Battlechat 21.01.2012 – Mitschrift (UPDATE)

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. Januar 2012 von DarkISI

Wie gewohnt, kriegt ihr hier natürlich auch wieder die Mitschrift des aktuellen Battlechats zu lesen.

Leider sind Fragen und Antworten diesmal nicht sortiert, da ich selbst nicht am Chat teilgenommen und grad auch keine Zeit habe, das Log zu sortieren (eventuell hole ich das später nach, kann aber nichts versprechen).

Hier also der erste Teil (geloggt von Roosterboy). Der zweite folgt entweder heute Nacht oder morgen im Laufe des Tages.

Habeas2: Welcome to the first official BattleChat of 2012. As ever I am your host and sole guest of honor, Herbert Beas. Catalyst Game Labs thanks you for your participation in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided social interactions activity.
Habeas2: As usual, the basic rules are thus:
Habeas2: Be couteous. Allow others a chance to ask questions. I will answer questions in the order received. I am not generating an official log here (so that’s on you).
Habeas2: Failure to be civil will result in my digital boot in your digital ass (after which you will be booted from the chatroom).
Habeas2: Expect typos. I type almost at conversational speed…when I’m not watching everything I say.
drufause: I still have not been able to find the TRO4055 Plus toys with the My Little Battletech line.
Habeas2: So, once again…. Hello.
Gaiiten: How is WoR Supplemental progressing on? Is it to be released soon?
Sarcasmo: How has the reaction to FM:3085 been compared to what you thought (hoped?) for?
Habeas2: Gaiiten – The Wars of Reaving Supplemental hit a snag but is back on track. I would expect a release time of „soon“, with an outside chance of „next month“.
Mendrugo: Really looking forward to Liberation of Terra (I and II). With the preview of the Caspar art, it is clear that the image from the old Star League sourcebook is no longer valid. Will the section on Caspar tech mention just what that armored, beweaponed egg with the HALT display was?
WolfLancer4: howdy all
Habeas2: Sarcasmo – I have not looked at sales figures yet, and am notoriously bad at finding/reading reviews, but it seems to have been positive, so I’m happy.
Vang: ((I’m logging so if anyone wants a copy of the log, PM me and I’ll get a copy to you after it’s all said and done.)
Habeas2: Mendrugo – That thing was just a warning satelite, and we really don’t care to stat those at this stage…
Habeas2: WolfLancer4 – Hi
Habeas2: Vang – ((Thank you)
Habeas2: 52 minutes left of this chat
Klep: just want to say i really like the expanded RATs in FM3085
Trboturtle: Miss anything??
Mendrugo: Can you give any details about what characters you’re most looking forward to working with (and/or killing) once you move to the Dark Age timeline?
Habeas2: Klep – Thank you; they were something of an inspiration to us, but a complex process to build….
Gaiiten: Thank you. Have the sales of last year met Catalyst`s expections? Something we all all are interested because that decides if BT is going on or not. (No details are asked for)
WolfLancer4: I agree on the RATs. Very nice.
Klep: they were a really good idea
Sarcasmo: I agree with Klep. It was really intresting to see some breadth to the RATs. And I know Wolflancer4 loves that his Wolves now get Panthers in their touman What was the most difficult part of the RATs
Habeas2: Trboturtle – In the opening remarks, I promised there would be cake, and greif counseling, at the end of this chat.
Mendrugo: Also – the official planetary map of the Chainlane Isles was much appreciated. Any chance you can tell us which one hosted the late Duchy of Vendome?
Habeas2: Mendrugo – I think it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to killing all of them….
WolfLancer4: Sarcasmo….I just added you to the „list.“
Habeas2: Gaiiten – Yes, sales were great.
RacerX: Are there any plans to continue the Dark Age novelizations?
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Off the top, I’m not sure which world was home to the late Ducky of Vendome.
WolfLancer4: Is the character your looking forward to killing the most a Clanner or Spheroid?
Habeas2: RacerX – Yes
Habeas2: WolfLancer4 – Yes
Sarcasmo:WolfLancer4: Yay!! Somebody DOES like me!
WolfLancer4: Its not that kind of list.
Sarcasmo: Habeas2 How do you feel know that the Johad is ‚wrapped up“?
NovaDew: is there any plans to do a new SL house book to clear up anything that doesnt quite add up to later publications?
Habeas2: Sarcasmo – I feel one step closer to my next plan…. Finally!
Mendrugo: Will the Era Report for the Dark Age include the factionettes (Stormhammers, etc.), given that you’re planning to ‚time jumping‘ to a point after which most of them are either down for the count or folded into a major faction?
Habeas2: NovaDew – Not a Handbook/House book per se, no. urita remains tha last of those.
Sarcasmo: The post Dark Age. Can we call it the Renaissance?
drufause: Will there be more intersteller players type pulp fiction/Role Play source Material to start the Dark Age/ROS
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Not really. While mention of them may be made, Era Report: 3150 will–as you noted–be set after the pirate factions have died or been subsumed into other actul factions.
Habeas2: Sarcasmo – Oh, dear Cat, no!
RacerX: Will the Dark Age re-introduce clicky tech?
Mendrugo: Can we call the post Dark Age ‚Warhammer: 3160‘?
Klep: herb is going to murder all of you
Habeas2: Drufause – There is another IP-type book on the horizon, but at this stage it is seen as something set vaguely around the turn of the 31st-32nd century
Habeas2: RacerX – No
WolfLancer4: *moves Mendrugo to the top of the list and circles his name*
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Oh, dear Cat, no!
Mendrugo: Hammerhands: 3160?
Xotl: hah
NovaDew: I say we go with the Oh, dear Car, No! era
Sarcasmo: When do you get to stat working in the „undiscovered country“ that is post 3130?
Mendrugo: What parts of the Inner Sphere/Periphery will remain ‚Mad-Max‘-esque, for people that like that style of play?
Habeas2: Mendrugo – At this time Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer will now dispense some helpful advice. For example: The Kick button here will boot you. Try to avoid it.
