) (3060)

An awesome mission has been assigned to Task Force Serpent: to destroy Huntress, homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Inner Sphere’s greatest menace. But the invasion has suffered a serious blow: Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion has been struck down by an unknown assassin. With the fate of the entire Inner Sphere in jeopardy, only one other daredevil warrior is brave—and reckless—enough to bring the enemy to its knees…

She is General Ariana Winston of the famed Eridani Light Horse mercenary brigade, and now commander of Task Force Serpent. The battle ahead is dangerous and uncertain, but Winston and her courageous comrades have the upper hand with hard-earned battle skills honed to fighting-edge perfection—and a secret weapon that could destroy Huntress for all time…

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Shadows of War (Twilight of the Clans 6) (3060)

The massive invasion force of Operation Serpent has descended behind enemy lines. Their mission is to obliterate the military power of Clan Smoke Jaguar and seize the homeworld of Huntress. Commanding this historic assault is General Ariana Winston of the elite Eridani Light Horse mercenary brigade. After a year’s voyage through deep space, they have arrived.

But the battle has just begun. The dangers are more far-reaching than Winston ever feared. And the Jaguar garrison is far more cunning than the troops of the Inner Sphere ever believed. For now, emerging from the shadows, a new threat is bearing down on the Serpent armies. The greatest danger to humanity’s future is right in their midst. And it is about to ignite the fires of a war to end all wars.

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Prince of Havoc (Twilight of the Clans 7) (3060 – 3061)

Task Force Serpent has triumphed and Clan Smoke Jaguar is shattered beyond redemption. But the final battle is still to come, when Prince Victor Steiner-Davion braves the unknown and travels to the very heart of the Clans: Strana Mechty. There, with elite units from across the Inner Sphere, he must wage the ultimate battle to destroy the the Crusader cause and forever eliminate the possibility of a new Clan invasion. Pushed to the edge of of endurance by a peace they cannot understand, the Clans accept the challenge—and the ultimate battle begins.

But even if the Inner Sphere should prove triumphant, will their return be what they expect? Prince Victor left an Inner Sphere in united under a new Star League to battle the most dangerous foe the Inner Sphere has ever encountered: the Clans. But he also left behind his scheming sister Katrina Steiner, whose ambition knows no bounds. Task Force Serpent and Prince Victor believe that facing the Clans on their own homeworlds would prove the most difficult fight of their lives. They will soon learn that their fight has just begun.

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Falcon Rising (Twilight of the Clans 8) (3059 – 3061)

As the Khans of the Clans gather on Strana Mechty to plan a new invasion of the Inner Sphere, Jade Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde strives to rebuild her Clan to its former glory. She bloods new warriors and wins others in Trials from other Clans, but she cannot waste any fine warrior—even those who are freeborn. She gives a Trinary composed entirely of freeborns to a freeborn Star Captain and allows Diana, the freeborn daughter of a Jade Falcon hero, to compete for a bloodname.

The Khans of the Steel Vipers—long-standing rivals of the Falcons—use these radical moves against Marthe, attacking her in the Grand Council. In the midst of this war of intimidation, the Inner Sphere accomplishes the unthinkable—an invasion of Clan space. But even that cannot stop Marthe Pryde or the Steel Vipers as their ripening conflict explodes into war…

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Threads of Ambition (The Capellan Solution 1) (3060 – 3061)

Sun-Tzu Liao is the First Lord of the resurrected Star League. In the last year of his reign, he decides to milk his power for every ounce of benefit for himself. His dream to rebuild his Capellan Confederation at any cost is about to become a reality. His first victim: his own aunt, Candace Liao, who deserted the Confederation in the Fourth Succession War, taking the St. Ives Compact with her.

Answering Sun-Tzu’s call to battle is Warrior House Hiritsu, always ready to serve, and the Hustaing Warriors, who will do what is necessary to get the job done. As border skirmishes between BattleMechs turn bloody, military units rally to Candance Liao’s call to hold the line. Both sides are unyielding in this hard-fought war. And as Capellan fights Capellan, the high price of glory will be paid in full…

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The Killing Fields (The Capellan Solution 2) (3062)

In hope of salvaging the embattled worlds of the renegade St. Ives Compact, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao has launched a war that stretches far beyond the scope of military conquest. His mission: reunite St. Ives with his own Capellan Confederation. But after months of combat extend into years, the smash-and-destroy tactics have turned the crippled Compact into a bloody wasteland—and the Chancellor’s costly victory into a virtual deathwatch.

