Battlechat 22. Oktober – Teil 1

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. Oktober 2011 von DarkISI

Hier ist das Log des ersten Battlechats des Tages. Ich habe es nicht auf Deutsch übersetzt, das ist einfach zu viel. Solltet ihr etwas nicht verstehen, dann fragt einfach, ich bin gerne bereit, kleinere Abschnitte zu übersetzen.

Der zweite Teil folgt heute Nacht, wenn der zweite Chat vorbei ist.

[[Habeas2]]: Hello, and once again, welcome to the Catalyst Game Labs official BattleTech Line Developer-assisted BattleChat Protocol….
[[Habeas2]]: Standard rules are in effect. Keep questions short. Give others a chance. Don’t be rude or you will be BAKED and then there will be CAKE.
[[Habeas2]]: That said, I will extend the chat an extra 15 minutes to allow for lateness and to get over the vidgame prattle.
[[Habeas2]]: *Now* I’m ready for questions!

[[DarkISI]]: what type of cake will there be?
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – Depends on who gets baked.

[[Trboturtle]]: Anything New on the BT novel front?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – As soon as we can pull it off that doesn’t get us in legal or financial trouble.

[[J_Schmetzer]]: At which point–exactly!–did you decide, „okay, now that the Jihad is over we’ll begin the Tetatae Grand Imperium’s invasion of the Mica Majority?“
[[KeVinK]]: Tetatae hit while the IS is still reeling from the JarnFolk invasion
[[Habeas2]]: J_Schemtzer – At 2:14 AM Eastern Time, August 29th, 1997.
[[Sarcasmo]]: Judgement day?
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – It is always Judgment Day

[[Weirdo]]: Of the upcoming products, what can aero fans look forward to the most?

[[BronzeUnicorn]]: What is the present status on the corrected rerelease of Record Sheets 3039 Unabridged?
[[Habeas2]]: BronzeUnicorn – Pending.

[[Nathan60]]: Will TRO 3067 be coming out this year?
[[Habeas2]]: Nathan60 – My sources say maybe

[[Gooseman]]: Do you have an ETA for the PDF release of Final Reckoning?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – Real soon.
[[Gooseman]]: Fair enough…

[[txMaddog]]: will there be a ERA digest 3072?
[[Habeas2]]: txMaddog – No

[[DarkISI]]: Is CGL cooperating with Piranha Games on the new MechWarrior computer game?
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – We are cooperating as much as our capabilities allow
[[DarkISI]]: Does that mean you help out with the story and will the new MechWarrior game be considered canon (none of the older games is)
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – Canonizing computer games is inherently risky so, no, we do not guarantee that the computer game will be treated as canon.
[[Trboturtle]]: SO, how much involvement does CGL have with the MW game?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – We’ll help advertise it, and we helped supply a good time period and settings, but in game play and events terms, I think the game designers take over. Much like how it’s always been in our past source-vidgame correspondences.

[[Sarcasmo]]: Any info on the „coming soon“ XTRO: Periphery and Objectives: AFFS
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – Both are looking to release soon

[[Weirdo]]: Are we likely to see more infantry units in future products or TROs like in 3085?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – Make up your mind, Zug; do you want ships or infantry?
[[Weirdo]]: Yes.
[[DarkISI]]: Can we get Aero capable infantry? ^^
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – Maybe not

[[Sarcasmo]]: Any Filtvelt goodies in XTRO: Perph. or is it stuff already in TROroto
[[Sarcasmo]]: TRO: Prototypes, I meant
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – I believe all XTR Periphery are for factions of the pre-Jihad Periphery states

[[BronzeUnicorn]]: It has been indicated elsewhere that a time jump from the end of the Jihad period to some point in the AoD/“Dark Age“ timeline is forthcoming. Is Jihad FR the last „storyline“ product before that jump occurs?
[[Habeas2]]: BronzeUnicorn – Yes. After the Jihad sourcebooks wrap up, we’ll give a final look at the 3085 universe before advancing the timeline to the Dark Age. Since the time in between the Jihad and Dark Age is so void of Sphere-spanning warfare, it’s really a dead zone for story.
[[Habeas2]]: This is a wargame universe, after all.
[[Trboturtle]]: ?
[[Trboturtle]]: Or an undead zone for story……
[[txMaddog]]: so will there be an update of some sort to cover those years ?
[[Habeas2]]: txMaddog – Yes. After a fashion. More like a Historical

[[Gooseman]]: Now that the Jihad is just about wrapped up, how will the current time line be fleshed out?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – The future timeline will be fleshed out using sourcebooks.
[[Gooseman]]: Excellent, will they (future sourcebooks) be in the vein of ERA reports?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – Yes, Era Reports and Era Digests are planned to continue.

