Twilight of the Clans – Taschenbuch

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 1. Oktober 2020 von DarkISI

Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans 5) ist jezt als gedrucktes Buch auf Amazon erhältlich (Print on Deamand).

Warum ausgerechnet Band 5 und nicht 1 – 4 … keine Ahnung. Wenn es dazu ein Update gibt, sage ich Bescheid.


An awesome mission has been assigned to Task Force Serpent: to destroy Huntress, homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Inner Sphere’s greatest menace. But the invasion has suffered a serious blow: Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion has been struck down by an unknown assassin. With the fate of the entire Inner Sphere in jeopardy, only one other daredevil warrior is brave enough to bring the enemy to its knees…

She is General Ariana Winston of the famed Eridani Light Horse mercenary brigade, now commander of Task Force Serpent. The battle ahead is dangerous and uncertain, but Winston and her courageous comrades have the upper hand with hard-earned battle skills honed to fighting-edge perfection—and a secret weapon that could destroy Huntress for good…

Twilight of the Clans – Taschenbuch

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