RacerX: How about the „Humpty Dumpty after his Great Fall“ era
Habeas2: Sarcasmo – The broad strokes have already been done. More details will be developed as we draw nearer
NovaDew: Will we see any of the WoB experimental tech return?
RacerX: Time for a seriuos question. Will the Dark Age get a full Jihad like treatement or will it be bypassed like the Jihad was when Dark Age was released by WKs?
Klep: herb: did you prefer working within the bounds of the future dark age timeline, or do you prefer being able to define the future yourself?
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Anywhere you like, in your own campaigns. In canon, well, a lot of the very minor Periphery states and the fringes of the Great Houses likely run „Mad Max“ style, but they also nearly completely lack BattleMechs, and so may be rather indistinguishable from other dull sci-fi wastelands.
Habeas2: NovaDew – Erm, such as what? Most of the WoB experimental tech that was in development deployed around the end of the Jihad and has been described.
NovaDew: I was more thinking will the tech become less taboo and will we see the IS houses using it
Habeas2: RacerX – The preceding questions weren’t serious? The plan is to get the players to 3150 (a few years after the latest novels) in a fashion that doesn’t leave people befuddled as to how we got there. The past events will be covered in brief, with enough detail to make sense, ut we hope to not spend too much time retracing our steps before delivering new material.
Gaiiten: Due the experimental WOB tech, I think of Superheavy Mechs and Machina Domini interfaces.
Habeas2: Klep – I prefer a blank canvas, but since I had a hand in making the Jihad the bloodbath it became rather than a tantrum that ran only three novels and one sourcebook, I’m happy with it too.
mib_5lvjrx: I know I am late, trouble with computer. Has this question been ask, Is there any news on War of Reaving supplemental?
NovaDew: I’m thinking A.I. as well
mib_5lvjrx: Thanks for FM 3085
Habeas2: NovaDew – It depends largely on the tech in question. Implant technology is, for example, not going to be a favorite place for anyone for decades–mybe evne centuries–to come.
Habeas2: Gaiiten – SUperheavies are inevitable. Machina Domini is … well, we don’t know.
Mendrugo: Will we see an anti-bionic prejudice becomeing widespread (outside of the FWL, where it already exists) due to the Manei Domini’s legacy of terror?
Trboturtle: Still no word any the Novel front?
Habeas2: Mib_5lvjrx – After some delays last month, WoR Supplemental is moving toward production again, and we hope to have it out soon….
drufause: will we ever get some hard evidence facts on the HPG outage
Habeas2: NovaDew – No AI
Habeas2: Mib_5lvjrx – You’re welcome
NovaDew: Mendrugo iirc FM:3080 does mention the anti-bionics
RacerX: For future source books will you you be following the same news report/inteligence intercept model that you used for the Jihad books?
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Per the RP rules in FM 3085, anti-bionics prejudice has indeed spread out of the Former FWL and into the Inner Sphere at large.
Gaiiten: Something obligatory for me to ask, have the possible reemergence of the HomeClans and how it will happen gotten some more clear details so far? Or are they a story arc still put into hibernation indefinitely?
Habeas2: Trboturtle – We are still working on a means to cover the main story lines in fiction, but I cannot delve too much into the actual state of novels to come.
Sarcasmo: have you a favorite(s) mech that has been published in the past couple of years?
Habeas2: Drufause – Possibly, but some details may remain beyond the general public’s grasp for decades to come
drufause: Does Cat Kell get the Hounds up and Fighting again?
Habeas2: RacerX – Nope. That approach only really works for an active war in progress, which BattleTech actually has never really handled before.
Habeas2: Gaiiten – Still hibernating
Frabby: Queer question, but it’s been itching me for months: Is the „Ogima“ person from „Found and Lost“ (into fiction to Jihad Conspiracies) the same person as „Administrator Ogima Lunalla, City of Hope“ from Part VII (Chapter Three of Book Two – Finding Jardine) of the Forgotten Worlds serial?
Gaiiten: Given your long-term plans, have you considered something like of an Outer Sphere, a human power capable of meeting the Inner Sphere on an equal footing?
Frabby: (into fiction –> intro fiction)
Habeas2: Sarcasmo – There are simply too many for me to choose a favorite
drufause: Did Victor Know the Smoke Jaguars were being used by Stone
Habeas2: Drufause – Hehehehehe.
Habeas2: Frabby – Yes
Habeas2: Gaiiten – No
NovaDew: Is there any part of the IS you want to change the dynamics off, ie. the ruling family of a house
Habeas2: Drufause – I suspect there is very little that Victor did not know about
MajorTom: Any word on the remaining Handbooks (Kurita and Minor Periphery?)?
Frabby: Yay – that’s cool. I hardly dare ask, any hope of continuing the Forgotten Worlds serial? With the Jihad being wrapped up and all that…
Habeas2: NovaDew – Oh, yes. }:)
Gaiiten: So the Inner Sphere will remain the main battlefield and story arc for the future?
NovaDew: is there any chance you’ll do it
Habeas2: MajorTom – Handbook Kurita is underway as we speak, and we hope to have it out this year, concluding the Handbook series.
willydstyle: Has there been any discussion about possible BV2 replacements yet?
drufause: Will it be Victor and Omi’s Kid or Victor and Isis Kid that rescues the Lyran Commonwealth from the wolf?
Mendrugo: Will the „Objectives“ PDF series continue this year?
Habeas2: Frabby – I dearly want to finish the Frogotten WOrlds serial, and have the entire thing outlined down to dialogue, but have simply been unable to as products piled up which are more important
Habeas2: Gaiiten – Yes. The Inner Sphere remains the primary spotlight
willydstyle: crap… was there a reply re: my query about BV2 replacements?
Habeas2: NovaDew – Oh, most definitely.
Frabby: Glad to know it’s not abandoned or forgotten.
Gaiiten: What is the next major sourcebook going to be released? Liberation Terra I?
Habeas2: Willydstyle – I have accumulated a number of potential BV2 replacement systems as of now, but have yet to delve into which and whether they will be used.
willydstyle: Also, I would like to say, Herb, that I criticize a lot, but Catalyst has been putting out some products that are seriously quality.
