MechCommander Mercenaries V 1.2.1 Veröffentlicht

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 19. August 2020 von DarkISI

Der MechWarrior 5 Mod „MechCommander Mercenaries“ hat eine neue Betaversion veröffentlicht. Version 1.2.1 kommt mit kleineren Änderungen.

-Attempt to fix reported issue with camera spawning in mech and not being able to move around normally
-Friendly fire has been removed for friendly mechs (enemies and allied non-mechs will still take friendly fire)
-Other minor bug fixes

Die Änderungen der Version 1.2, deren Release ich verpasst habe, lesen sich da schon spannender:

Major Features:

  • Commander Mason now has a stunt double pilot that isn’t derpy

    • This is a temporary workaround until PGI gets the next editor update out

    • Mason’s mech is removed and respawned with a stunt double AI pilot at the beginning of missions

      • Stunt double may not trigger objectives/extraction correctly

      • Stunt double gets stuck inside dropships until the dropship departs.

      • Stunt double may get stuck on initial terrain or in the air above (pan away and come back or try using F6 to hop in and see if it fixes itself).

      • Stunt double and Mason’s mech don’t appear in the end of mission screen. Mech still takes damage appropriately

      • Mason gains no experience

  • Reinforcements menu

    • This unfinished feature was moved up from our Phase 2 plans to help with mission difficulty, it will be expanded as we go along.

    • Press „R“ to open the reinforcements window. Select 1-4 of your available mechs to drop in via dropship and click deploy

    • Dropship will pick a drop location near Mason’s mech to drop off selected mechs

      • May not be direct path to dropzone (other side of cliff, etc)

    • Dropped reinforcement wave is added to a new control group on the right side of screen (see QoL features below)

    • Dropship has a slight cooldown before new reinforcement wave can be dropped

    • All mechs that are dropped carry their damage back with them after the misison, but don’t show up in end of round screen.

    • All dropped mechs have random AI personas

      • should all have decent stats, but doesn’t use player pilots yet.

Quality of Life updates:

  • „Q“ now selects starting lance

  • „E“ now selects all visible friendly units

  • Special control groups:

    • Starting lance is now assigned to a special control group (Alpha)

    • Reinforcements automatically are assigned a special control group per drop (Bravo, Charlie, etc)

    • Special control groups don’t have keybindings (other than „Q“ for Alpha lance).

    • Clicking on a control group icon selects the group

    • Double clicking on a control group icon selects the group and pans to a random member of the group

  • Force move (Alt+Right click) is now fully integrated into AI commands and should work much better for smashing buildings

  • Right clicking target buildings (raid contracts, etc) should cause selected units to target them

    • no UI elements are displayed with these orders yet

    • May need further refinement for different mission types (not fully tested)

  • AI lancemates now spend idle time looking around and trying to find combat targets

Bug fixes:

  • Right clicking on a turret or tank weapon should now cause the owning model to be selected as a target for selected units.

    • mousing over a turret/weapon does not show red mouse cursor.

  • Right clicking a friendly unit should trigger the guard command more successfully

    • this was broken in recent game patch

    • guard behavior may still have bugs in release vs editor

Other Known Issues:

  • AI may have some issues wandering around or ignoring move orders to attack a target

    • This needs further testing, as it may be due to a interactions with other mods

  • Player spawns in random locations on the dropship after missions

    • Seems this has to do with Mason’s stunt double

    • It’s a Feature(?)

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