Battlechat 18. Mai – Teil 2

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 19. Mai 2013 von DarkISI

BattlechatEs ist spät geworden, aber Herb hat den zweiten Chat deutlich überzogen (das ist nichts Negatives, ganz im Gegenteil), daher kann ich ihn natürlich auch erst später zur Verfügung stellen.

Viel Spaß.


[02:00] [@Habeas2] Hello,
[02:00] [@Habeas2] And, again, welcome to the Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Public Relations Center
[02:00] [@Habeas2] Your specimens have been processed, and we are now ready to begin the chat proper.
[02:00] [@Habeas2] Your specimens have been processed, and we are now ready to begin the chat proper.
[02:00] [@Habeas2] Federal regulations require me to remind you of the chatroom rules:
[02:01] [@Habeas2] 1 – Do not be rude, or you will be baked, and then there will be cake.
[02:01] [@Habeas2] 2 – If you wish to remember these chats for posterity, you really should be logging these yourself, because we’re not doing it.
[02:01] [DarkISI] 3 – No poo jokes at even minutes
[02:01] [@Habeas2] 3 – Do not look directly into the operational end of the Line Developer.
[02:02] [DarkISI] And then he made a poo joke 😀
[02:02] [@Habeas2] 4 – Do not submerge your computer in water, even partially.
[02:02] [Gravedigger] There is no smoking in the oxygen rich environment of the chat. In the case of an emergency the exits will be outlined with the blood of those that have gone before you.
[02:02] [@Habeas2] 5 – Do not make any more poo jokes.
[02:02] [@Habeas2] 6 – There is no Rule 6.
[02:03] [@Habeas2] The caht will now begin in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…..

Disturbing Questions:

[02:03] [Frabby] Herb, are you wearing a stewardess dress and going through weird aerobics as you chant these forum rules?
[02:04] [@Habeas2] Frabby – No.

[02:04] [AJC] Herb, can you make Suralin the maker of all future weapons from now on i like his stuff and want it canon :O
[02:04] [@Habeas2] AJC – No.

[02:17] [DarkISI] Is Paul still sitting in your ear or did you wash him out?
[02:20] [@Habeas2] DarkISI – He is out of my ear at present. I do not rule out the possibility of getting a call shortly, though.
[02:22] [Sarcasmo] Paul in the ear? isn’t there an ointment for that?
[02:24] [@Habeas2] Sarcasmo – In a way. I can simply hang up the phone on him.


[02:04] [Suralin] Herb, one of the users of the previous chat expressed confusion at the terminology. Does the term „Colossi“ apply specifically to all Super-Heavies, all Tripods, or only all 105T+ Tripods?
[02:06] [@Habeas2] Suralin – The term Colossus/Colossi refers solely to the Superheavy Tripods. Under 100 tons, they would just be Tripod ‚Mechs.

[02:08] [Frabby] Colossi again: I take it their defining aspect is having a crew of 3, as opposed to superheavy BattleMechs? Are they a distinct unit under boardgame rules?
[02:10] [@Habeas2] Frabby – Tripod Superheavies (the actual term we are applying to the Colossis) are a unique battlefield unit due to their cockpit configuration, tripod design, and superheavy nature.

[02:12] [Frabby] Are the Colossi rules done yet?
[02:16] [@Habeas2] Frabby – Yes. They are complete. They will appear in Field Manual: 3145

Objectives Series:

[02:05] [Mendrugo] Herb, I’ve been going through the recent „Objectives“ series to update my planetary data files, and have found a few discrepancies with previous accounts. These books are data rich and it’s easy for inconsistencies to slip through. Do the Objectives accounts supercede earlier ones, or should there be errata?
[02:06] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Yes. The Objectives supersede unless the conflict can be determined to be a genuine error.