Habeas2: Drufause – Neither
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Yet, the „Objectives“ series will conclude this year.
NovaDew: shhh its going to be a Liao
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Yes, I just got to your BV2 question above, so you didn’t miss anything there
Vang: Will we ever see a Far Country source and recipe book? (sorry, couldn’t resist Herb)
Habeas2: Frabby – Funny.
Habeas2: Gaiiten – I *think* so….
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Thank you!
willydstyle: Will whatever system you replace it with be detailed enough to account for the loss of durability that IS XL engines give a mech, or is the durability stat likely to be based solely on armor/internal structure?
Habeas2: Vang – No, but there will be a product entitled „101 Ways to Boil a Xeno Alive“
Mendrugo: Is Randall entitled to bathroom breaks before he finishes Interstellar Operations?
drufause: NO
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Unknown at this time. Fact is most units that resort to XLs also max out armor or boost weaponry so much that it offsets the trouble with having an XL.
NovaDew: Is there bets on what will happen first the release of IntOps or Randall’s suicide
Habeas2: Mendrugo – Right now he is, but you ust gave me an idea on how to keep him on task…
Trboturtle2: No suicide — buit the number of stuffed seal pup plushies is going to go WAY down…..
Habeas2: NovaDew – No bet. Randall will finish the book.
Habeas2: Randall WILL finish the book….
NovaDew: is see you have mastered the art of Randall Dominai lol
RacerX: Can’t you just replace his desk chair with a toilet?
Gaiiten: In the last chat you mentioned that some more sourcebooks for the Amaris-Star League civil war are considered. Is among these an update of TRO 2750? Or another TRO (maybe 2780 shortly before the Exodus)?
willydstyle: But if the system is based on „durability stat+firepower stat“ or something along those lines, the mech with the XL engine will have an artificially increased cost, potentially, beyond its actual capability, although I do realize that giving the system too fine a „resolution“ will lead to the same problems that BV2 has.
Habeas2: NovaDew – Our working relation is thus: WHen he is working on my books, he works FOR me. Otherwise, I work FOR him.
Habeas2: RacerX – That would allow him to poop; the urgency would be lost.
Habeas2: Gaiiten – A TRO is actually still up in the air. A Field Manual is being considered though, as well as an Era Report.
NovaDew: no offence was meant Mr Herb
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Fact is, BV2 broke down because it sought TOO MUCH detail. If the goal is to measure which of two units should win in a straight fight, it comes down to four real factors: Durability, Mobility, Damage potential, and Range.
Habeas2: NovaDew – No offense was taken.
Habeas2: 12 minutes for standard chat remaining
drufause: I know the objectives books are a pain the sitter to get right but after the jump will there be a project to provide that kind of data on the post dark age worlds
Gaiiten: Wow, that is a lot (and each surely a Must-Have), thank you for the info.
TMendrugo2: Will we ever see a Handbook-style (stripped down, of course) writeup for the administrative, military, economic, etc. details for the RWR at its peak?
RacerX: Are they any plans to release more high detailed plastic mechs like the Loki and Thor from the Intro Box Set? And if so can you speak to what that offering may be?
Trboturtle2: Durability, Mobility, Damage potential, and Range — sounds like my Friend’s CODR system….
Habeas2: Drufause – None is planned; the Objectives series was simply too painful to put together
willydstyle: Yes, I really like that approach, and I just hope that the system will still allow enough detail to be representative of a unit’s rough capabilities, while also not being *too* convoluted.
Habeas2: Gaiten – You’re welcome
NovaDew: Will the boarders of the IS ever expand?
WolfLancer4: hmm. the weather is getting very bad here.
Habeas2: Mendrugo2 – Possibly in an Era Report
Habeas2: RacerX – The production of the high-quality plastic miniatures hit a significant roadblock and has been postponed indefinitely, I’m afraid. Sorry.
willydstyle: There are many mentions of Rasalhague and Ghost Bear units co-existing in the Dominion in TRO 3085, is this relationship explored in more detail in Field Manual 3085?
RacerX: Also, do you or Catalyst have any direct bearing on the Heavy Metal program suite and when an update may be forthcoming?
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Again, the goal is now „approximation and abstraction“ over detail. It is the constant issues with detail that have hamstrung our efforts and produced a BV system that sems to get different answers depending on who calculates it. It should NOT be a subjective exercise.
Habeas2: NovaDew – We’ve found they’re already big enough
Habeas2: WolfLancer4 – SUck it up; I’m snowed in.
Klep: i wish i was snowed in
NovaDew: no you dont it gets dull after a while
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Yes
WolfLancer4: Id rather have snow than tornadoes Herb.
Habeas2: RacerX – We do not OWN HeavyMetal and Rick Raisley is not an employee of CGL, so we can only request and hope.
TMendrugo2: Was the use of WMDs in the Jihad equivalent to their use in the 1st Succession War, or was the 1st Succession War a larger nukefest by orders of magnitude?
willydstyle: Ok, looks like I have to get FM 3085
Habeas2: mendrugo2 – The First War was far and away worse.
RacerX: Can we look forward to any future Battletech offerings from Armour Cast?
Gaiiten: Can you as early as now tell us some more details about the ilClan?
NovaDew: yeas you do willydstyle just for the CGB RAsDom parts alone its worth the cash
drufause: -willystyle it is awesome especially the unit deployments
willydstyle: TRO 3085 is just a stellar book, the fact that it has new mechs, old mechs, battle armor, „old is the new new“ infantry, vees, LAMS
willydstyle: it’s really one of the best battletech products ever
xtrahmxwohld: wolflancer – I’m hoping for some more snow, we have barely a 1/2″
Habeas2: RacerX – That would be for Armorcats to decide
WolfLancer4: ill take snow. im not scared of it. i AM however scared of the idiots on the road when its snowing.
Habeas2: Gaiiten – I told you guys enough with the title alone.
Vang: ((Armorcats? It that the successor to the SNL Battlecats skit?))