[[Toad]]: When will the Frist Post DA material be out?
[[Habeas2]]: Toad – Our schedule is in flux. Originally I planned for the post-DA to start in 2012-2013. Now it may be out as far as 2015
[[Trboturtle]]: who’s Frist?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – I’m first
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – But I never heard of Frist
[[DarkISI]]: Frist is the German word for time limit or deadline. Deadline seems fitting here. Must be a case of broken translation

[[Weirdo]]: This might be more IWM’s schtick than CGL’s, but I’ll ask anyway: Are there any plans to release more Unique character minis like the Orion Kerensky, Mad Cat Pryde, or the upcoming Bounty Hunter stuff?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – Maybe. Those are special promotionals, and we tend to try and coordinate with IWM on them.

[[Nathan60]]: IS there any news on WOR Supplemental, like if it will come out by the end of this year?
[[Habeas2]]: Nathan60 – We hope to release the WoR PDF-exclusive supplemental before the end of the year, but I cannot give a date on this

[[Trboturtle]]: What about that three legged Mech thingie — are we going to see that
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – Yes, the tripedal Superheavy ‚Mechs will eventually appear in classic canon
[[Trboturtle]]: And a cable gun will be invesnted to take them down…..
[[Toad]]: Will there be more superheavy mechs besides the Ares?
[[Habeas2]]: Toad – yes
[[DarkISI]]: Do you have any idea, how hit locations will change for the Ares class tripods? (If you do, can you tell? )
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – Yup! (And nope!)
[[DarkISI]]: that’s what I feared. But I had to try ^^

[[Sarcasmo]]: Any focus on the Cappie V. RoTS conflicts? I don’t know much about them other then they existed.
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – Yes

[[BronzeUnicorn]]: Would we then see products a la Brush Wars someehwere in the next few years that go back and give a retroactive look at the minor conflicts taht occur?
[[Habeas2]]: BronzeUnicorn – Yes

[[VhenRa]]: Does that mean that the time between will be catching up the rest of us to the current time of Dark Age?
[[Habeas2]]: VhenRa – I’m slightly confused by your question. Can you rephrase?
[[VhenRa]]: Will the time in between the end of the Jihad storyline and the start of the post-DA storyline be used to catch the rest of us up with Dark Age?
[[Habeas2]]: VhenRa – Sourcebooks are planned to cover what happens between the Jihad and the Dark Age without taking us there 1-2 years at a clip, yes. So nobody should be entering the Dark Age setting completely blind.

[[Weirdo]]: Will FM: 85 include an in-depth look at the RaF in the style of the first Field Manuals, to show us doctrine, paint schemes, and other tidbits, or will it be a very general look like FM:U or the Field Reports?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – To conserve space and resources, the approach is more Updates-style than standard style. The RAF will get way more attention only because it’s a new faction, but I hope not to overdo the details.
[[Weirdo]]: Fair enough. I’m mostly interested in organization, paint schemes, and fleet strength. Obviously history can be left out, being a brand-new army and all.
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – What fleet strength?
[[Weirdo]]: Well, there’s the Mercy…
[[Weirdo]]: …I’ll stop now. I feel the Eye of Oystein gazing my way…

[[Trboturtle]]: *Starts humming „Jake the Peg“*
[[DarkISI]]: @trboturtle I have no idea where I should put your humming in my log… please give me more context ^^
[[Trboturtle]]: DarkISI: [TITLE: Rolf Harris Show 22nd March 1969 – Jake The Peg BBC VIEWS: 322282 FAVES: 1190 RATING: 4 RATERS: 560 UPLOADED: retunerman ]

[[Sarcasmo]]: Will we still be seeing TROs every year, and if so, what will they cover, as we will be entering a relative era of peace?
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – Actually….. No. We will be slowing down the pace of TROs. There will be no new TROs published in 2012, according to our current schedule.
[[Sarcasmo]]: Sad, but sensical