GenCon/Fall of Terra Event:

[02:05] [Nerroth] When it comes to the „Fall of Terra“ event at GenCon, I was wondering… without giving too much away, what kind of stakes will those on the side of the Republic have to fight for? With talk of the ilClan approaching, one wonders just how much of a benefit there would be to the RotS even if that side manages to win against the Wolves at the convention.
[02:08] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – The outcome of the „Fall of Terra“ GenCon event will not be allowed to greatly impact the metaplot. That would put way too much power in the chance for a dice roll to alter the course of years of planned BattleTech product, especially an event that would only be played by those fortunate enough to make it to GenCon and get tickets to the event.

Superheavy ‚Mechs:

[02:07] [AJC] Herb, what are the chances of any of the clans getting access to super heavy mech tech?
[02:07] [AJC] for purely clan tech superheavys
[02:07] [AJC] or will that remain IS only
[02:08] [AJC] and at best only allowed to mix text for clan tech
[02:08] [AJC] *tech
[02:09] [@Habeas2] AJC – Modest to fair.
[02:10] [AJC] to what clans getting super heavy tech or super heavy remaining IS only?
[02:15] [@Habeas2] AJC – That information lies beyond the present extent of permissible discusion, and I cannot answer at this time. Sorry.

Calderon Protectorate:

[02:09] [Mendrugo] Has there been any discussion of what the insignia of the Calderon Protectorate looks like? I liked that their „Calderon Guard“ is a variant of the „Taurian Guard“ insignia, but I’d love to have a faction logo for them.
[02:14] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – They use a variation on the Taurian Concordat symbol. I believe the actual details were mentioned in the Touring the Stars series on the topic.

Field Manual 3145/New Tech/Alpha Strike:

[02:10] [Nerroth] when it comes to the new technolgy in 3145, such as for the Colossi and Quadvees, will FM:3145 only include the rules needed to use these unit types in „classic“ BT, or will the conversion rules for BF/QS/AS be listed also?
[02:16] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – All 3145 rules will be presented in classic BattleTech format, which remains the basis for Alpha Strike and BattleForce.

[02:17] [Nerroth] So, based on the rules for those unit types as they currently exist, can the current set of conversion rules in Strategic Operations handle their conversion into BF/AS Elements; or would any new special rules need to be implemented?
[02:21] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Possibly.

Three Man Digging Machine:

[02:13] [Mendrugo] Will we see stats for the legendary Three-Man Digging Machine at the same time as we see the stats for the military Tripod Superheavies?
[02:15] [Frabby] I’ll laugh if stats are published for the three-man digging machine… and it turns out to follow the rules for a mobile structure 😉
[02:18] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Not at the same time, no.

Mad Cat Mk. IV:

[02:13] [AJC] Herb, do new mad cat MK4 come with gold inlay and solid germatium trim if bought in bulk from the sharks/seafoxs?
[02:13] [AJC] because how else do you a explain a mech that a star of costing more than a overlord drop ship?
[02:18] [@Habeas2] AJC – One gets what one pays for. When one pays for an XXL engine, one gets a very expensive machine.

Lance Melee Weapon:

[02:18] [AJC] Herb, will be be getting new melee weapons i wasn’t around for clickytech but one of the mechs has a actual lance instead of a sword/mace/hatchet/vibroblade for it’s melee weapon
[02:18] [AJC] not the current lance weapon
[02:18] [AJC] but the polearm
[02:21] [@Habeas2] AJC – Those melee weapons are already covered in Tactical Operations.
[02:21] [AJC] the lance weapon it had was a melee weapon that was held in both arms
[02:22] [AJC] not the one armed lance weapon from tacops
[02:23] [@Habeas2] AJC – For all intents and purposes, that weapon would simply be reclassified as a stylized example of an existing weapon. We have covered the bulk of the melee weapons we ever really planned to cover now.


[02:20] [Mendrugo] Thinking about the potential for a ‚Mech-mounted TSEMP to briefly overload/shutdown a ‚Mech-sized target, I start to imagine Capital TSEMP installations shorting out DropShip systems in mid-descent. Will we see strict upper limits on TSEMP to prevent such developments, or are DropShips in for a rough time ahead?
[02:22] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – TSEMPs cannot affect targets over 200 tons in size. Most large aersoapce units are simply too well shielded by design to suffer effects from EMP.