RacerX: I only ask due to a statement they made regarding negotiations with Catalyst. Thank you for your response.
Gaiiten: Did you suspect we would just be satisfied with that?
Habeas2: Vang – A reminder from the Catalyst game Labs BattleTech Line Developer: Typos are to be expected; enjoy your pun.
NovaDew: it’s what Herb sa to deal with if he’s behind on is work
xtrahmxwohld: You just need to move somewhere where people know how to drive on/in snow
Vang: ((Eh, it make a fun game. I know Alex would buy a copy.))
Habeas2: Gaiiten – No, but that’s all I’m going to give you for now. You’re talking about products planned for at least two years from now.
Alex_Knight: ((damn straight I would))
WolfLancer4: that would require moving „up nawth.“ I like sweet tea and grits to much.
drufause: FYI the forums are not helping my Lego Habit
Habeas2: 2 minutes
willydstyle: Is FM 3085 available in print?
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Not yet
NovaDew: only pdf atm
willydstyle: it will be?
NovaDew: yep
willydstyle: any clue when?
RacerX: Use the print button
Gaiiten: Thank you very much for your answers.
NovaDew: should be
NovaDew: can you tell me more about this shake up you got planned?
RacerX: I second that. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions
Habeas2: Willydstyle – I don’t think we have astreet date yet
MajorTom: IlClan?
Habeas2: NovaDew – You actually got some answers on it earlier: Expect some changes to ALL Houses
NovaDew: oww thanks
Habeas2: NovaDew – And an IlClan, of course
NovaDew: now to go hunt them down
TMendrugo2: (ilClan Firma — the first Clan to make it to Terra Firma)
willydstyle: If I were to buy a PDF copy, would I have rights to an e-reader copy should I purchase an e-reader in the future? I love to read BT books in bed
willydstyle: Or is that something that the merchant I purchase it from could tell me?
NovaDew: there is a few converters out there
Trboturtle: oh terriffic, I’m here twice…
RacerX: The IIclan isn’t Clans 2.0. You know, the soldiers that Kerensky’s pink tutu brother took in the opposite direction?
NovaDew: any one know where my lighter is?
drufause: look under your command couch
Habeas2: Willydstyle – I’m really not sre how that would work out, really
Trboturtle: ND, Check with Wombat…..
Habeas2: RacerX – No
drufause: who let Wombat out crap
Habeas2: NovaDew – In your pocket
Amartian: NovaDew – ROM is away with it
NovaDew: it was surprisingly
willydstyle: Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hater of 40k, but I just thought of what would happen if the developers of 40k did a similar „40kchat“ with the fans… and my brain broke.
TMendrugo2: The chat software would be rendered obsolete halfway through, requiring a paid upgrade.
Trboturtle: „Who let Wombat out?“ — the less sucessful B-side of „Who let the Dogs out?“…..
NovaDew: An IlClan, and major changes to the houses…. can we skip to that instead of any other stuff?
Habeas2: NovaDew – No.
NovaDew: guess I’ll have to wait and buy the books till then
RacerX: Now that the Space Navy
RacerX: Now that the space navys of the major houses are in shambles has there been any thought about redesigning and updating the art for a more modern navy? The art as is is rather weak when compared with other game systems.
drufause: Herb do you have a release date for the ‚CGL sings the 80’s‘ 8 track tape
Klep:RacerX: i disagree. i like the flying brick aesthetic. i think it’s appropriate for battletech
Habeas2: RacerX – WHy? There are no navies now.
NovaDew: they are getting updated, pocket warship art
Habeas2: Drufause – Right after Loren finishes the „Yo! Sian Raps!“ CD
willydstyle: I have a jihad/post-jihad unit planned that is a Kungsarmee unit, but only one of the mechs is actually on the MUL for the Dominion (Ostscout 10CS), the others are a Toyama -1B, a marauder 9W, and a Phoenix Hawk -7CS. Despite these untis not being on the MUL, it is conceivable that a unit such as this could be formed with captured blakist gear?
drufause: awesome i had no idea Loren Rapped bet hes better at it than the shat
NovaDew: IIRC on of the Jihad books said the Kungsarme was using captured equipmentjust chances are not MD stuff
Gaiiten: Hmm, just see the number of the SLDF`s unit fighting in the Amaris coup (as there are listed in my sourcebook), can you ever beat that with upcoming conflicts?
xtrahmxwohld: use the Toyama 1C all the cool kids are
willydstyle: Or, I guess a more general way to phrase that question is: is the MUL an indicator of absolute availability, or is it things that are available to the faction’s military through manufacture and purchase?
Alex_Knight: bah. Blackjack-3
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Yu[
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Yup
Habeas2: Willydstyle – Mainly it’s manufacturing
RacerX: I didn’t say there were no navys. I like the new look of what appeared in TRO 3085 and was hoping that the rest of the navy would recieve the same treatment.
drufause: MD should have installed all their Command Couch backwards since they don’t look to pilot anyway it would have made their mechs a beeoch to pilot
willydstyle: I feel vindicated to know that my brain aligns with the fiction then
Habeas2: Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Develop-aided public relations activity!
NovaDew: are we going to see any of the new units mentioned in FM:3085 but are not in a TRO in print?
willydstyle: If we want to go down that road, Racer, I think that almost all of the pre-catalyst mech art should be redone, and IWM should make new minis, but I don’t think either company has the resources fr that
Habeas2: Next chat is scheduled for 8 PM Civilized Coast Time (5 PM Pacific).
TMendrugo2: (3 AM Borscht Belt)
Habeas2: NovaDew – New units?
willydstyle: Thanks for taking the time to put this on, Herb.
Topic changed to „Next Live BattleChat! – Saturday, (21 January 2012) at 8 PM (EDT)“ by Habeas2.
Gaiiten: Best regards
NovaDew: IIRC there is a few vehicals or mechs that are mentioned but are not in a tro
Habeas2: NovaDrew – Probably.
NovaDew: cool, and thanks for answering my odd questions
Habeas2: See everyone in about 7 hours.

