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The Quest for Jardine

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. Februar 2024 von DarkISI

Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Buchveröffentlichung. Wobei, so exakt neu ist sie nicht. Die Jardine-Serie ist nun schon eine Weile vollständig, aber es gab sie nie gesammelt und nur den dritten Band in gedruckter Form.

Das hat sich nun geändert: Der Sammelband ist erschienen!

The Quest for Jardine (3067 – 3068)


Freelance explorer Dr. Brooklyn Stevens made her career finding lost artifacts from Inner Sphere history, but a job offered by the academic organization known as Interstellar Expeditions gives her a chance at the find of a lifetime: a missing planet, one lost in the ravages of the brutal Succession Wars.

But the world of Jardine did not die in planet-scouring fire…it was entirely erased from stellar maps—and Brooke’s employer wants to know why. But someone wants this planet to remain hidden—and will go to any length to ensure that Brooke’s quest ends in tragedy.


But when she finds the long-lost planet of Jardine, Brooklyn finds more than she bargained for—a lot more. She and her partner soon find themselves between two very different groups: one whose members are an unholy amalgamation of man and machine, the other a hardy village of natives that live off the land. Both groups are soon after Stevens and her knowledge of Jardine—one side to protect the planet from those that seeking to reclaim it, the other intent on killing anyone who knows of its existence. Caught between both factions, Brooklyn must uncover the mysteries of Jardine…and stay alive long enough to tell the universe about it…

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