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Battletech: „In the Shadow of the Dragon“ – Neuer Roman

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. Juli 2024 von DarkISI

In the Shadow of the Dragon ist nun erschienen und auch prompt als Taschenbuch zu haben. Schlagt zu. Es lohnt sich sicher.

Craig Reed Jr. hat einen neuen Roman in der Pipeline. In the Shadow of the Dragon wird am 15. Juli erscheinen und kann nun vorbestellt werden.

Spannenderweise momentan erstmal das E-Book und nicht das Taschenbuch, bislang war es immer andersherum. Ein Taschenbuch wird es aber auch geben, daran besteht kein Zweifel.

Bevor sich jemand wundert: Das Buch spielt 3150 und nicht in der ilClan Ära.

In the Shadow of the Dragon (3150)


Yori Kurita, the Dragon, Coordinator of the Draconis Combine, rules her nation with an even hand and is reveling in her victories over the hated Federated Suns. Though the Dragon’s troops occupy the Suns‘ capital for the first time in history, her own reign rests on a shaky foundation. Due to her checkered ancestry, many detractors call her a puppet ruler, a pretender to House Kurita’s throne, and some will stop at nothing to end her rule and take back the Combine—including eliminating anyone who gets too close to the truth.

Russell Blaylock, a detective for the Civilian Guidance Corps, has seen plenty of murder cases throughout his distinguished career. When his investigation of a murder with ties to the Palace puts him in the crosshairs of the Internal Security Force and their shadowy war of brinksmanship with agents from the rival Order of the Five Pillars, he soon draws the attention of the Coordinator herself. In a quest for the truth, Yori reactivates a long-dormant bureau, the Office of Special Investigations, and tasks Blaylock and his team of investigators and security with solving this case before the conspirators‘ deadly plans can be carried out.

But the Combine’s capital brims with visitors for the celebration of the Coordinator’s anniversary, Yori’s well-equipped, well-prepared enemies could be anyone, anywhere, and they could strike when least expected. Can Blaylock and his team hunt them down before they eliminate the Coordinator and bring the Combine to its knees?

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