Und hier das Log des zweiten Chats. Auch diesmal war ich nicht selbst dabei (war vorher einfach zu müde und habe den Fehler gemacht mich „kurz“ ins Bett zu legen). Aber glücklicherweise hat Euphonium den Chat gesichert.

Habeas2: Hello
Habeas2: Welcome again to another edition of the first BattleChat of 2012.
Habeas2: As always, the rules are simple: Be nice, be respectful, be brief, or be kicked.
J_Schmetzer: Kicked, please.
Habeas2: I’m not logging this officially, so that’s on you
J_Schmetzer: Wait. Those weren’t choices, were they…
Habeas2: I will answer questions in the order received, and I’m really the main host/guest of honor here.
Klep_: evening herb
Euphonium: Not a question, but I’d like to start by saying a big THANK YOU for the calendar
lorcannagle: evening all
drufause: #*\(oo)/*# everyone loves the Calander
drufause: i must be tired cant spell Calendar
drufause: Any kind of ETA on the Mountans Hex Pack?
Habeas2: Oh, shoot; I started the chat. Right….
Habeas2: J_Schmetzer – There’s always a choice.
Habeas2: Klep_ – Good evening
Habeas2: Euphonium – You’re welcome.
Habeas2: lorcannagle – evening!
Habeas2: Drufause – Thank you for giving me a real question.
Habeas2: Drufause – There has been a delay in the production of the Hex Packs, so I’m afraid I cannot give any form of ETA on them at this time.
Habeas2 robs a few more properties in Mafia Wars….
drufause: What is the next PDF – Turning points coming
Habeas2: Drufause – That question was worded in just the right way to confuse me slightly, but I believe the next Turning Point will be Historical Turning Point: Luzerne, which is in rewriting at this time.
Spaceman: Any idea when we will start seeing DA novels in ebooks from Catalyst? Like the old novels are being re-released.
drufause: Sorry just finished my taxes between Chats and it has my brain a little tired and scrambled
lorcannagle: Do Catalyst follow the breakdown between US and International fans?
Habeas2: Spaceman – That is actually a good question. It would likely be some time, however.
Habeas2: Drufause – I have to wait a while yet before I can file….
WolfLancer4: hello all
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – I’m not sure I understand your question. „The breakdown between the US and international fans“?
lorcannagle: I was trying to think of a better way to word it
Trboturtle: At we at war??
lorcannagle: back in the 90s, BT was popular enough in Europe to have 2 MechForce organisations
Klep_: i think he means how much of the fanbase is from the US and how much is international
WolfLancer4: Has there been any progress on the record sheets for Historical: Reunification War?
lorcannagle: And I believe MF Germany is still alive
lorcannagle: but MFUK died a slow death (kinda literally in Bob’s case)
Dukeroyal: Any word on the open beta test for the new unit creation system?
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – I actually do not have access to the demographics of our fan base at this time, so I don’t know how many are from what nationalities.
lorcannagle: so yeah, like klep said better than I have – do you guys track how many people are buying BT books in the US compared to other territories
Habeas2: Trboturtle – We’re always at war….
Habeas2: WolfLancer4 – Not that I’m aware of. Bigger RS products took priority
Habeas2: Dukeroyal – What new unit creation system?
lorcannagle: I have to say, my LGS has never been able to keep the box set in stock for very long. They sold one or two a month of the old one until it went out of print
Trboturtle: I know that, but I didn’t realize the US and International fans were at war with each other,,,
lorcannagle: maybe it’s just my bad experiences with German fans
Dukeroyal: The new force creation rules expected to be in IO that will replace the Mercenary Unit creation rules from the Handbooks series. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.
Euphonium: How is IO coming along?
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – I’m going to try and see what I can find out about our national vs international sales while we chat here
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – As to Box Sets, they sell out rather quickly on us.
lorcannagle: Looking forward to seeing it back on the shelves this week!
Spaceman: Is there a reason on why the Republic unit paint schemes were changed from the DA game?
Habeas2: Dukeroyal – No idea about those, but I was expecting the final draft of those rules on my desk real soon….
Habeas2: Euphonium – ABout as well as we can expect for a product written by Randall. He might be about half way through his fourth paragraph by now
Habeas2: Spaceman – Because we haven’t reached the Dark Age yet? And because the Dark Age game used the click dial system, which tried to cover Green/Regular/Veteran/Elite status in the colors of the units? And because we’re not in that period yet.
MadDog: Will there be room in the next TRO for the hockey mask atlas?
Habeas2: Euphonium… Have you SEEN Randall’s paragrahs? By now that means he’s generated probably 125 pages!
RanFelsner: Will there be any more turning points set in the jihad era? ie Benjamin, Leutyn 68-28, etc
drufause: Is there any Materiel Planned to coincide with the release of Mechwarrior online that will cover the beginning of the Clan Invasion timeline.
Euphonium: lol. It just feels like we’ve been waiting forever!
Habeas2: MadDog – Not sure, considering we don’t even know for certain what the next TRO will be about, but….you did see the XTR Periphery Atlas? Atlas Jurn?
Habeas2: RanFelsner – We are gradually going to phase out the Jihad Turning Points, now that the war is over. Any that linger may show up now as „Historical“ instead.
Habeas2: Drufause – Not really, no.
Habeas2: Euphonium – Try waiting on THIS side of the development line!
Spaceman: With high quality minis on hold does that mean the Clan Box set is on hold as well?
Habeas2: Spaceman – Yes. Clan Box Set Expansion is on hold indefinitely. We are sincerely sorry for this delay.
MadDog: In regards to Fiction. Will we see every Battletech novel released as Epub/PDF? And will the Dark Age novels be continued?
Euphonium: So, what should I be looking forward to most in this year’s products?
Euphonium: Are there any plans for novels to cover the gap between the Jihad and DA?
Spaceman: Any Idea on when the lance pack Bounty Hunter dossiers will be released?
Habeas2: MadDog – We hope to release every BattleTech novel that we have access to in Epub format of some kind, and yes, the Dark Age novel line will resume in some form. So, there’s that.