[02:57] [BirdofPrey] so I missed quite a bit of chat, has anything been said yet as to how long we have till rules for stuff like TSEMP and that heat dissipating armor come out
[03:01] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – The rules for the new 3145 tech you’re seeing in the TROs will appear in Field Manual: 3145, which is our next scheduled print book.

Alpha Strike:

[02:22] [Nerroth] On another topic, how well is the work on Alpha Strike proceeding? Does it still look like a good bet for GenCon/September?
[02:24] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – It is too close to say.

[02:26] [Nerroth] Will FM:3145 be out before or after Alpha Strike? Assuming all goes well production-wise.
[02:30] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Before.

[03:23] [BirdofPrey] SO Herb alpha strike. We’ve heard a bit about what it is and what it does, but what are your expectations for it? Are you hoping it brings in more people from say the WH40K crowd, how well do you expect/hope it does, etc.
[03:26] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – I really hope it brings in more wargamers. To be honest, the classic players are great, but I have more and more been seeing people who just don’t have the hours to spend on BT in its present form. We’re all getting older, leading busier lives, and have more things to do with our time, after all.
[03:28] [BirdofPrey] I can agree with that asessment. last game we had other wargamers who, the first thing they said was surprise BT is still alive, and many hours later others came over wondering if we were still playing the same game

[03:58] [Nerroth] Last question: how much background and historical data will be included in the Alpha Strike core rulebook, or would new players be directed to find a copy of Era Report: 3052 in order to get up to speed on the time period to be featured?
[03:59] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – We’re taking a kind of minimal approach there, but there will be enough for the players to get a feel for the Inner Sphere circa 3050s. Supplemental PDFs are planned to support eras as far back as the Age of War for Alpha Strike players.


[02:22] [TheWayfarer] Are there any plans to rework the Battletech website? It often goes weeks without updates and could maybe be improved with articles, opinion column or such?
[02:25] [@Habeas2] TheWayfarer – Yes. Eventually.

Upcoming Products:

[02:24] [trboturtle] So, what product is due out next?
[02:25] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – Field Manual: 3145

[03:44] [trboturtle] So, what is possible to be out before Gencon?
[03:46] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – Field Manual 3145, the next BattleCorps ANthology, and Alpha Strike (we hope).

TRO 3145/IWM Minis:

[02:26] [TheWayfarer] Is there the possibility that new IWM Battletech miniatures based on designs in TRO 3145 may be available at GenCon?
[02:30] [@Habeas2] TheWayfarer – That’s up to IWM’s production capabilities.

[02:48] [Nerroth] One thing I gather from those more familair with the MW: DA/AoD mini line is that the Colossi were somewhat larger relative to standard ‚Mechs than their tonnage might suggest. Is there advice on how large a BT/IWM-scaled Colossal should be relative to, say, the current mini for the „Omega“?
[02:56] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – The Superheavy Tripods use the same height rules as other superheavy ‚Mechs, including the Omega.

TRO 3145/ Xena Fonzarrelli:

[02:26] [Mendrugo] From TRO:3145 Mercenaries, Xena Fonzarrelli (of the Magen David) has quite a name to live up to. Any suggestions for her battlefield command bonuses?
[02:31] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – She always dies before the first shot is fired.
[02:34] [SpaceCowboy1701] Suggest Fonzarrelli special bonus to jump capability when jumping over units with the name „shark“ in them.

TRO 3145/After Draconis Combine:

[02:41] [deadborder] Sorry if this has been asked before (Just popped in now) but can I ask what’s the next 3145 TRO after Kurita?
[02:45] [@Habeas2] Deadborder – After Kurita is Federated Suns.

[03:34] [Nerroth] Going forward, will the remainder of the TRO:3145 PDF series go DC ] FS ] FWL ] LC ] Clans ] Republic, or will there be an alternate release schedule for each volume?
[03:34] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – That’s the plan, unless something changes.

TRO 3145/Favorite Design:

[02:59] [deadborder] Idle question – do you have a favourite 3145 design?
[03:01] [@Habeas2] Deadborder – Yes. Mine.