[[Tizona]]: Herb, in a recent tweet you said: „Street-legal again! Yay! Now, back to work….“ Has this something to do with a green light to new novels covering the uncharted land where you are heading us after the Dark Age? (sorry if already commented, I’ve been late)
[[Habeas2]]: Tizona – Um, that was a reference to getting my new used car licensed and registered so I can legally drive it. I do have a semblance of a life outside of BattleTech after all…
[[Tizona]]: Lol
[[Tizona]]: Ok, thx

[[Toad]]: Can you comment on when the ban of Periphery Sates will be lifted?
[[Toad]]: For writes and such that is?
[[Habeas2]]: Toad – What ban?
[[Toad]]: The gag you put out wheb WoR can out.You told the writes and such to clam up.
[[Habeas2]]: Toad – A ban on writers for Periphery States? Depends on what they’re writing. There are still some serest out there

[[BronzeUnicorn]]: What is the next set of the beautiful hardboard maps and tiles coming our way, and how frequently can we expect new ones?
[[Habeas2]]: BronzeUnicorn – Canyons & Mountains is the next Hex Pack we plan to release, and another one may come out before the end of 2012, making that a two-hexpack year

[[Suralin]]: Dunno if this has been asked yet, since i showed up late, but will there be expanded record sheets and such for the various 3075-and-later Protos? (E.g. Svartalfa/Svartbeta)
[[Habeas2]]: Suralin – Yes
[[Suralin]]: Excellent, thanks 🙂

[[Sarcasmo]]: How is the record sheets for 3067 coming along?
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – As with all RS products, it will be lucky to see the light of day…. Seriously, they’re working on them.

[[Gooseman]]: So as I understand it the print starterbooks (e.g. Sword and Dragon) were a bust, what will be the print focus now be? TRO’s, Era Reports, anything else?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – TROs, Era Reports, Field Manuals, Historicals, and eventually plot books to move the new settings forward.
[[Gooseman]]: Plat books? Could you elaborate?
[[Gooseman]]: *plot* grrrrr
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – The entire Jihad Hot Spots series, the Interstellar Players books, and Wars of Reaving were all plot books; their primary focus is to move the story line, whereas other sourcebooks have different focii.
[[Gooseman]]: Perfect, now I understand, thanks! 🙂

[[Yuan1]]: Are there plans for a new Merc Sup after the Jihad, so we can see how they survived.
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – Not at this time

[[Weirdo]]: Any plans to rerelease paper maps, or release new ones, so players can expand their playng fields faster than HexPacks come out?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – Working on those. Believe me, I kind of want them out myself.

[[BronzeUnicorn]]: With Handbook House Kurita being the lone orphan, do we have hope of seeing that in the near future (i.e. the next year?)
[[Habeas2]]: BronzeUnicorn – There’s always hope.

[[Yuan1]]: It was rumored that you posted a faction must die. Want to give a clue as to what one you want dead?
[[drufause]]: He already Killed Marik
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – House Davion. But I didn’t post that. I posted in Facebook that I was deleting an entire faction. That exapnded to take out an entire planned chapter of the book, so in a way it was ALL factions, for one chapter.
[[Acid_Queen]]: House Davion’s still around? Damn!
[[Sarcasmo]]: House Davion now and forever!
[[Acid_Queen]]: Pffff–Liao to the bloody bitter end, baby!
[[VhenRa]]: Yes, to the end. The end they should have met in 4th SW
[[Acid_Queen]]: VhenRa: You wish, Fedboy 😛
[[Habeas2]]: (Sarcasmo – You’re not a Davion any more, remember?)
[[VhenRa]]: Er… I technically these days support the Lyrans. Though I suppose I like the FedSuns more then the Cappies.
[[Suralin]]: Ozawa-Addicks Mercantile Alliance forever!
[[txMaddog]]: Clan Sea Fox!

[[ScottSR]]: Now that WOR has been released how do you feel about that project and how it turned out? Also, what is your take on fan reaction to WOR? I imagine that it has sold particularly well
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I’m pleased with how the entire Jihad plot book series turned out, including WOR. I’m just as glad to se this era reach its conclusion as anyone. But I rarely have time to read reviews; instead I just check sales figures.

