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Battletech Extended veröffentlicht

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 1. September 2020 von DarkISI

Es gibt eine neue Version von Battletech Extended.

Version nutzt das neueste Community Asset Bundle (CAB) und führt damit einige weitere Mechs ein. Released
UPDATE THE CAB for this version,
New models are required, check you have 4 directories for the CAB now.
Mech CAB-Misc
New Mechs, thanks to the CAB team:
Grand Titan *Marik 3054
Centurion D3 *Davion/Steiner 3054
Crockett 5003-1 *Comstar lostech version
Updated the following to use new model, thanks to the CAB team: Crockett/Katana
Icarus II

New Features:
Campaigns that are completed switch planet difficulty over to how Career does it after completing the campaign. Undocumented in last patch but now confirmed to be working. You may need to save the game, restart and load after the campaign is finished.
Implemented Triple Strength Myomer for the Centurion D3 that comes out for Davion/Steiner in 3054
Implemented Exposed Weapon Linkage quirk
Added HBS like mech quirks to more mechs under BT_Extended_Quirks_Plus, disable if it isn’t to your taste. BT_Extended_Quirks is heavily based on the lore and optional tabletop rules. BT_Extended_Quirks_Plus has a different goal. The intention is to help out mechs that are failing to live up to their lore description, struggling compared to their peers eg. a Shadow Hawk compared to a Wolverine, struggle to do their intended role eg. a Valkyrie, and also to help diversify the mechs and further the character. Part of the diversification is also to make certain weapon systems on certain mechs more desirable to encourage more diverse builds, weapon and mech usage but not pigeon hole. The engine size effects helps out certain mechs in part, this takes things further where needed to achieve the previously mentioned goals.
– Note if updating during a current save this may make some of your mech builds invalid.
Valkyrie (based on it sucking compared to descriptions and it’s complete inability to do anything to lights despite it’s description)
-2 evasion ignore for LRMs
Kintaro (based on original design intention)
+2 to hit with Narc
Shadow Hawk (based on the Shadow Hawk not being this awesome machine the lore describes when most other 55t mechs can do what it does and better and ballistics kinda sucking on medium mechs)
+10% damage for ballistics, PPCs in the 2Ks case
Centurion + Trebuchet (based on lore descriptions, helping the stock design and encouraging different use than how people almost always use them)
-45 minimum range for weapons
Enforcer (based on lore description and the fact it kind of sucks cause Ballistics don’t shine on 50t frames so people don’t often mount one)
-2 refire bonus for ballistics
Hunchback (Based on it’s street fighting, brawling description)
knock back 1 initiative phase in melee, 1 each arm
Vindicator (based on people not often using PPCs on this frame)
-2 range penalty reduction for PPCs, St. Ives version gets the bonus for Large Lasers
Hatchetman + Zeus (Based on poor performing hatchetman, lore descriptions of their design, both use the same chassis line, and to help them do their role)
Sprint and shoot ability with -6 hit penalty.
Crab + King Crab (Based purely on visual design)
-35% stability damage
Thug + Hatamoto-Chi (based on lore descriptions of them being the quintessential Zombie mechs and using the same chassis)
50% crit protection
Thunderbolt (based on all the CT ammo being such a problem and the chassis is also made by Earthwerks, same as the Thug)
25% crit protection
Victor (Based on poor performance and lore descriptions of how it was used)
Vectored Thrust kit like the Phoenix Hawk

Applied quirks to the GDL flashpoint special versions of mechs


Stopped flashpoint mission appearing as a normal contract

Corrected Guillotine hard points as we are using a non substitute now

Other minor fixes

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