Highlander Covenant 2: Paid in Blood – Jetzt im Handel

Der zweite Teil der Highlander Covenant Duologie ist jetzt im Handel.

Derzeit ist das E-Book sowohl bei Amazon als auch bei Drivethru verfügbar. In beiden Shops kostet es 5,11 €. Das Taschenbuchggibt es für 10,90 € exklusiv auf Amazon.


On the besieged planet of Northwind, the Highlanders are fighting a tenacious invading force from the Capellan Confederation, led by a regiment from the legendary McCarron’s Armored Calvary, with support from Warrior House Imarra.

The first round went to the Capellans, who seized the city of Tara and the invaluable HPG located within it. But their position is precarious with the revelation of the Grey Watch, a legendary Highlanders fighting force that revealed itself when Northwind was in danger of falling, and turned what could have been an all out Capellan victory into an uneasy stalemate.

The arrival of a Draconis Combine fleet, recent allies of the Confederation, shifts the balance even further. Will the reinforced Capellan force finally bring Northwind back under the rule of the Celestial Throne, or will Countess Tara Campbell, Captain Declan Casey, and Knight of the Republic Maeve Stirling find a way to lead the embattled Highlanders to victory?

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Band 1 (Grey Watch Protocol) gibt es auf Amazon (Taschenbuch & E-Book) und Drivethru (E-Book), falls ihr den verpasst habt.


Kurzmeldung: „Highlander Covenant 2: Paid in Blood“ – Demnächst

Wie Cubby auf Nachfrage beantwortet hat, befindet sich der zweite Band der Highlander Covenant Trilogie Paid in Blood, derzeit im Lektorat und sollte in den nächsten Wochen erscheinen. Ein exaktes Datum hat er nicht angegeben.

Wer den ersten Band Grey Watch Protocol also noch nicht gelesen hat, der sollte das jetzt nachholen.


In the 32nd century, the Republic of the Sphere is beset on all sides, its enemies seeking the most important weapon in the Inner Sphere: interstellar communication. As the forces of the Capellan Confederation advance toward the heart of the crumbling Republic, they are laser-focused on the one goal that will give them the upper hand and destroy the Republic once and for all: the planet of Northwind.

Homeworld of the famed Northwind Highlanders mercenaries, Northwind is not only the site of a century-old betrayal, it also boasts the only working hyperpulse generator along the line of the Confederation’s advance. Sang-shao Lindsey Baxter and the Fourth McCarron’s Armored Cavalry have been tasked with taking Northwind at all costs, and the besieged Republic is unable to lend further support to the defending XII Hastati Sentinels. Northwind will be easy pickings, and other sharks smell blood in the water. The Highlanders’ honor remains strong, but will it be enough to survive the coming storm?

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Auf Drivethru kaufen (E-Book): https://www.drivethrufiction.com/product/318384/BattleTech-Grey-Watch-Protocol-Book-One-of-the-Highlander-Covenant