TRO 3145/Print Version:

[03:36] [Nerroth] Has any thought gone into the structure of the pint edition of TRO:3145? For example, will it be divided up into faction-specific sections, or would the units be re-organised depending on their type and tonnage?
[03:40] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Yes. By Type and tons.

West Coast Convention:

[02:28] [Multra] Any CLG presence at any west coast conventions this year?
[02:28] [Multra] CGL*
[02:32] [@Habeas2] Multra – I am not familiar with what appearances CGL will make at any West Coast cons this year. Sorry.


[02:29] [SpaceCowboy1701] The Fidelis are written in the novels as having individualized hardware down to the infantry level; will they have their own XTRO to cover some of that?
[02:29] [SpaceCowboy1701] Or would that be in FM3145?
[02:33] [@Habeas2] SpaceCowboy1701 – The best you’ll find will be in FM: 3145 for now. There are no special plans to focus on the Fidelis in the future.

Quad Vees:

[02:32] [Nerroth] One thng I was wondering; are you familiar with the toy that was created for Shockwave from Transformers: Animated? That toy has a „tank“ mode where the four track sponsons are flat, and a „crane“ mode where they angle up instead. Would that be sort of kind of what happens with a QuadVee?
[02:33] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – I have that figure. A QuadVee might have a passing resemblance, but it won’t work quite the same way.

[02:34] [Nerroth] Will the entries for QuadVees include art of both modes, akin to the art done for the Mk1 and Spectral LAMs?
[02:36] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Maybe. Not sure, really.

[02:38] [Nerroth] Can any info be given on what kind of tonnage limits QuadVees operate under? Or perhaps a name for one of the hull classes?
[02:40] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – QuadVees can be built up to 100 tons, and must always be built as quadruped BattleMechs.

[02:41] [Nerroth] Do you consider them to be a unit type which should find a usable niche in a Hell’s Horses force, or are they to be presented more as curiousities?

Chinese Unit Names:

[02:32] [Suralin] I know this has probably been asked before, but do you guys have trouble coming up with Chinese names (or proper translations) for the various CapCon units?
[02:34] [@Habeas2] Suralin – Yes, we do.


[02:35] [AJC] Herb, will the clans be more willing to use IS stuff like how the sharks/foxs were playing around with that one model of the Ha Otoko that used IS Doubles and a LFE?
[02:36] [AJC] i mean more so than that and what the rules allow post 3090
[02:37] [@Habeas2] AJC – Not when they have a superior analog, no.

[02:40] [AJC] k herb and by that that means anything IS made that doesn’t have a superior clan equal right like how while the IS LFE is less weight saving than the clan XL it takes up the same space and costs less to make or obtain in a pinch which could be helpful when it/if it becomes hard to obtain clan XLs?
[02:40] [AJC] or wholly superior
[02:44] [@Habeas2] AJC – I feel like I’m being cross-examined on a witness stand here. Could you please you cut straight to the chase and ask me whatever it is you’re really trying to get at?
[02:45] [AJC] what i’m trying to get if would they use IS tech that isn’t totally inferior to a clan equal
[02:51] [@Habeas2] AJC – As long as the Clans have a choice, and the tech in question is inferior to Clan tech in every way, they will use the Clan version over the Inner Sphere. For instance, double heat sinks and Inner Sphere pulse lasers–they suck compared to Clan models, so they won’t see use on Clan machines. Ditto Endo Steel, Ferro Fibrous, and XL engines. IS versions are garbage to the Clans as long as they have access to their own versio
[02:52] [@Habeas2] AJC – As long as the IS version is inferior in any way that matters, IS versions are garbage to the Clans as long as they have access to their own versions. Wholly Spheroid tech that actulally DOES improve performance in an area the Clans don’t have, like C3? Clans don’t have that, so they might use it.

