State of the Game – Mai 2021

Es gibt einen neuen State of the Game.

Ich fasse ihn hier kurz für euch zusammen. Wer alles vollständig lesen will, findet hier den kompletten Beitrag bei Catalyst.



IlClan soll im Juli erscheinen!

Muss ich sonst noch etwas dazu sagen?

In 2825, ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky, the founder of the Clans, gave his exiled, warrior-led people a dream: the first Clan to return to the Inner Sphere and claim Terra, the cradle of humanity, in honorable combat would claim the title of ilClan—ruler of all the Clans. The ilClan would reestablish the venerable Star League from the ashes of the old, and its Khan would become ilKhan, supreme ruler of all the Clans. Now, 326 years later, the Children of Kerensky have fought their way to Terra with the intent of fulfilling this dream. But will this dream become destiny or nightmare? „State of the Game – Mai 2021“ weiterlesen