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Finding Jardine [UPDATE]

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 6. September 2020 von DarkISI

Der zweite Teil der Forgotten Worlds Reihe ist erschienen: Finding Jardine. Mit, laut Kindleanzeige, 116 Seiten ist das Buch recht kurz, kostet aber auch nur 2,69 €. Die Geschichte stammt aus der Feder des ehemaligen Line Developers Herb Beas.


Interstellar explorer and freelance treasure hunter Dr. Brooklyn Stevens has made the find of a lifetime—an entire planet thought lost for centuries. Jardine was supposedly wiped off the maps of the Inner Sphere during the hard-fought Succession Wars, but the verdant forested world she and her adventuring partner just crash-landed on tells a much different story.

And so do its inhabitants. Dr. Stevens and her partner soon find themselves between two very different groups: one whose members are an unholy amalgamation of man and machine, the other a hardy group that lives off the land. Both groups are soon after Stevens and her knowledge about Jardine—one side to protect the planet from those that would seek to reclaim it, the other intent on killing anyone who knows of its existence. Caught between both sides, Brooklyn must uncover the mysteries of Jardine…and stay alive long enough to tell the universe about it…

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Teil 1 The Hunt for Jardine ist im Mai tatsächlich komplett an mir vorbeigegangen.


Freelance explorer and treasure hunter Dr. Brooklyn Stevens has made her career finding lost artifacts from Inner Sphere history, but during the waning days of the FedCom Civil War, a job offered by the academic organization known as Interstellar Expeditions affords her the chance to pursue the find of a lifetime: a missing planet, one lost in the ravages of the brutal Succession Wars.

But the world of Jardine did not only die in fire—it was erased from stellar maps entirely, and Brooke’s employer wants to know why.

She must hunt down the only known link to this forgotten world: a dangerous predator native to Jardine, whose initial discoverer was silenced under mysterious circumstances. Someone wants this planet to remain buried—and they will go to any lengths to ensure that Brooke’s quest to uncover the truth of Jardine’s disappearance ends in tragedy.

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Wenn alle drei erschienen sind, wird es einen gedruckten Sammelband geben.

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