[02:41] [Suralin] Building on AJC’s question — will the Clans steal and/or improve upon the Light Engine idea for that reason?
[02:41] [Suralin] or for any reason
[02:49] [@Habeas2] Suralin – Probably not. Why waste the research and developement whenyou already have an XL just as compact as the light engine?
[02:50] [Suralin] Habeas2: Logistical reasons. The Clans have always been resource-strapped (witness the reasoning behind Protos). Light engines are a nice midpoint between standard and XL; a Clan LFE would provide enough benefits to be useful (say, to solahma units) without being as costly as XL.

[03:24] [Mendrugo] What’s the proper format for expressing Clan surnames when they’re two words? (Elson of Wolf’s Dragoons went by Elson Novacat, but in ER:3145, Kisho goes by Kisho Nova Cat?)
[03:27] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – However the „owner“ Clan prefers it. Elson went by Novacat under the Dragoons, who aren’t even Clan now. Kisho was still OF the Nova Cat Clan (before it died, anyway).

Clans/Ceremonial Masks:

[03:18] [Mendrugo] Do the Clanners ever wear those ceremonial masks anymore? In the Stackpole novels, they were putting them on all the time. It was a key plot point for Phelan when taking Radstadt. But nobody seems to mention them anymore. Plus, what did the Blood Spirits wear? Ceremonial blood?
[03:21] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Maybe. And I don’t want to think about that.

Jade Falcon Sourcebook:

[02:41] [Mendrugo] I saw that the PDF scan of the old Jade Falcon SB came out recently (alongside ER:3145). I understand you didn’t work there then, but I’d love to hear your opinion of what FASA’s thinking may have been putting out the „phone book“ roster SBs (like JF, Wolf, Dragoons, etc.). Was that just an easy way to fill page counts, or what they thought fans wanted?
[02:48] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – You’re right. It WAS before my time. They very possibly felt it was what the fans would appreciate, given the nature of scenario books at the time. As scenario books grew more flexible (then died out), the need for such hyper detail seemed unnecessary.

Post 3145:

[02:47] [trboturtle] How goes the post 3145 planning?
[02:55] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – We’re past planning and on acting. 🙂

Operation Flashpoint:

[02:51] [Mendrugo] Speaking of old scenarios, one of the first „flexible“ scenario packs (along with Stiletto) was your Operation Flashpoint. How did the shift to flexible scenarios (the ancestor of the modern Track system) come about?
[02:58] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Stiletto was the first scenario pack to try flexible design. Flashpoint was about 2 years later. Then FASA shut its doors and scenario packs died. The new Track system was an effort to inject playable-format material into the Jihad sourcebooks, so players could actually live through the Jihad events rather than just read them in newsclip style.

Units Without Record Sheets:

[02:51] [BirdofPrey] I was poking through some books, and I noticed there were several units without record sheetshere and there, sor instance, Historical Reunification war has no record sheets. Is there any hope of us eventually getting canon sheets for ALL statted units
[02:59] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – Eventually, we hope so, but fact is, Record Sheets have become a serious problem for us, with most having to be made by hand.

A Time of War:

[02:46] [Terminax] *gives Herb a beer* What’s next for ATOW fans?
[02:53] [@Habeas2] Terminax – Honestly? I dunno. We have plans to release AToW Adventure PDFs, but as for rulebooks and sourcebooks, I honestly can’t think of something that will sell well enough to justify full-print treatment (outside of the Era Reports, anyway).

[02:54] [BirdofPrey] Adventure PDFs? How soon can we look forward to those?
[03:00] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – The first Adventure PDFs were written over a year ago, and are still on back-burner. No idea when we could release, especially given our overworked PDF backlog for this year.
[03:01] [BirdofPrey] Habeas2 does this mean they are done and waiting for a good plase to be slotted into release or are they waiting to go to layout?
[03:04] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – They are written, but will likely need all new art to finish. Art and layout would thus be the biggest delays once they find a home in the schedule.

How are things going?

[03:00] [trboturtle] Are you happy with the way things have been going with Battletech?
[03:02] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – No writer is happy, so no.
[03:02] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – By which I mean, I would love it if we had a fanbase measured in billions. THEN I will be happy.

