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Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. August 2020 von DarkISI

Es gibt eine neue Version von Rogue Tech und eine Testversion von BattleTech Extended Commanders Edition.


RogueTech Osmium Beta 1.7.7 HF5

New CustomBundle Fix typo in CS tag based percentages (high tech mechs are now harder to assemble intact) Minor fixes

RT Discord: https://discord.gg/4V2zTy

BattleTech Extended CE:

If possible can you test out the following candidate for the next version and let me know how you get on. Currently don’t have a Mission Control / Bigger Drops patch, will come shortly, please test without those. MUST completely empty your mods directory except for the CommunityAssets folder and update your CAB for this new version to work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/74nhd95jzte7x98/Extended_CE_1_9_1_0.zip?dl=0

Added the following mechs, new models thanks to the CAB team: Inner Sphere: Locust 3S *Steiner 3049 Clint 2-3U *Liao/Steiner 3050 Starslayer *Steiner 3056 Wraith *Liao/Marik 3055 Sunder (2 variant) *Kurita 3050/3056 Raptor (5 variants) *Kurita/Davion/Comstar 3052 Swordsman *Davion Locals/Pirates/Mercs rare Clan: Dasher (5 variants) Kingfisher (5 variants) Changed the following mechs from using substitutes to using their own models thanks to the CAB team: Thug Guillotine Devastator (Mech) Lancelot New Longbow model
Flashpoint from Ablomis based on the Battle of Tukayid added Updated the Xotl random access tables to reflect recent updates from Xotl based on recent source books, all light tables are slightly different, the Locust 1E is now a Liao and St. Ives Compact variant. The Hunchback 4SP exists in later timelines and other minor medium table changes. Liao tables have changed a lot, not as Vindicator heavy as before for example, although still their favourite medium. Also changed how some of the obscure variants can appear. Variants like the Zeus 6Y, or the Grasshopper 4R that were meant to be low run and abandoned models now can’t show up for the actual faction units, but can appear for local governments, pirates or mercenaries instead. Changed the salvage system mod to use mcb’s new mod, now more stable and works on a button system rather than keyboard shortcuts. If you want to combine mech parts from different variants and have the capability now just click ‚Ready Mech‘ on the mech of choice. The amount of parts post mission is based on the amount of structure that is left of the mech that is destroyed. Note: Previously the max amount of parts you would get from a destroyed mech was equal to how many parts you selected in the difficulty you would need to salvage, so selecting 8 parts and destroying the head meant 8 parts of that mech would appear post mission. Now this will always be a max of 3, changing the meaning of that setting. You can change the amount that drop per mech max in the mod.json of the ‚BTSimpleMechAssembly‘ directory. In there, change the StructurePointBasedSalvageMaxPartsFromMech value to what you want. Extra fluff events have been added for early timeline and for the war of 3039. Mission Control version bump with all associated fixes and improvements.

Updated to latest cFixes release Updated to latest Flashpoint The Raid release Updated to latest Panic System with lots of fixes Fixed text in the Clan missions to be appropriately mentioning factions. Fixed some cases of contracts appearing where they shouldn’t. Made Narc ammo non explodey Fixed AC10 ammo not being explodey Many other fixes

BTX Discord: https://discord.gg/KSmamMz


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