MegaMek 0.35.26 Erschienen

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 11. Dezember 2011 von DarkISI

Ja, ich habe heute zwei Meldungen mit Bezug zu MegaMek, leider war ich da zuletzt etwas nachlässig, bitte seht mir das nach. Ich hoffe, ihr habt einen schönen dritten Advent, mit all dem neuen Spielzeug. 🙂

Herunterladen könnt ihr die neue Version hier.

v0.35.26 (2011-11-30, 15:35 UTC+1)
+ BV tag added for manual BV for RS creation.
+ Prototype RL launcher ammo names wrong
+ claws +2 to hit should only apply to improvised clubs

+ Added Narc I-OS
+ Fixed I-OS CLSRM2 weight
+ Fixed Extended LRM 5 BV
+ Trailers should count at flank speed 1 for speed factor calculation
+ Added quarters/seating
+ keep track if a BA is an exoskeleton
+ Patch 3421861: princess admits defeat, allow princess to be used in
/replacePlayer command
+ Patch 3422573: Nuke Command help isn’t descriptive enough
+ Patch 3424214: Fix for Princess bot aero units causing memory error, allow
the users to give building targets to princess
+ Don’t allow backwards walking and evading
+ Aero attack values and ranges for clan RACs
+ added construction data for Centurion Weapon System
+ Bug 3427029: Incorrect damage when hitting self with flail/wrecking ball with
TacOps direct blows enabled
+ Patch 3427471: Fix of Vehicle Names in Xotl RAT Files
+ Patch 3427458: Fix for /replacePlayer -b parameter
+ Bug: don’t count HVACs as explosive for BV
+ Nuke terrain mods bug fixing
+ Indirect fire using Narc-compatible ammo can now target units tagged with
either Narc or iNarc homing pods (was Narc-only before)
+ Expended B- and M-pods no longer explode when hit
+ HVAC explosiveness and BV fix
+ Added naval comm-scanner suits construction data
+ Bug: Infantry weight should count for building collapse
+ Bug 3434278: Clan LRM 1 has wrong racksize, making it unable to load ammo
+ Vibroblades with AES should have 1.5 times BV
+ don’t account modular armor jump MP reducing for BV Heat Efficiency
+ Insulated laser burnout no longer reported as jammed RAC
+ Bug: TAG should have 5/9/15 range, not 5/10/15
+ Patch 3437807: Damage Level flag
+ Patch 3437506: Princess update
+ Patch 3430252: primitive missiles
+ Patch 3430251: primitive ACs and Lasers
+ made MechSummaryCache#loadMechData a public method so that MHQ can load in new
customs without restarting
+ Bug 3437522: tag not working for warship .blk files
+ Bug: MG Array with no working MGs crashes MM
+ Bug: Artillery smoke should fill adjacent hexes, too
+ Bug: Mounted#canFire returns NPE when crew is null
+ Bug 3441540: Possible fix for NPE in TargetingPhase
+ report critted cockpit for mechview
+ Bug: warship and jumpship codes reversed in UnitType

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