[03:03] [trboturtle] So, we’re expanding to China? 😀

Dark Age/Age of War Units/BT Stats:

[03:01] [AJC] Herb, will all the clickytech orignal mechs be in or will some be passed over has untranslatable into CBT rules without massively changing them into something diffrent?
[03:03] [@Habeas2] AJC – That’s what TROs 3075, 3085, Prototypes, and 3145 are all doing. WizKids‘ Dark Age units appear in each of those books, represented as faithfully as the classic BattleTech game system allows.

Boxed Set:

[03:03] [BirdofPrey] BT needs more marketing, though I have to say the box being out of print is a bad strike. our group keeps having to say, yeah you can get started with this here boxed set I have which is near impossible to find
[03:06] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – We’re working on another print run of box sets, still. The premium minis are being worked up.

Master Unit List:

[03:04] [Nerroth] Is there any word yet on when the next update to the Master Unit List website will go up? I understand that there are certain errata issues which are holdings things back, at least when it comes to updating certain QS Unit Cards.
[03:05] [DarkISI] Nerroth – We will get to it, when we find the time. All of us are usually involved in multiple other CGL projects and then there is our „real“ work, too…
[03:07] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Right now, virtually everyone involved in the MUL is also involved in a lot of 3145 support work, including writing and record sheet work on TRO 3145. They’re a bit busy, and we can only ask so much of our volunteers.

[03:06] [BirdofPrey] What I am waiting for most is for the MUL to cover pre jihad eras

Hard SciFi vs. Pulp SciFi:

[03:06] [Mendrugo] What do you find is the optimal balance for BattleTech’s sci-fi between hard (the detailed treatises on real-world physics and planetology from the recent core rulebooks) and soft (fusion engine explosions)?
[03:09] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – I think we’ve passed that threshold of BattleTech’s pulp sci fi the moment people expect the game to be a simulation of reality. Let;s all bear in mind that this is a setting where mankind can colonize alien worlds dozens to hundreds (to thousands) of light-years away, yet still find a reason to beat itelf up over them like they’re somehow rare, and do so using giant walking tanks that can’t hit anything at over a kilometer away.

[03:10] [DarkISI] herb, your answer to Mendrugo was cut after “ tanks that can’t hit anything at over a ki“
[03:11] [Mendrugo] Probably „ki-rian“ – the vicious armored feline from Ryde. 🙂
[03:12] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – You just gave me one hell of an idea….
[03:13] [DarkISI] Oh great, now we have to shoot Mendrugo before that repeats itself…
[03:12] [Mendrugo] Dear cat, what have I wrought?
[03:13] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – It’s best if you don’t ask.

DTRPG Explorer Corps Issues:

[03:11] [Nerroth] There was a non-line-developer-ey issue I wanted to note. On DTRPG, there seems to be a problem with trying to download the Explorer Corps PDF. The file is listed as a 33MB file… but the actual file that downloads is 14.5MB and only has the front and back cover pages. Has this been an issue for anyone else trying to get this file from that site?
[03:13] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about there, but send us a comment in the Ask the Developers board, and I’m sure we can look at it.
[03:14] [Nerroth] Long story short is that, when you try and get the EC file off DriveThru, you only get a 2-page PDF instead of the full volume. But I’ll post something about it on the site next week.

Novels/English Market Rights:

[03:13] [Frabby] Does ROC Books still have the exclusive rights to english language BattleTech novels? If not, who does?
[03:14] [@Habeas2] Frabby – I am no longer certain who has novel rights for BattleTech. It’s been a dead issue for so long, I don’t track it any longer.

[03:15] [trboturtle] Isn’t that Topps resposabilty as IP to find out who has the novel rights?
[03:18] [@Habeas2] Trboturtle – It’s Topps prerogative to give those rights to whomeever they wish. I’ve been told we can make our own novels, but for technical/economical reasons, we simply don’t.

[03:15] [Frabby] One of the German BT novel authors remarked that whoever has the license and isn’t using it to make money is doing something seriously wrong. I tend to agree – and I want more novels.
[03:20] [@Habeas2] Frabby – The means to „get this sorted out“ is above my pay grade.

