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Battletech Extended V 1.9.11 erschienen

Uff, viele Modupdates übers Wochenende.

Es gibt ein neues Update zum Battletech Mod:  Battletech Extended. Hier geht es zu Version 1.9.11 auf Nexusmods. Released Updated the mod to handle the latest Community Asset Bundle format.

DOWNLOAD THE NEW CAB INSTALLER, don’t use the one you already have, redownload it.

Clear your mod folder completely before updating, use the CAB mod to install the Community Asset Bundle, it will be different now, it will install 4 directories in to your \Mods\ folder:

  • CAB-Clan Mech
  • CAB-IS Mech
  • CAB-Misc
  • CAB-Tank

Added the following mechs:

  • Assassin 23 *3050 Most Great Houses
  • Firestarter Omni FS9-O *3056 Mostly Kurita, some Steiner
  • Awesome 9Ma *3051 Davion + Steiner Lynx (2 variants) *3056 Davion + Steiner rare

Fixed hardpoints on:

  • Awesome 9M
  • Longbow 7V


  • Optional new engine size effects. Turn off by turning off the BT_Extended_EngineSize mod if this is not to your taste. These effects are listed alongside the Mech Quirks tooltip if appropriate.

Depending on the weight class the engine size will give extra effects to reduce or eliminate the differences between classes. For example the extreme case is the Cicada 2A and other variants, they have an extremely large engine for their class so they have +1 initiative and 2 hit defence (medium mechs have 1 hit defence standard, lights 3, the extra 2 will make it equal to a light mech). Now the Cicada will be at least as useful as a not very good light. This affects a lot of mechs, and quite a few Clan mechs. It’s a bit of a balancing effect for the larger engine mechs. Another example is the Quickdraw, Dragon, Ostsol and Ostroc are considered to have a large engine for their weight class, this gives them +1 initiative but no effect to hit defence, so they don’t have the +1 difficulty to hit of a medium but act in the same turn.

For Tabletop people I have classed these by movement values, not the actual engine size. A Medium ‚Mech of movement 8+ is extremely large, movement 7 is extra large and 6 is large. Heavy and Assault, extra large movement 6, large is movement 5.

This will affect a lot of the mechs that underperformed in class, but also increase the value of certain Helm core or Clan mechs slightly. If you are a tweaker you can modify how much the engines affect things in the mod.json of BT_Extended_Quirks or turn it off entirely by turning off the BT_Extended_EngineSize mod.

Optional new HBS like quirks mod under BT_Extended_Quirks_Plus, disable if it is isn’t to your taste. BT_Extended_Quirks is heavily based on the lore and optional tabletop rules. BT_Extended_Quirks_Plus has a different goal. The intention is to help out mechs that are struggling compared to their peers eg. a Shadow Hawk compared to a Wolverine, struggle to do their intended role eg. a Valkyrie, and also to help diversify the mechs and further the character. Part of the diversification is also to make certain weapon systems on certain mechs more desirable to encourge more diverse builds, weapon and mech usage but not pigeon hole. The engine size changes part of this update helps out certain mechs in part, this takes things further where needed to achieve the previously mentioned goals. This mod is a work in progress, but included incomplete because an update was important because of the CAB changes.

Note if updating during a current save this may make some of your mech builds invalid.

New mech quirks implemented: Variable torso twist. Based on the tabletop optional rules some mechs can turn their torso further or less/not at all, this has been added to the mod. Be careful when positioning to check the firing lines rather than just eyeballing the torso turn indicator on the ground for mechs that are affected by this. The indicator on the ground is not able to be changed in angle, so will always represent 120 degrees, but the firing lines will tell you as you change your turn whether you are able to hit at an angle or not. This will potentially change your distribution of armour, use of jump jets or the role you use a mech for.

If you are a tweaker you can modify how much these quirks affect things in the mod.json of BT_Extended_Quirks, values are half the total as it is the value for one side. New mech quirk implemented: Exposed actuators

Updated to Better A.I. 2.0 from Amechwarrior. The mod is balanced around Hard/Simulation mode, Normal is ‚exploitable‘ once you know it well enough, but if you play on a higher mode feedback on the new A.I. would be valuable once you have some experience with it.


  • Corrected Clan mechs to have CASE in all locations

  • Lots of minor fixes

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