MegaMek 35.25 Erschienen

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 9. Oktober 2011 von DarkISI

Der neue Development Snapshot 35.25 von MegaMek ist erschinen. Ihr könnt ihn hier herunterladen.


v0.35.25 (2011-10-09, 15:00 UTC+2)
+ Targetable.isAirborneVTOL() refactored to isAirborneVTOLorWIGE() with attendant functionality change
+ Flak now works correctly vs. both grounded and airborne WiGEs
+ Non-UTF-8 superscripted 3s replaced by plain ones in C3 remote sensor ammo names
+ Bug: fully amphibious chassis modification weight was wrong
+ Added construction data for recon camera
+ Patch 3355333: improved princess bot
+ Patch 3353066: Bot – characterization
+ Patch 3350169: replace RAT combo-box with RAT tree
+ unofficial option to reduce the velocity mod for StratOps Advanced Anti-Aircraft fire
+ Bug 3279878: Grounded dropships and double-blind
+ Bug 3358252: Rollever text is for incorrect game option
+ Bug 3358460: Dropship destroyed by fire
+ re-organized RAT folder structure  (Source > Faction > Type > Weight Class)
+ improvements to RandomArmyDialog gui
+ Data 3344270: AFFS FM Updates RATs, thanks Demos75
+ Data 3348898: WoB FM Updates RATs, thanks Demos75
+ Data 3356078: RAT SL FMU, thanks Demos75
+ Data 3346243: ProtoMech RATs FM Updates, thanks Demos75
+ Data 3303093: War of 3039 RATs, thanks hammer-gs!
+ allow player to build army in random army dialog by selectively choosing rolled units
+ Fixed off-by-one error causing occasional bot lockup during movement calculations
+ put units in random army dialog into tables
+ Patch 3363837: bot configuration dialog
+ Era Report 3052 RAT (thanks Hammer!)
+ Bug: typo for driver hit in XMLStreamParser
+ check null crew in Infantry#getWalkMP and Infantry#getRunMP
+ BA camo fix
+ Implemented DWPs
+ Entity#canEscape function (for determining potential salvage)
+ Entity#getKillerId function
+ set squad size and number to 1 by default so we never divide by zero
+ Added BA heat sensor
+ Added BA Extended Life Support construction data
+ Added BV errata for drone remote operating system
+ Only multiply individual weapon BV by 0.9 for industrials without advanced
firing control
+ Bug 3387115: prototype RL launcher to hit
+ Bug 3355775: extended LRM 20 range
+ Bug 3371975: fixed wing support craft don’t work
+ Bug 3388908: AoW Rifles crash MM when targeting non-units
+ Lots of new or updated unit images
+ Hardened/ferro-lamellor armor TAC handling fixes
+ Tweaks to hardened armor damage handling and report message
+ Added railroad images for maps, fluff only
+ Bug 3309075: Implemented Mech Taser rules
+ Added Electrical Discharge ProtoMech armor
+ Set working directory in
+ Fixed NPE in Princess bot firing calculations
+ Added Xotl’s ‚Mech and Vehicle RATs.  Thanks Netzilla and Xotl!
+ Updated contributors.txt
+ Added combat/support vehicle distinction to inferno resolution
+ Hardened armor TAC penalty now applied to inferno hits on vehicles
+ Set default aimed-shot location for vehicles to side facing attacker
+ Targeting computer aimed-shot target selection ported from AWT to Swing
+ Brought mask for aimed shots against large support vehicles more in line with
TW hit location table
+ Cost calculation fix (some misc. equipment was accidentally treated as having
cost 0)
+ Armor cost rounding fixes
+ Quick fix to stop extraneous ‚Aimed Shot‘ dialog copies from popping up (and
rendering older ones unclosable, at least on my machine)
+ Bug 3411025: Swarm missiles continue to function in hostile ECM
+ Implement BA Partial Wing and BA Jet Booster as equipment, not directly as
jump MP in the datafile
+ Start of Glider, Quad and Ultra Heavy ProtoMechs
+ ProtoMech EDP Armor
+ BA mechanical jump booster
+ Tank supercharger handling fix (no more permanent speed boost from one
successful check)
+ Karnov UR should have an infantry bay
+ allow „None“ Engine type for trailers
+ Bug 3412585: (Vehicle) Flamers doing more heat than should be allowed
+ Heavy flamer stats updated to TacOps; Clan heavy flamer added
+ TacOps area attack damage vs. reflective/reactive armor
+ Advanced SRM cost fixes
+ Update to Java 1.7 broke TestBot; MoveOption.WeightedComparator found to be
inconsistent with equals and fixed
+ Artillery fire now adjusted on a per-unit basis
+ Patch 3413797: Princess bot uses aero units on ground map sheets
+ Hovercraft/WiGE sinking/crashing fixes (includes Bug 3331318: Immobilized
flying WiGEs stay airborne)
+ OfficialUnitList.txt spacing fix, „Canon Units Only“ should now work again
+ Bug 2792542: OOC ASF colliding with itself
+ Bug 3415689: use assault class default image for >100 ton custom mechs
+ Bug 3049241: eternal KO aero pilots
+ Bug: report issue when avoiding aero OOC collissions
+ Don’t allow the zero-distance hex to be the closest hex for ground-to-air fire
using advanced AA rules from SO
+ Patch 3417356: Princess bot uses aero units on ground – Faster

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