Überlebende Kriegsschiffe in 3145

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 19. Juni 2013 von DarkISI

PreviewHerb hat im offiziellen Forum ein paar Zahlen zu den noch existierenden Kriegsschiffen im Jahr 3145 veröffentlicht.
Viele sind, was wohl niemanden überraschen wird, nicht übriggeblieben.
Seine Aussage zu Söldnern mit Kriegsschiffen dürfte dabei wohl den Sieg für sich verbuchen. Besser hätte man es nicht formulieren können. 😉
Herbert Beas:

Capellan Confederation WarShips: 2
Draconis Combine WarShips: 2
Federated Suns WarShips: 1
Free Worlds League WarShips: 3
Lyran Commonwealth WarShips: 1
Republic of the Sphere WarShips: 4
Periphery State WarShips: 1 (CP)
Mercenary WarShips:

Clan WarShips: 3 (CHH), 6 (CJF), 5 (WE), 2 (RD), 17 (RA), 30* (CSF)
*Clan Sea Foxes‘ WarShip fleet actually has only 15 combat vessels; the rest are Merchant Carracks, and some of their ships are of dubious battle quality, considering they also double as flying colonies.

Dann hat er später noch etwas zu dem Grund für die sinkende Anzahl gesagt:

As another of the writers put it: WarShips are meant to be used. The BattleTech setting isn’t one where they build tech and then just leave it on the shelf to look good. WarShips are actually one of the only items in the entire setting that it is perfectly legal to nuke, in-setting–even if we still had the Ares Conventions, in fact.
The Houses went without them since the Second Succession War, and only started trying to bring them back when they saw that the Clans had them, but at the time, that was an arms race against an immensely more advanced enemy, and would have ended badly if it came to an all-out WarShip fight. It wasn’t even until 10 years AFTER the Clans‘ arrived that the first WarShip battles between Inner Sphere and Clan occurred, and things were going downhill from there. (BTW, I wasn’t in charge when that began, but I’ve rolled with the momentum of that event.) The moment the first IS power showed itself willing and ready to fight with its WarShips, the other factions would be free to do the same, and whoever had the most WarShips would inevitably win. The trouble is, the IS started doing that when fleet sizes were in the single digits. Should we really have expected any other outcome?

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