Euphonium: „Every BT novel we have access to.“ Does that mean there are some you don’t have access to? Can you tell us which ones?
Habeas2: Euphonium – Historical: Liberation of Terra, Part 1; Field Manual: SLDF; Interstellar Operations; A Time of War Companion; and MORE!
Habeas2: Euphonium – Not really; that’s a snore-fest.
Habeas2: Spaceman – Some time in February. I should really edit those, but I felt an Objectives and an XTR would be more welcomed by the audience.
MadDog: Will there be any new fiction or other physical products that will go along with the new MWOmercs game? Maybe some new models, toy line, source books, etc…
Habeas2: Euphonium – No, I can’t. Fact is, in some cases, we may not have access for logistical reasons, and for others it may be a matter only lawyers can decide.
Habeas2: MadDog – No; at this time, we are not planning product cross-promotions with the MWOnling game.
Spaceman: Are you (or topps) working on getting rights to the novels you don’t have access to?
RanFelsner: Will the Field Manual: SLDF be an .pdf only release? Or will it be available as both .pdf/dtf?
Habeas2: Spaceman – We’re always working on that.
Spaceman: How difficult was it working on the BT Calendar?
drufause: did you know battlecorps is down
Habeas2: RanFelsner – No; it will be a print and PDF product
lorcannagle: I’m not expecting an answer, but I’d assume The Sword and the Dagger’s a prime offender on the list of novels that CGL don’t have access to
Habeas2: Spaceman – So difficult, I didn;t touch it at all; it was handled alost entirely by layout and art direction, with Randall keeping an eye on things so I didn’t fret (or insist on more cheescake art).
J_Schmetzer: Huh. So it is.
WolfLancer4: Will FM: SLDF focus mainly on the Liberation of Terra era or will it be a broader and cover the SLDF’s lifespan?
drufause: The reason I noticed was I found out today I dont have a PDF of 10974 FedCom Civil War
J_Schmetzer: As with all other FMs, it will be a snapshot of the SLDF at a certain date. Which will not be (but will be near) the Liberation of Terra. Because, you know, that’s getting two of its own books.
WolfLancer4: Thats what I figured it would be but wanted to ask anyway.
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – I cannot say.
Habeas2: WolfLancer4 – WHat J_Schmetzer said.
Euphonium: How’s the story supply for BattleCorps at the moment?
J_Schmetzer: Middling. Higher than it was several months ago, but not nearly high enough.
Habeas2: Euphonium – That meas Jason needs more writers who are both good and able to work withing continuity.
mib_bweced: What about the unit-ships digests?
MadDog: Will there any more Story arch blitzs for Battlecorps along the lines of the Proliferation cycle?
mib_bweced: where are you going to find those?
RanFelsner: Any clues on what the big battle at GenCon 2012 will be? Will it be set in the dark age? Or will the big battle be a throwback to H:LoT vol1?
Euphonium: Or any more choose-what-happens stories like the Chaos Irregulars etc?
Habeas2: Jason, feel free to answer those BattleCorps-related questions.
Habeas2: RanFelsner – It will be Star League-era
Spaceman: What is the Status of TRO3067 Upgrade/Reprint?
J_Schmetzer: Euphonium — that means Jason needs good stories. He doesn’t particularly care where they come from. I buy stories, not writers.
Habeas2: Spaceman – Underway. Look for it around the mid-year months
J_Schmetzer: mib_bweced I would guess that all 12 people who download the unit-ship digests are here tonight. I doubt they’ll last much longer. They’re not performing and and they’re getting steadily more expensive.
J_Schmetzer: MadDog Not quite to the level of scale of the Proliferation Cycle, no–but I continue to solicit for themed collections. Might have one batch ready in the next month or two.
lorcannagle: I did think the Ship Profiles were kinda cool
J_Schmetzer: Euphonium re: Chaos Irregulars. Maybe. The last time I tried to organize one it flopped; I may try again if time and budget permits.
J_Schmetzer: lorcannagle I did too. Apparently it was just the two of us.
Klep_: there are subscribers who don’t just download everything?
lorcannagle: I must admit, I’ve not read anything on the site in ages
Euphonium: I’d love to see more of the Irregulars, and Lex Atreus. Should I go pester Kevin directly (grin)?
lorcannagle: I have a backlog of a few months at this stage!
J_Schmetzer: Klep_ I think your question was answered by the following post.
lorcannagle: whoops
Habeas2: Euhonium – If you think it’ll help. Honestly, the final fate of the Irregulars was described in FM:3085
Spaceman: If a novel was/is available on BattleCorps as an EARC does that mean it has a good chance of showing up in epub?
J_Schmetzer: Spaceman yes
Euphonium: I haven’t got FM:3085 yet – that’s going to have to wait until my March pay cheque.
lorcannagle: will any more novels appear as EARCs?
drufause: Creative Comment here; I liked the unit/ship profiles also. I would have liked them more if they covered some of the more famous units at relatively unwritten time periods such as a write up of the company that guarded the chancellor on Liao during the Jihad invasion.
J_Schmetzer: lorcannage Maybe.
Kamas: Two idle questions if there’s still time?
Spaceman: Will we get stats for the Shiro and Savage Wolf/Mad Cat Mk IV at some point?
Habeas2: Kamas – There’s time
Habeas2: Spaceman – At some point, yes
J_Schmetzer: drufause perhaps; the problem there is that more high profile units require a greater investment in production resource (fact-checking, etc.) thereby raising the expense for an item that’s already in the red.
drufause: I understand
Habeas2: Drufause – One reason those units were often second-stringers was to minimize the strain on continuity; it’s amazingly easy to cause our fact-checkers to go into seizures and to make writers bleed through the nose and eyes in this universe
Kamas: Will the ‚Great Reaving‘ mentioned in 3097 have any info in the WoR supplemental, or is that a little hint for a future book – possibly the 3150 books to fill in?
Habeas2: Kamas – Not necessarily in the WoR supplemental, but in a later book, it is possible.
lorcannagle: Will there be any new TROs before the time jump?
lorcannagle: As in not reprints like the upcomong 3067
lorcannagle: upcoming!