For the warriors of House Hiritsu, and for the Capellan and Compact soldiers on the ‚Mech-shredded front lines Sun-Tzu’s noble crusade has become a nightmare. And now, with his dream of glory slipping away, the Chancellor will make one last desperate gamble—a final solution to regain total control of a civil war exploding out of control. No matter what the cost.

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Ghost of Winter (3060)

All his life, Sturm Kintaro wanted to be a MechWarrior. Now he is one—untested in combat, but eager to show his prowess and be transferred away from the backwater planet Kore. But he is about to get a bigger opportunity than he ever wanted when a band of interstellar pirates launches a surprise attack and takes control of the planet. After the rout, Sturm finds himself stranded in the frozen wastes of Kore with no ‚Mech, no help, and no hope…

Until he stumbles upon a long-hidden secret, one that will help him prove himself a worthy MechWarrior. Now Sturm must wage a one-man war against the invading force—and resurrect a ghostly legend of Kore—if he is going to save his people from annihilation.

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Roar of Honor (3059 – 3062)

Orders are orders

Angela Bekker is a rising star in the Ghost Bear Clan. Devoted to duty and honor, relentless in the pursuit of flawless victory—a prime example of Clan excellence in mind and body. So when she receives order to form a new Trinary from scratch, she jumps at the chance to have her own command. Especially since they are to be stationed on the planet Toffen at the leading edge of Ghost Bear space.

But what is an honor for some is an opportunity to strike for others. Led by the bloodthirsty Dirk Radick, forces of Clan Wolf launch an assault to take the valuable planet from the inexperienced troops. But the hunters soon become the hunted, as the Stalking Bears live up to their name.

Only when the smoke clears does Angela realize that great honor comes at a great price—one that she may not be willing to pay…

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By Blood Betrayed (3059)

In his Brother’s Footsteps

Harley Rassor is a simple farm boy in a complex techno-universe—more than happy to work the land of planet Slewis with his father. His restless older brother left to join the elite mercenary corps, Able’s Aces… and paid with his life. Now, Harley’s father wants him to join the fight—and learn what happened to his brother.

What he learns is that the Aces are in turmoil. His instructor—tough-as-nails Lieutenant Livia Hawke—also happens to be his brother’s ex-lover. Rumors of suspected payoffs and setups are commonplace. And the entire unit is in danger of being disbanded.

Then pirates launch a devastating raid on the Rim Collection’s resources, sparking an all-out fight that will put the Aces in the thick of battle—and reveal to Harley that there are worse things in war the death…

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Dagger Point (3061 – 3062)

Covert operations

Edwin Amis, new commander of the Eridani Light Horse, faces a touch decision: Should he openly defy the First Lord of the Star League? Sun-Tzu Liao, the First Lord, has sent Star League troops as „peace-keepers“ to the St. Ives Compact to prevent open rebellion by angry citizens—but they’re not seeking peace.

Amis knows the mission is only a guise for reclaiming territory for the Capellan Confederation, and he’s ready to station counter-forces on Milos, close to the heart of the Capellan capital. But on Milos, things are already escalating—Death Commando Chen Shao and his ruthless partner, Nessa Ament, have secretly murdered a dissident’s family in cold blood. Now, in what could erupt into full-scale war, both forces are at each other’s throats…

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Illusions of Victory (3062)

Solaris VII is known as the Game World—where entertainment is king, money is power, and MechWarriors from every corner of the Inner Sphere come to make war against one another in the ultimate sporting event.

Michael Searcy arrived on Solaris VII as a dishonored MechWarrior, and worked his way up in the ranking to become a valued commodity in the games. He knows all the moves, plays all the angles, and can put on a show as well as he fights. But now, the ancient grudges pitting warriors against each other have spilled out of the arena—and are moving through the streets in an all-out war. And Michael is caught in a championship match where the winner is the last man left alive…

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Measure of a Hero (3062 – 3063)

Colonel Felix Blucher’s orders from the Archon were simple enough: quash the Davion Loyalist uprising on Thorin. But Blucher never planned on facing the fearless Archer Christifori, local militia leader and decorated MechWarrior in the Clan Wars.