[[Weirdo]]: While another Vehicle Annex is probably unlikely, will we continue to see crazy support vehicles in future products?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – At a slow trickle, maybe. Some folks are pressuring me to give the Vehicle Annex another try, and support it with more supplements, but that’s another matter for another day
[[Weirdo]]: VA Supplementals? Small XTRO or smaller tidbits packed with support goodness? I’m there!
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – Maybe. I’m still not sold.
[[Weirdo]]: Fair enough. I’ll just keep hoping.
[[Trboturtle]]: maybe an XTRO:Vehicles?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – Maybe. But only if it can be justified.

[[Yuan1]]: I read in the Ben Rome interview that he would love to write some fiction about Devin Stone’s history. Does this mean you are going to let him tell some of the secrets behind the man or will you save that for future products?
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – We’d consider it.

[[Gooseman]]: Total Warfare is the current tournament legal ruleset, TRO Prototypes changes the base of some equipment (e.g from advanced to tournament legal). Will there be a corresponding change in the future „basic rulebook“?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – Not necessarily. The changes in TR: Prototypes are the effect of universe progression more than rules legality. Consider how „legal“ a game featuring ER Large Lasers in all sizes would technically be Tourney Legal in a game set in 3007. Technically, that’s illegal, because those wearpons aren’t in play then. That’s what TRrototypes tries to acomplish
[[Gooseman]]: I certainkly understand what you are saying, let me clarify. When Total Warfare was put out, it was tournament legal in context of the current story timeline. Now that the current story timeline is moving to and past what the in-universe publishing date of TRO Prototypes is, what (if any) will be the impact on the „basic book“?
[[Habeas2]]: Gooseman – It would be a real pain in the posterior surfaces to continuously reprint the books every time we introduce new technologies at lower tech/game rules levels and change them at later dates. As a result, it is not at all certain that we will be re-issuing Total Warfare just to account for the changes made in Prototypes. As a result, I’m afraid it still lies with the players to make sure they get the relevant books to
[[Gooseman]]: Thanks!

[[ScottSR]]: Can you speak at all to timeframes for release of supplementals for WOR and for H:RW? Also, what are the odds that we will see J:FR pdf released today?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – As mentioned, we hope to get the WoR PDF-exclusive supplemental out by the end of the year, but I can’t recall where we indicated that H:RW will have one? I am not inclined to offer a street date for PDF releases at this time.

[[Yuan1]]: How are the primative XTRO’s coming and when will we see another one?
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – There are still 4 more Primitives XTRs in the works. One more may be released before year’s end.

[[Toad]]: May I ask (if you feel inciled too) what is the page count for J:FR?
[[Habeas2]]: Toad – A remarkably small 170 pages.
[[DarkISI]]: so I can’t kill small dogs with Final Reckoning? Damned
[[Gooseman]]: DarkISI, you could do it with 170 pages, just requires a little more technique 🙂
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – No; but then, Randall didn’t WRITE Reckoning

[[ScottSR]]: Did you enjoy the build up and hints by Ben Rome as we moved towards WOR release date, or were you generally to busy elsewhere to partake of that? Also, can you speak at all about how well it has been selling?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I was handling my own fronts; I tended to let Ben have as much fun as he could manage

[[Trboturtle]]: Everything on schedule as it relates to products?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – Um. No, but fortunately we stopped promising street dates, so you can’t tell how much I nerfed the schedule here

[[Weirdo]]: What upcoming product are YOU looking forward to the most?
[[Habeas2]]: Weirdo – Right now, that book is on the radar in 2015….
[[Weirdo]]: Oooohh….

[[J_Schmetzer]]: Oh, look–what’s that in my email?
[[ScottSR]]: I think you said previously [months ago] that TRO3130 or whatnot would come out in 2012, earlier today you said no TRO’s for next calendar year [2012]. Is the latter now correct?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – Yes. TR:3130 is no longer scheduled for 2012 release.

[[ScottSR]]: Have your cats been busy plotting additional future plotlines for our beloved fictional universe?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – Yes, but Oscar has decided that technorganic Mechs are a bad idea (they taste bad).
[[sarcasmo]]: bio-roids!
[[Suralin]]: Technorganic? Someone watched Beast Wars…
[[Suralin]]: Yeeeesss…
[[RodConvoy]]: Suralin-Technorganic was so Beast Machines and a bit of Animated. I prefer a pure Cybertron. Yeeeess.
[[Habeas2]]: Suralin – And TFA. Oscar demonstrated his displeasure by attacking Black Arachnia out of all my other Cons…

[[Trboturtle]]: Part I: Part One?
[[Habeas2]]: J_Schemtzer – Probably porn. Please share
[[J_Schmetzer]]: Hush, you. Both of you.
[[Trboturtle]]: I think it’s the Max Liao centerfold from the ’13 playgirl edition…
[[Trboturtle]]: [[Habeas2]]: J_Schemtzer – Probably porn. Please share
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – I don’t understand?
[[Acid_Queen]]: Trboturtle: I object! My cat never posed for pr0n!