[03:19] [Frabby] So anyone could obtain BattleTech novel rights from Topps, but CGL can’t be bothered?
[03:22] [@Habeas2] Frabby – Exactly how big a company do you think CGL is? We have less than 15 employees here, and our printing and miniatures are all outsourced!

[03:24] [BirdofPrey] 15? really that many? But then you have what 3-4 different IPs you work on right
[03:24] [Frabby] I was under the impression that novels would at least earn enough money to not be a money sink, and an invaluable extra marketing venue. Am I wrong?

Fire Resistant Armor:

[03:15] [AJC] herb, why haven’t the clans tryed to expand the flame resistant BA armor type to other armored units includning Battlemechs assuming that „heat dissipating armor“ thingy from dark age is the very attempt to try so
[03:15] [AJC] *isn’t the
[03:15] [AJC] not the
[03:17] [@Habeas2] AJC – Consider that anything they care about that deals with heat–battle armor, ‚Mechs, and fighters–already has an answer. Tanks and conventional infantry are lower in Clan priorities (though back when I was new, I did suggest the Horses were looking into it).

Battletech IP:

[03:16] [AJC] and speaking of rights is there any plans to get all battletech/mechwarrior rights under one roof?
[03:16] [AJC] novel/game/whatever
[03:16] [AJC] because having it all over the place is just a mess
[03:19] [@Habeas2] AJC – By now, too many very powerful people have their hands in that pie. You’re talking about Topps getting electronic rights from Microsoft (or MS getting other rights from Topps). CGL is a minor player on that stage, at any rate.

MechWarrior Comic:

[03:18] [SpaceCowboy1701] If IDW is releasing a Mechwarrior comic, does that mean they could put out Dark Age era stories, or are they restricted to Mechwarrior video game-related stories?
[03:20] [@Habeas2] SpaceCowboy1701 – I don’t know how far IDW’s license extends at all.

What’s to come:

[03:22] [Nerroth] When it comes to BT, is there a concern that, whatever happen in the ilClan sourcebook to bridge what we know know to… whatever is to come thereafter might have a similar effect to what Storm Front has had for Shadowrun?
[03:23] [Nerroth] *what we now know
[03:24] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Every development in the setting does that. If we allowed that to dissuade our efforts to move the plot forward, we would have a setting where nothing ever grew, nothing ever changed, and we’d run out of books to make within a year. So, we move the story, and we take our chances.

[03:25] [Nerroth] But is there an upper limit in terms of what kind of events woudl be allowed to happen? We’ve seen Clans and Periphery realms go under, and even the Free Worlds League go through an interregnum of sorts; but if the momentum of the story were to call for the fall of a Great House, would real-world considerations stay CGL’s hand?
[03:28] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Real world considerations would be discussed, but make no mistake: ANYONE can die in BattleTech, be they a favorite character, a famous regiment, or an entire faction.

ProtoMech ACs:

[03:31] [AJC] herb: one of the tro entrys for the Ursus PR or 3 (i can’t remember which ATM) mentions Anti-Personnel rounds for the protomech AC is this a error and they ment to be talking about the AP gauss?
[03:31] [@Habeas2] AJC – ProtoMech ACs use standard autocannon munitions, which can include anti-personnel shot, IIRC.

Handbook House Steiner:

[03:32] [Mendrugo] Since Handbook: House Steiner was your baby, I have a question from the wayback machine that you may or may not be able to answer, and I accept that. On BattleCorps, early on, you guys put out an experimental fiction/SB piece about the Black Pearl (Lyran war hero).
[03:33] [Mendrugo] It was part of some Free Skye anti-Katherine propaganda, and contained a purported journal entry critical of the 2nd Succession War archon. However, cross-referencing with the sourcebooks, the date’s off by ten years. Typo, or intentional clue that the „journal entry“ was a Free Skye forgery?
[03:34] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Pure in-universe propaganda, so far as we know.