As tension rise between Blucher’s Lyran Alliance and the Davion Loyalist population, Archer is torn between obedience to the Archon or allegiance to his people. But when Blucher’s forces go too far, Archer takes up the Loyalist cause and becomes commander of the rebel army. The final confrontation looms and the rebels face long odds—but it takes more than ‚Mech’s to win Thorin’s freedom. It takes a hero…

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Path of Glory (3061 – 3062)

For MechWarrior Zane, allegiance to the Nova Cat Clan comes above all else. So when he sees his clan disgraced, cast out, and suddenly allied with the hated Inner Sphere, Zane’s only desire is to see the Nova Cats returned to their former greatness.

For Palmer Yoshio, the Draconis Combine is the only honorable thing in a chaotic galaxy. But when he is forced to train alongside the outcast Nova Cats, he finds that his own notion of honor is a far cry from his leader’s.

Now, for Zane and Yoshio, the line between friend and foe will be drawn in the blood of the fallen comrades—and neither warrior will be able to look at their universe in the same way again…

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Flashpoint (3062)

The Price of Victory

David McCarthy returns to Kathil a hero—one of the few surviving members of the First Kathil Uhlans, who fought so fiercely in th wear to defeat the Clans. But David returns from Clan space with haunting memories of the cost of victory…

With the Federated Commonwealth on the brink of civil war, David joins the planetary militia on Kathil—and steps into a powder keg. Opposing forces wrangle for control of the planet and its orbital shipyards, which berth a portion of FedCom’s mighty WarShip fleet. The Eighth Regimental Combat Team—loyal to Archon Katrina—refuses to turn over control of the planet to the militia. Caught in the power struggle between supporters of Katrina and those of her brother, Victor, McCarthy vows that he won’t fail the people of his homeward, even if that means leading his untested MechWarriors against the Eighth’s superior firepower—and dredging up a past he’d rather forget…

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Test of Vengeance (3062 – 3064)

The warrior Clans created the Elemental to be the ultimate infantry soldier. Genetically engineered to be bigger, stronger, and tougher than mere humans, and equipped with advanced power armor, Elementals can stand toe-to-toe with BattleMechs. Among this elite breed, young Jake Kabrinski is a fast-rising star who has never known defeat.

The Draconis Combine and Clan Ghost Bear, bitter enemies during the Clan invasion, have coexisted in peace for a decade. But that peace is shattered when a renegade faction of the Combine military invades the Ghost Bear capital of Alshain. Honor demands a reprisal, plunging both powers into a brutal conflict. On the front lines, Jake will learn his toughest lesson: Some enemies cannot be bested…

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Patriots and Tyrants (3061 – 3063)


Bitter rivalries within the Star League threaten to plunge the entire Inner Sphere into chaos, as Victor Steiner-Davion and his sister, Katrina, maneuver their own forces to the brink of civil war. At the same time, their young brother, Arthur, is beginning to gain his own supporters in the Federated Commonwealth—including the powerful Draconis MArch, who see their own path to power within the young warrior.

And even as the clouds of insurrection begin to rumble within her own domain, the cunning Katrina devises a ruthless campaign of death that can crush the growing rebellion, rid her of the young upstart Arthur, and strike at the very heart of her hated brother Victor…

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Call of Duty (3063)

The planet of Odessa is caught between two adversaries whose personal antagonism may cost them much more than their lives.

On one side is Count Nicholas Fisk, ruler of Odessa and a staunch supporter of Katrina Steiner, the ruler of the Lyran Alliance. In an effort to help stamp out the rebellion against Katrina’s rule that has sprouted up across dozens of Alliance worlds, Count Fisk hopes to lure one of the more successful rebels to ultimate destruction. On the other side of the conflict are Leftenant General Archer Christifori and his Archer’s Avengers, who support Prince Victor and his bid to oust Katrina. Though he knows that Odessa is a trap, the possibility of winning over the famed mercenary unit Snord’s Irregulars to the cause is too tempting to pass up.

But where peace is expected, battle ensues. And the black and white of friend and foe quickly turn to shades of gray while treachery abounds.

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The Dying Time (Gray Death Legion Saga 7) (3065)


Only days after the demise of legendary warrior Grayson Death Carlyle, the mercenary forces of the Gray Death Legion are called into action. Their mission is to protect Hesperus II in the Isle of Skye. With civil war raging, it is vital that the planet’s famous Defiance BattleMech production facilities not fall into the hands of the enemy. Seeing the Lyrans and Davionists at each other’s throats, the Skye separatists have seized the opportunity to instigate a new rebellion, and they too threaten the safety of Hesperus II and its factories.