[[Yuan1]]: What future product has you going „Wow this rocks“, and and what one is turning into a big pain in the rear for you?
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – Kind of n unfair question. Every book we produce goes from one extreme to the other in the course of its life. I looked forward to just about every aspect of Reckoning, for example, only to hate the book in the final days of editing.
[[Acid_Queen]]: doh!
[[Yuan1]]: *Gives Herb a extra bacon pizza to make up for the unfair question*
[[Habeas2]]: Mmmmm. Bacon
[[Acid_Queen]]: I like pie.
[[sarcasmo]]: Bacon is expensive, now. And that bites into my BattleTech budget.
[[Habeas2]]: Acid_Queen – You either like bacon, or you’re wrong
[[Acid_Queen]]: Bacon is the Road to Awesome. 😛
[[Suralin]]: Bacon is superior to all other meats

[[Habeas2]]: Yeah, the FB links and other links leave off the excalamation

[[ScottSR]]: Can you speak to what pdf only releases you hope to get out before years end?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – Well, we plan to release as many Field Reports, Objectives, XTRs, and Turning Points as are feasible in the next few months. There’s even another Dossier pack in the wings
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I had also hoped to debut at least one new PDF-exclusive series, but the odds now are that I will have a nervous breakdown trying to do that, so I’m gonna just hold off there

[[ScottSR]]: Any previosuly-unmentioned new titles in the TP series? Ben said elsewhere that only DATP:Vega was in that line for this year.
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – Hmmm. I’d have to prod Ben. I think there may be one more, but it may simply be unready

[[sarcasmo]]: Any new formats (in the vein of ER and XTROs) that you’re toying with?
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – Yes.

[[Yuan1]]: So what products can we look forward to buying for, and getting purchased for ourselves, for under our Christmas trees. (or whatever holiday you celebrate.)
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – I believe we will see the Reckoning and the CGL reprint of TRO: 3067 by the end of the year. (But some people say that, as an agnostic, my beliefs are meaningless.)

[[Trboturtle]]: IS there another BattleCorps anthology going to come out this year?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – Not that I am aware of, sorry
[[Trboturtle]]: 🙁

[[ScottSR]]: shadowrun recently released a product giving game stats for multiple „very high level/power“ individuals in there game universe. ANy ideas of doing a similar thing for Btech? Some products give some details, but thoughts on doing full details? Everygame group is different and should set there in power curve, for example?
[[RodConvoy]]: ScottSR- Wouldn’t that be Master and Minions’s rules section?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – For the time being, the closest you will see in that regard for BattleTech would be the dossiers and special character entries akin to what we had in Masters & Minions, where most of the details are avoided so GMs can do what they will. After all, the moment you stat out a Kai Allard-Liao, every player will demonstrate how easy it is to make someone EVEN BETTER!
[[ScottSR]]: yes, there is that. Makes me kinda wonder why SR went that route with their product. Anyways, back to the Btech universe…
[[drufause]]: Kai’s stats are not that great he just gets to roll 6d6 and keep the best 2
Suralin rolls all 1s

[[sarcasmo]]: Hows box set coming along? any word?
[[sarcasmo]]: (been booted twice so I apologize if has been mentioned)
[[DarkISI]]: Sarcasmo – Ulisses Spiele was selling the German version at SPIEL in the last few days 🙂
[[Habeas2]]: Sarcasmo – The latest reprint of the box set, I’m told is „on the boat“
[[sarcasmo]]: Sweet!

[[Yuan1]]: Has any thought been given to having stats and information pages being included for new weapons and equipment that may be in XTRO’s and TRO’s in the future? Sort if like they did with the original 2750 and 3050 TRO’s.

[[Habeas2]]: Going to give you all another 15 minutes now, because I’m sad and lonely.
[[sarcasmo]]: Yay Herb!
[[sarcasmo]]: Well, yay for staying. not being sad and lonley.
[[DarkISI]]: Free Guinness for Herb
[[Yuan1]]: Guinness and bacon pizza.. what man wouldn’t be happy?

