MechWarrior: Dark Age

Statt hier alle Dark Age Romane zu liste, werde ich mich auf die Neuveröffentlichungen von Catalyst beschränken. Das hat den Vorteil, dass ihr die Bücher auch tatsächlich bekommen könnt. Die Romane sind jeweils als E-Book im allgemeinen Buchhandel erhältlich und als Print on Demand Taschenbuch bei Amazon.

Insgesamt sind bei ROC damals 30 Romane unter dem Reihentitel „MechWarrior: Dark Age“ erschienen. Die Neuauflagen bei Catalyst laufen unter „Battletech: Legends“.

Ghost War (3132 – 3133)


For generations, the Republic of the Sphere has known a Golden Age of peace. Mighty BattleMechs, once kings of the battlefields, now aid the reconstruction of war-torn worlds. But when terrorists destroy the interstellar communications net, each planet is thrust into isolation. Suddenly old hatreds resurface, and a people who have never known war face the prospect of it firsthand…


Sam Donelly is one of the best LumberMech jockeys on the planet, wielding his ‚Mech’s fifteen-foot chainsaw with the grace and precision of a surgeon. Caught in a skirmish with revolutionaries, he soon finds himself a rebel recruit. But Sam is no mere lumberjack, and if his true identity is discovered, the repercussions could be disastrous not only for Sam, but for the entire Republic…

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A Call to Arms (3133)


Months have passed since the interplanetary communications net was destroyed, isolating planets across the Republic of the Sphere and beyond. Achernar is one of the few worlds that still possesses a working Hyperpulse Generator Station, a device that enables communications across the galaxy—and a highly sought-after prize for the splintering factions of the Republic…

After failing to qualify as an active MechWarrior, Raul Ortega finds solace in the Republic’s military reserves on Archenar, and dreams of the day he might know the adventure and glory of real combat. The planet’s Republic-loyal forces are supported by a loose alliance with the Swordsworn, a faction pledged to House Davion—whose leaders have an agenda all their own.

When the planet falls under siege by yet another splinter group, the Steel Wolves, who are intent on capturing the HPG station, Raul is called up to active duty. But when the Swordsworn desert Archenar in its time of need, Raul discovers there’s little honor in the subtle schemes of treachery and the brutal realities of war…

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The Ruins of Power (3133)


The destruction of the interplanetary communications net has isolated planets across the Republic of the Sphere. On Mirach, a widening schism in the military between those who would remain loyal to The Republic and those who would break away threatens the peace and prosperity that have lasted for generations.

Once a formidable MechWarrior, governor Sergio Ortega now believes that diplomacy will win the day. His sons, Dale and Austin, are also stalwarts of The Republic and aspiring MechWarriors. Facing growing civil unrest, they urge a military show of force before events spiral out of control. But Mirach has no BattleMechs, and their pacifistic father is slashing military spending.

But when power-hungry forces within the government begin plotting to overthrow it by any means necessary—including assassination—Austin must rebel against everything he’s known to fight for the safety and freedom of Mirach…even if that means facing off against his own father…

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A Silence in the Heavens (3132 – 3133)


Since the failure of the interplanetary communications system, the decades-long peace brokered by the Republic of the Sphere has begun to splinter. Power-hungry factions—such as the Steel Wolves—are invading vulnerable worlds to establish their own rule.

As a gateway to Terra, the planet of Northwind has strategic value—making it a fiercely-contested target for the emerging factions springing up across the Republic—and Duchess Tara Campbell will not allow her home to fall into enemy hands. Offering military assistance, the Republic sends Paladin Ezekiel Crow and his fully armed BattleMech to help defend Northwind.

MechWarrior Anastasia Kerensky, of the infamous Clan Bloodline, has set her sights on conquering Northwind—and what Anastasia wants, Anastasia usually gets. But first, she must contend with the deadly politics of the Steel Wolves before embarking on a conquest that could lead to the very heart of The Republic itself…

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Truth and Shadows (3133 – 3134)


The Highlanders defeated Anastasia Kerensky the last time she attacked Northwind—although she retreated with most of her troops intact. Now dispersed among several planets, the Highlanders will need a bigger edge if they are to end Kerensky’s threat completely. A rumor places Anastasia Kerensky on Northwind. If that’s true, the Steel Wolves must also be close by. Determined to locate them, Paladin Ezekiel Crow and Countess Tara Campbell order a reconnaissance—unaware that their enemy may be closer than they think.
With her forces on standby, Anastasia believes there is little the embattled Republic can do to stop her from finally conquering Northwind. What she doesn’t realize is that she has allies she never imagined—and enemies she never suspected.
It’s a moment of truth for Crow, Campbell, and Kerensky, when lies emerge from the shadows, and the fate of a world hangs in the balance.

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