Now commanding the Legion is Grayson’s widow Lori Carlyle. But what she doesn’t realize is that her troops are little more than pawns in the continuing hostilities between the factions of Victor Steiner-Davion and his ever-cunning sister, Katrina—and that the Gray Death are about to enter a battle they are meant to lose.

But if there is one constant in the universe, it is that pawns are made to be sacrificed…

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/2E4suqt (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)

Initiation to War (3061 – 3063)

On the planet Epsilon Eridani, young Tybalt Kelly dreams of one day becoming a MechWarrior—no matter how much his father hates the idea. When the local County Shu Militia starts recruiting for warrior training, Tybalt finally gets his wish. But he might not live to regret it.

Because the raw, untested forces of the Shu are about to meet their baptism by fire. Unidentified ‚Mech raiders have been hitting cities and supply depots, destroying and plundering at will. And the newly fitted MechWarriors are going after them.

Now Tybalt is about to discover the hard truth that some battles have no winner—and in war, glory may be fleeting, but death is forever…

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/3280kD7 (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)

Imminent Crisis (3065 – 3066)

Razor’s Edge

Leftenant Colonel Grayson Addison’s first absolute loyalty is to the Capellan March of the Federated Suns. If Field Marshal Hasek called, Addison and his Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers will heed. But his fealty is not so clear where Archon-Princess Katrina, ruler of the entire Federated Commonwealth, is concerned. For as Katrina and her brother vie for power in a civil war that has engulfed the entire realm, the Fusiliers sit in an island of calm, neither supporting nor opposing any side and walking a dangerous line between survival and annihilation.

But when the hammer of an invading army lands upon them, the time for decisive action is at hand—and Addison finds he must battle old friends as well as enemies if he is to remain true to his House and his army, as well as to himself…

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/2EbOkIr (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)

Storms of Fate (3064 – 3065)

Forever Blood Feud!

The civil war within the Federated Commonwealth rages unabated. Katrina Steiner-Davion continues her tyrannical rule as her deposed brother, Victor, slowly wins back the empire Katrina stole from him. Now, with the Clans striking out once more from their occupation zone and violence chewing up armies on dozens of worlds, Victor prepares what he hopes is the final assault to stop his sister’s plans. His battlefield: the Star League conference, where Katrina is maneuvering herself into position to become leader of the entire Inner Sphere!

But even as Victor looks toward victory, Katrina’s carefully laid plans develop a more personal—and sinister—offensive. A torch, lit by the flames of treachery, threatens to start a blaze that will consume Victor, the civil war, and the entire Inner Sphere…

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/3gh6TZ7 (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)

Operation Audacity (3064 – 3065)

Behind the Lines!

The Civil War rages on, with deposed Prince Victor Steiner-Davion’s forces bloodied from the recent defeats inflicted by his sister, Katrina. Worse still, Clan Jade Falcon has seized the opportunity to launch a determined offensive into the Lyran Alliance, destroying forces on both sides of the conflict.

But Prince Victor has formed a daring plan of his own—hold the Falcons in check on the worlds they have already conquered and unleash a massive force under Major General Archer Christifori deep inside Clan space with the mission to cut the Falcon offensive off at its core.

To succeed, Victor and Archer must convince one of Katrina’s most loyal warriors—Leftenant General Adam Steiner—to join the fight. But how can either side trust the enemy they have sworn to kill?

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/2EiE8Oo (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)

Endgame (3065 – 3067)

It is the darkest hour of the ongoing civil war between Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and his sister, Katrina. With Victor brought low by the assassination of his love, Omi Kurita, the allied forces are rudderless. As Victor recovers in hiding, Katrina’s military rallies.

Victor’s last chance lies before him, and he will need to draw on his strongest supporters. Kell. Allard-Liao. Sandoval. Marik. Sortek. All have their parts to play as the allied forces attempt to sweep Katrina’s loyalists before them. It is their final bid to claim victory, bring a tyrant to justice, and return the thrones of two interstellar nations to benevolent rule.

Auf Amazon kaufen: https://amzn.to/31Yu2dy (Nur als E-Book erhältlich)