[[ScottSR]]: What characters in the Jihad and WOR timelines/plots did you most and least enojy seeing get killed off? Are the others who survived that you wish had not?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I liked seeing Alex Carlysle die off camera; I liked seeing the Black Thorns die even though I didn’t set out to kill them; I liked seeing Wolf and Waco die in the awesome way they managed to do so–at each other’s throats to the bitter end; I loved how we gave all of the WoB leadership their final send-offs on Terra, Gibson, and Circinus…..
[[DarkISI]]: The man sure likes his killing 😀
[[sarcasmo]]: Wolf and Waco was pretty sweet
[[txMaddog]]: yes it was 🙂
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I wish we could have taken out Victor Steiner-Davion (if only because he’d become redundant), and I wish we could have finished off the Wolf’s Dragoons and Northwind Highlanders (because coming up for ways to fiat their survival in the name of continuity was painful); and I really think we could have smashed even more worlds, but the WoB was simply running out of nukes and ships to do all that with….

[[Acid_Queen]]: Is Kali still inflicting her crazy ass on the universe? Or did she get ganked too?
[[Habeas2]]: Acid_Queen – She lived. Ater maiming her own son and sending the severed hand to his dad.
[[Acid_Queen]]: Dammit.
[[Habeas2]]: Are you kidding? She was hysterical crazy
[[Acid_Queen]]: She needs to die, dude. I’m a Capellan die-hard, and even I think she needs to go. 😛
[[sarcasmo]]: She’s crazy-hot.
[[Acid_Queen]]: ]].[[
[[txMaddog]]: have her slip on a bar of soap
[[Acid_Queen]]: The Red Lancers need to combat-drop on her house and stomp her into the dirt.
[[drufause]]: but vsd has not knocked her up yet
[[Acid_Queen]]: ….
[[Acid_Queen]]: DEAR GODS NO.
[[Habeas2]]: Acid_Queen – SOrry; continuity needs dictated Kali lives.
[[Trboturtle]]: What about Kali’s son?
[[RodConvoy]]: Victor Liao wrote a book My Mother’s Crazy and I’m not the son of Spock. Later, he had a daughter.
[[Acid_Queen]]: lol Rod
[[drufause]]: LOL
[[Suralin]]: hahaah
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – We call Kali’s son „Lefty“ these days.

[[DarkISI]]: How many rolls of toilet paper do MechWarriors take with them in the ‚Mech cockpit?
[[Habeas2]]: DarkISI – 1. None if they are Clan.

[[Yuan1]]: So who did have the most trouble killing off then? Whom did you really like and was sad over killing them?
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – Hmmm. I didn not really have trouble killing anyone. A key thing a writer must always be aware of–especially in a wargame universe–is that you must be prepared to „murder your babies“. I liked the Manei Domini, especially APollyon, as I’d built some real depth to them while making them seem as alien and monstrous as possible. Killing them off wholesale–especially the way I had to do so with Appy–felt a little sad,
[[Habeas2]]: ok.
[[Yuan1]]: Hmmm.. New novel „The Return of APollyon: Now I am Mad!“…. I would read it.

[[ScottSR]]: Was the reduction in clan snow raven naval assests set by the need to reduce the warship fleet of all factions in the inner sphere? ie „we cant let them have TOO many moer ships than everybody else?“
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – The universe does need a new equilibrium. As we know, too great an imbalance in the setting between factions means that one will conquer another in short order without tons of tricks employed. A Snow Raven Clan with a full fleet versus Houses that can barely command four WarShips would have ended a House sooner or later
[[Toad]]: Just hope The Adder dont come knocking with any Levs

[[drufause]]: Am I the only ones looking forward to more stories of the broken Kurita Family from dark ages
[[Habeas2]]: Drufause – Nope. I would look forward to it as well

[[ScottSR]]: are there any periphery factions that you have a particular love, or lack of love, for? was it simply fear and or paranoia that led to them nuking so many millions of people int he 3070’s?
[[sarcasmo]]: Herb loves Filtvelt. Told me so himself!
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I kind of like the Marians and the Magistracy. I’m not terribly fond of the Fronc Reaches or the Niops Association. And I *loathe* pirates!