Spaceman: Will there be any more dossiers coming?
mib_bweced: bummer about the units and ships — I like them…..
Spaceman: As in the Lance pack Dossiers?
Euphonium: Now the Jihad is pretty much done, which bit of it did you enjoy writing most?
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – Hmmmm. We are debating the future of TROs at this time. The next one may be Star League-themed, or it may simply be TRO: 3150…
Habeas2: Spaceman – Yes, there will be more Dossiers
Habeas2: Euphonium – Yes
lorcannagle: A Star League TRO would be very welcome
MadDog: Can TRO 3150 have hockey mask Atlas in it?
MadDog: Just a simple request.
lorcannagle: to refine my last question – will there be another TRO set after Prototypes, but before 3150?
WolfLancer4: Id rather see TRO 3150 personally instead of a SLDF themed one.
lorcannagle: I don’t mind both
Habeas2: Lorcannagle/MadDog – The big issue is this: For cost and sanity reasons, TROs are now being tightly reined in, in terms of size. At most, we can put maybe 100 units in a TRO with art. As you both know, that can easily overwhelm us in the case of the MWDA units still to be featured (they currently JUST fit), or in the case of a Star League book. So, specialized variants like „Hockey Mask Atlas“ may be unlikely. (But again, look
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – No; no new TROs between 3090 (the Prototypes‘ rough date) and 3150
lorcannagle: cool
Euphonium: With all the new mech designs coming along, how many older versions are going out of production in the current timeline?
Atlas3060: Are there any plans to release the Dark Age novels in epub like our older ones?
lorcannagle: most, if not all the DA novels are on the Kindle store
Euphonium: Does CGL hold the rights for a future BT movie or TV show? (Yes I know the odds or getting one are slim)
drufause: Atlas3060 they said yes a while ago
Atlas3060: yay!
Habeas2: Regarding an earlier question about Dark Age novels: I have been reminded that Roc has already made them available via Amazon, B&N and other such outlets, so our own release of the same would be redundant and likely counterproductive
J_Schmetzer: Atlas3060 they’re already for sale from Roc. Why duplicate effort
Atlas3060: I have the physicals but because of Catalyst I now have this urge to buy everything digitally
Habeas2: Euphonium – Quite a few.
drufause: ’shadows of faith this year
drufause: please pretty please
Habeas2: Drufause – SHadows of Faith is already done
lorcannagle: ooooooh
Habeas2: Notice: I will extend this chat until 9:30, so… 24 minutes remaining.
Kamas: Second question, there is an Objectives: Periphery in the works, yes? If so, will it have any info on the source of the PXH-4W and Dictators in use by the MoC?
Atlas3060: any idea if Combat Ops ISIF game will be rewritten totally when Interstellar Ops comes out? I just want to know if I’m wasting the devs‘ time asking about rule clarifications for that
drufause: So part VII is the end?
Habeas2: Kamas – Yes, it is, and we’ll see.
Euphonium: How are you publishing which designs go out of production when? Will it be added to the MUL, or some other way?
Spaceman: Roc has all the DA novels except 4 up. They are I believe books 20-23.
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – How complete a rewrite it will be is still up in the air, really
Kamas: I admit I rather hope not, just to make the mystery something not explained away by what’s basically a line-item in a book.
Klep_: where the MoC gets its tech is my favorite mystery
Habeas2: Drufause – Yes
Habeas2: Euphonium – The MUL is largely handling that now.
Habeas2: Klep – It’s the Canopians‘ favorite mystery as well
lorcannagle: Speaking of the MUL, it’s absolutely fantastic, one of the best things to happen to BT ever
Euphonium: I’ll 2nd that – I love the MUL, I just need more time to browse through it!
Klep_: Habeas2: ha!
Habeas2: 18 minutes
Atlas3060: the only question I have left in my head is why are some items in Battleshop still under pre-order when they are already out for quite some time, but I didn’t know if that would be a Lead Developer question
J_Schmetzer: Tetatae Grand Imperium’s invasion of the Inner Sphere–this year or next?
Atlas3060: Tetatae Borg, we are Bwak of Bawk Bawk resistance is cluck cluck
Kamas: So are there any homeworld clans left by the time we get to 3150 or were they exterminated by the Inner Sphere?
Kamas: Atlas, don’t make me summon Brak at you.
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – It’s more a technical matter, really
Habeas2: J_Schmetzer – We already talked about this: 2014.
J_Schmetzer: Ha. Awesome.
mib_skze4c: Everything on track for this year?
Habeas2: Kamas – By 3150? We *think* they’re still there
Atlas3060: AToW companion, close to a „soon“ or still „in pipeline“?
Habeas2: Mib_skzec4c – Honest answer or optimistic answer?
mib_skze4c: either/or
J_Schmetzer: Trust me, guys. You’ve never seen Death from Above until you’ve seen a 300-ton metal chicken falling out of the sky. Wearing a sombrero. The sombrero is the important part. Two years. Remember the sombrero
Spaceman: Are the plans to put the BT novels on still in progress?
mib_skze4c: or botyh
Habeas2: Mib_sczec4c – Optimistically, yes.
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – Still in the pipeline
lorcannagle: I assume the Sombrero is part of the Teatae mech’s jump system
J_Schmetzer: Spaceman you mean like this one?
Habeas2: Spaceman – Insomuch as they can be, yes.
Spaceman: Yep like that one .
Habeas2: 13 minutes
Euphonium: Any chance of sourcebooks being available in epub? I find them hard to read in pdf on nook/kindle. Or is it too much work to adjust the layout for smaller screens?
lorcannagle: Any chance of a 2014 print calendar?
Atlas3060: has there been thoughts of making updates to era digests or even a product that just lists values on factions for whatever will replace ISIF?
Spaceman: I read all my pdfs on my tablet.
drufause: Schmetzer it sounds kind of like a Leopard coming in hot
Atlas3060: I’m starting to do that as well Spaceman
J_Schmetzer: Euphonium epub/mobi doesn’t lend itself well to the organic viewing model of electronic readers, so I doubt it. PDF is the best bet (think of the tables)
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – Sure. Later.