Field Report 2765:

[03:36] [Terminax] There was allot of mention of warships in the earlier chat, will we be getting dropships/jumpships too?
[03:36] [Terminax] In the SL era field reports.
[03:36] [@Habeas2] Terminax – No.


[03:36] [BirdofPrey] Speaking of warships, have you thought of any new solutions to their issues of complexity besides KILL IT WITH FIRE yet?
[03:40] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – Kill it with nuclear fire still works.


[03:41] [Nerroth] Is there anything more that can be said about the Historical planned for release between Wars of the Republic Era and Early Succession Wars?
[03:43] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Hmmmm. That would be Brush Wars II. All conflicts in it are pre-Jihad.

[03:44] [Nerroth] Is there room for any of the marian wars of expansion from the 3050s and 3060s (Lothian, Illyrian, Circinian) in Brish Wars II, or would that have to wait for a later Historical (or Turning Points PDF) to be looked at?
[03:48] [@Habeas2] Nerroth – Honestly, by the time we’d get to that it would be scraping the bottom of the barrel. That doesn’t mean it’s not doable, but we would need at least two other wars to go in that volume to fill out a book. Periphery conflicts are sparse on story and fighting due to the smaller realms and militaries involved.

[03:53] [Mendrugo] I’m probably in the vast minority, but I’d love to see Historical coverage of the little wars from way back when. Sarna Supremacy vs. Capellan Commonality, Tikonov Grand Union vs. Crucis Pact, Terran Hegemony vs. Dieron Federation.
[03:54] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – Wow. *Ancient* Historical by that stage

[03:54] [Mendrugo] Heck, I’d love a full writeup on the Outer Reaches Rebellion!
[03:55] [@Habeas2] Mendrugo – The thing to remember is that the more we detil, the more research that gets involved, and when you go all the way into the deep past of BT, things get extremely murky. At that point we have to think in cost-to-benefits terms.

[03:56] [BirdofPrey] up next in gaming news: Catalys Games Labs hires a historian to handle Battletech lore
[03:57] [DarkISI] BirdofPrey – We have Roosterboy and his amazing memory for that 😉
[03:58] [@Habeas2] DarkISI – Roosterboy’s getting tired; he’s handled the Dark Age core bits almost all by himself now.
[03:59] [DarkISI] Still, his memory is amazing.
[04:00] [@Habeas2] DarkISI – I agree. He may not be entirely human, we think.
[04:00] [DarkISI] Skynet 1.0 O.o
[04:01] [@Habeas2] DarkISI – You’re saying Roosterboy is actually my 2016 presidential running mate after all?

Earlier Eras:

[03:43] [BirdofPrey] About how much do you ofcus on earlier eras vs current era
[03:43] [BirdofPrey] *focus
[03:45] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – We’re honestly running out of interesting bits of the past to cover. By my count, we will be largely done with Historical-worthy material in 2016-2017. We’d have to make some decisions about what to do after that: Regurgitate old material somehow, or leave it and keep moving forward. There are, after all, only so many products we can release in a year, and a historical product detracts from the ongoing story.
[03:47] [BirdofPrey] no need to regurgitate old material, but I definitely appreciate being able to play in the star leauge and early sucession wars era, as well as clans pre-invasion
[03:50] [@Habeas2] BirdofPrey – That’s just it; Star League era is now covered, and the 2765 Field Reports will wrap that up.The Succession Wars will be done by the time we hit 2016, so then… We’d be rehashing the Fourth War?
[03:51] [BirdofPrey] Once that’s over, I don’t see why you would need to civer anything else since BT started at the end of 3SW didn’t it?
[03:51] [BirdofPrey] So once you finish 1SW and 2SW, we can play BT in any era so your work on history is done


[03:50] [Suralin] Was the naming of the Pixiu intentional, in a „pshooooo“ sense? 😉
[03:50] [@Habeas2] Suralin – Sadly, yes.

Good Byes:

[04:01] [@Habeas2] Okay, guys, thanks for coming, but we’re now passing the double-time mark. It’s been a fun two hours! See you all next month!

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