[[Frabby]]: (late to the show…)
[[DarkISI]]: late doesn’t begin to cover it ^^
[[DarkISI]]: but no worries, I’m logging 😉
[[Toad]]: where in double overtime actually!!!

[[Frabby]]: Unsure if this was already asked: Who was (ooc) the „Master“ in the recent IC chat?
[[Habeas2]]: Frabby – I’m not telling!

[[Yuan1]]: Are there any plans for new Solaris products? So much new tech that I am sure there would be plenty of new mechs there.
[[Habeas2]]: Yuan1 – Yes there are

[[Habeas2]]: Gonna be wrapping this up soon guys, so get your last questions in!

[[drufause]]: So what happens to all the money that Steiner was thowing at comstar to fix the HPG’s now that a wolf is in charge
[[Habeas2]]: drufause – That’s a setting we haven’t reached yet

[[Frabby]]: Ok… what I really wanted to know: Somebody asked about what happened to Precentor William Blane. The „Master“’s IC answer was „spaced over Tharkad“. What’s the real story?
[[Habeas2]]: Frabby – Spaced over Tharkad. Seriously; Cameron had enough of his shit.
[[Suralin]]: I’m sort of imagining a dropship running into Blane’s corpse, like that scene from Galaxy Quest.
[[Suralin]]: SPLAT.
[[Frabby]]: Cool, thanks for the clarification. Is there any reference in canon to this yet or is the how and why of Blane’s fate a blank slate, storytelling-wise?
[[Trboturtle]]: 😀
[[Habeas2]]: Frabby – As with the death of Alex Carlysle, it’s simply too small an event to make it into the story in any form. Kind of like the Black Thorns‘ final hourse.
[[Frabby]]: BattleCorps, here I come.
[[Trboturtle]]: The BlackThorns had a hourse?
[[Habeas2]]: Minus the „e“, yes
[[Frabby]]: Yes, the black kind of hourse Death rides on.
Habeas2 smacks Trboturtle
[[Trboturtle]]: sarcasmo — should be all right as long as the story is good, the grammer is sound and the format is followed…..

[[ScottSR]]: last battlehcta you released a product during the second chat, it sounds like we shoudl NOT be expecting JFR today around 830PM then?
[[Habeas2]]: ScottSR – I dunno. We’ll see.
[[ScottSR]]: no guarantees, no problem

[[Habeas2]]: That everyone?
[[DarkISI]]: My log says, everything is answered

[[Trboturtle]]: So, something in the pipeline for a (Hopefully) Christmas release?
[[Habeas2]]: Trboturtle – No guarantees. Fact is, we hate December releases, so much so that when it looks like I’m getting too late and something may end up in December, my bosses hit me

[[DeJaVu]]: Now bc.сom, always talking about a small number stories. In fact, a dying corpse. Plan you somehow change the situation?
[[Habeas2]]: DeJaVu – Damn. WIsh you’d been here earlier; I’d have to refer you to Jason Schemtzer for that
[[Trboturtle]]: DejaVu — simple — we need writers!
[[sarcasmo]]: So trboturtle you’re saying I should submit my story…
[[DeJaVu]]: Authors we have, though written in Russian. A translation into English poorly (
[[Trboturtle]]: WOn’t hurt….the worse that will happen is Jason uses it for target pratice…….
[[DarkISI]]: I should really get my latest BC submission try finished – hopefully Jason wants it this time ^^
[[Frabby]]: @DeJaVu: Use the BT authors self-help group at, aka the BT Writer’s Workshop.
[[Trboturtle]]: I have two that are lost somewhere in continuity…..
[[sarcasmo]]: Trboturtle: I’ve seen the mans twitter rants, it frightens me…

[[Trboturtle]]: DarkISI: Now do you understand my „Jake the Peg“ reference?
[[DarkISI]]: Trboturtle – sadly, yes

[[drufause]]: Can you comment on the speculation that the next generation MMO from Blizzard titled ‚Titan‘ is a Battletech MMO yet?
[[Habeas2]]: Drufause – It’s not. Don’t even tease.

[[Habeas2]]: Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Enrichment Activity. Good bye!
[[Habeas2]]: See you all (or at least some of you) at 8 PM!
[[ScottSR]]: As always, thank you for your time.
[[Trboturtle]]: bye!
[[Frabby]]: I’ll try to be punctual for a change…

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