Euphonium: Organic viewing model?
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – Not until the new system is done, no
Kamas: How is NotBV coming along?
Kamas: (if it wasn’t asked earlier)
Atlas3060: any more canon ultralights coming our way with new products?
Habeas2: Kamas – I have received a number of suggested new models, but have not yet been ale to evaluate them due to the press of current products. In the meantime, I have asked fro Battle Values to be scrubbed off of every Record Sheet and unit design shown in the PDF-exclusive lines, rather than bother with the issue.
J_Schmetzer: Euphonium take an iPad. Turn it. The screen resizes. Breaks in two. Fonts are randomly available. epub is by design organic and free-flowing. Sourcebooks are not. As yet. The new iBook might make it possible, but I haven’t looked at the contract terms closely enough to know if its worthwhile
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – EVentually.
Atlas3060: nice!
Spaceman: For the missing DA Novels (20-23) in epub is that something that ROC can do something about or does that fall into Catalyst’s hands?
Kamas: Will previous RS books be republished with the new values once they’re finished, or will there be a supplemental sheet with the list of new values?
Habeas2: Kamas – Likely a supplemental sheet because, really… Really, I just wish we could get rid of BV entirely and stop worrying about it at all.
J_Schmetzer: Spaceman no idea. Best personal, completely unofficial guess? Something for Roc and Topps to talk about.
Euphonium: OK, thanks.
Spaceman: Ah ok.
J_Schmetzer: I vote for no BV. Ever again. Ever. Not even in Hell.
MadDog: I also read most of my source books, TRO, etc on my tablet. Any chance of coming out with tablet friendly versions of the PDF products. For example, a source book that is can use the reflow options of PDF readers?
Kamas: Will C-bill costs continue to be added as well? And frankly I vote no BV ever either.
Atlas3060: we need BV in hell, that way you know you’re *in* Hell
Habeas2: J_Schmetzer – Were it only as simple as that, I could fiat it away
J_Schmetzer: Feh. You’re the line developer. Drop that fiat hammer.
Habeas2: Kamas – C-bills will continue to be added as well, if only because they don’t affect anything
lorcannagle: Herb – any chance of getting the phrase „author fiat“ banned on the forums?
mib_skze4c: How bout a BV in Cleveland?
Kamas: BVeland
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – As soon as they can ban the state of Texas.
mib_skze4c: How many authors actually have a Fiat?
Habeas2: 5 minutes
Euphonium: With how much hassle BV has been, how much do you think a balancing scheme is needed?
Spaceman: Is there any timeline about getting new wallpapers added to the website? Or who should we pester for new ones like the awesome legacy image or liberation of terra cover?
lorcannagle: You need a balancing systemfor competitive play if nothing else
Atlas3060: Texas isn’t that bad, it’s just mostly Fort Worth
Habeas2: Euphonium – Personally, I can recognize its value on an intellectual level. The rest of me thinks it’s more trouble than it’s worth
MadDog: Sorry, I just saw the answer to my question above.
J_Schmetzer: lorcannagle I could argue, but then I don’t play.
Euphonium: — plays for fun, not to compete
Atlas3060: same here, for fun and giggles
lorcannagle: Oh, I play for fun too
lorcannagle: but BV is an optional rule as it stands
Habeas2: Spaceman – There is no timeline on wallpapers. It’s really a „taregt of opportunity“ concept for us
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – No; all of it is bad, sorry.
lorcannagle: and personally, I’d rather have a system that gives a level of equivelance better than tonnage for when it’s needed
Habeas2: Lorcannagle – Yes, and it is an optional rule that takes a very disproportionate amount of time and work to develop
Atlas3060: its okay Herb I just brought that up because Weirdo would have.
Habeas2: Any further questions?
Atlas3060: how are the cats? Mine are asleep on my recliner
J_Schmetzer: Have you–wait, can you–didn’t they say–oh, never mind.
Euphonium: When is Devilin Stone going to return to save the IS?
Kamas: Will there be more Superheavies in 3150?
Atlas3060: Devlin’s descendants will, those darn chickens
MadDog: Any art contests planned for this year such as Minature contests and page art contests?
Euphonium: How big do you plan on letting SuperHeavies get?
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – Sleeping all over the house
Habeas2: Euphonium – Soon
Habeas2: Kamas – Yes
MadDog: Yeah, speaking of super heavies will the Ares mechs ever be addressed in an official manner?
Kamas: And when will Devlin Stone’s illegitimate daughter hook up with Victor’s kid Kitsune and become the Kwisatz Hadermech?
Habeas2: MadDog – None I’m aware of
Habeas2: Euphonium – 200 tons
Habeas2: MadDog – Yes
mib_skze4c: what about the three legged things?
Habeas2: Kamas – Sometime after the IlClan
Habeas2: Mib_skze4c – Yes
Euphonium: Hmmm…. could you build bigger „mechs“ by having a mobile structure with legs?
MadDog: Hey, I have a three legged dog and he’ll take on your two legged dog any day.
Atlas3060: honestly I’d be happy if the jump was just one pdf download that said „Yeah Republic blah blah horrible curse at night and now we’re in this year (insert number)!“
Atlas3060: however knowing what happened to the swordsworn would be nice
Habeas2: Euphonium – No
MadDog: And knowing who took down the HPG network would be nice too.
Habeas2: Atlas3060 – We don‘;t sell just to you
Atlas3060: true
Habeas2: MadDog – Sure would!
Euphonium: What in-universe mystery do you get most satisfaction out of not revealling (yet?)?
Habeas2: What happend to the WoB
Atlas3060: evil vorlons in the Dark Age, that’s my guess
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Kamas: Will there ever be a war in the vein of the 1st Succession War again?
MadDog: Will we ever know who took out the HPG or will it simply magically turn back on in 3150?
Habeas2: Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Public Relations Activity.
Euphonium: Many thanks, Herb
MadDog: Thank you
Kamas: Thanks Herb!
Atlas3060: thanks Herb