MekHQ 0.1.11 Erschienen

Eine neue Version von MekHQ ist erschienen. MekHQ erlaubt die Verwaltung von Kampagnen und Einheiten für MegaMek Spiele.

Herunterladen könnt ihr es hier.

+ options to limit unit purchases by year, canonicity and type (Clan/IS)
+ changed layout of UnitSelectorDialog
+ „All“ weight class option in UnitSelectorDialog
+ Bug: mmconf not being included with release
+ Bug: campaigns with personnel hired using the multiple hire option are not saveable
+ no refreshing hire dialog on multiple hires
+ Bug: memory problems in PortraitChoiceDialog with lots of images
+ Bug: person hired twice
+ updated force icons (thanks Urban Kufahl!)
+ no NPE when portrait or force image is missing – replace with default
+ Y/N dialog on force deletion
+ change MM options based on tech limits selected
+ multiple part selection
+ adjust parts value by clan modifier
+ limit parts in parts store by IS/Clan depending on options
+ Bug: armor being charged even if parts not paid for
+ Bug: gunnery and piloting not rounding correctly for multiple personnel units
+ new unit right-menu item to hire all missing personnel
+ Bug: not able to customize units in MM because artillery skill outside 0-8 range by default
+ Dragoons Rating (no support rating though)
+ approximation to support rating for Dragoons rating (waiting on StellarOps for final word)
+ set allowCanonOnly to false by default
+ Bug 3304647: Interstellar Map drop down remains open
+ some personnel pictures still not being properly scaled and sanity-checked

Ebenfalls erschienen ist die 0.1.10, die ich aber vergessen hatte, hier zu melden.

+ beginnings of a proper splash and loading screen
+ added load campaign and quit options to splash screen
+ improvements to splash and load screen operations
+ save and loading XML is the default (no more binary saves!)
+ RFE 3304267: EXIT
+ improvements to layout of top and bottom panels
+ added missing data from MM data folders
+ beginning of MM game threading
+ moved directory items and mech tileset from MekHQView to MekHQApp
+ print record sheets for scenario
+ resolution of MM games from within MHQ
+ proper starting and stopping of MM host within MHQ
+ added images for record sheet printing
+ gridlayout for scenario buttons
+ grey out scenario buttons when no scenario selected, selected scenario is completed, or scenario has no units assigned
+ load/save MM game options in xml serialization
+ Kill object and kills record for personnel
+ beginning of kill assignment from scenario resolution
+ ResolveWizard for kill assignment
+ look and feel setting done in MekHQApp#initialize
+ replaced jdesktop.ResourceMap with ResourceBundle in CustomizeScenarioDialog as an example
this will eventually be done for all gui objects in anticipation of removing the SingleFrameApplication framework
+ customizable XP awards for kills
+ switched from ResourceMap to ResourceBundle and moved most dialogs to mekhq.gui
+ remainder of dialogs updated
+ removed swing-layout and swing-worker libs (yay! – only one more left)
+ consolidated all the *Info classes into a single BasicInfo class
+ show portraits of techs and doctors in repair bay and infirmary
+ replaced resourceMap with ResourceBundle in all panels and moved to mekhq.gui
+ converted MekHQView to CampaignGUI and removed FrameView
+ MekHQApp renamed MekHQ and no longer inherits from SingleFrameApplication
+ nag when quitting
+ created gui subfolders for dialogs and views
+ really crappy about box
+ updated MM.jar and MML.jar
+ new build.xml (this one works)
+ changed xml save suffix to cpnx (and updated FoxsTeeth to it)
+ added a default campaigns folder for saved campaigns
+ added PngEncoder library and source code for TinyXML
+ corrected mmconf files to default
+ trying out Nimbus look and feel
+ forgot to set default loading directory to campaigns in CampaignGUI
+ menu items to choose look and feel from available L&F
+ get rid of grid lines in Tables
+ beginning of a parts store dialog
+ gridlayout for mission buttons
+ better display of planetary neighbors in PlanetViewPanel
+ insets for view objects in Personnel, Unit, and Parts tab
+ Patch 3385171: fixes bug 3373903 (destroyed units not removed from TO&E), thank tathas!
+ added „Load Last Save“ button to StartUpGUI
+ changed the layout of StartUpGUI so that the splash image is the background
+ use static string for campaign directory
+ file (contains only L&F feel preferences for now, but expandable)
+ check campaigns subdirectories for last save
+ parts store dialog actually allows you to buy parts
+ more parts for the parts store
+ beginning of a chat client/server
+ beginning of MegaMekLab integration
+ a partially functional Refit object
+ Bug: phantom parts
+ improvements to refit calculation
+ refit tech assignment and rolls
+ improvements to refit/customization process
+ xml load/save for Refit object
+ armor refits processed properly
+ added system position to planet data
+ custom unit info is saved within xml so that cpnx are transportable without accompanying custom data
+ dont remove unit from lab when tech is missing on refit
+ add detail column to parts store
+ updateConditionFromPart method for MissingParts for refits
+ Bug: total armor amount for Armor part incorrect when salvaging
+ Bug: field refits showing up as Class D
+ Bug: alternate munition ammo type not properly loaded with xml
+ improvements to look of MekLabPanel
+ Bug: NPE when refitting
+ don’t refit for a change in munition type
+ add in heat sink type changes and CASE changes
+ Bug: no refit kits for non-mech units
+ properly sourced refit kits
+ Bug: Center Torso not being replaced when internal structure changed
+ reserved status for refit kit parts (still need to include armor and ammo here)
+ tag unit as a custom unit menu option
+ proper reservation of armor for refitting
+ Bug 3403515: Negative Fix times
+ Bug 3430084: Artillery skill does not get saved in MUL file
+ personnel options affect corresponding megamek options
+ Bug 3413047: 0.1.9 Deplyed Units Issue
+ Bug: checked units not recovered in resolvemissingunitsdialog
+ OrgTreeModel: no more TO&E collapsing
+ Cockpit part type (made up values until next errata)
+ Bug 3402178: Mechs with destoyed cockpit still useable
+ Bug 3380632: Mechs with Destroyed Head never Usable
+ Bug 3430515: Cannot Load Campaign
+ Bug 3403476: Using Ampersand In Scenario/Mission Description Causes Issue
+ Bug 3401092: Loading a save with „MechWarrior“ units crashes MekHQ
+ Bug 3398514: Jumpships inoperable
+ Bug 3371755: Medic Count
+ Bug 3369530: Infantry
+ Bug 3371759: Vehicle Crews
+ Bug 3380630: Warehouse Fields All Sort as strings
+ Bug 3373302: Able to salvage or repair components in a destroyed location
+ Bug 3401029: Non-Salvagable Torso
+ Bug 3376390: Cannot Scrap Arm
+ Bug: GM Mode not properly set on button when campaign loaded
+ Bug 3288072: Search query is case-sensitive
+ Bug 3440335: Contract Transportation Bug
+ Patch 3411830: Patch for 3288090 (Date Chooser), thanks derikpage!
+ Bug 3317572: Salvaged units bug
+ Bug 3388419: Destroyed Units Repairable
+ Bug 3323097: Clan tech price modifier bug
+ Bug 3371756: One-Shot Ammo
+ Patch 3411833: GM Edit & Delete Financial Transactions
+ Patch 3413431: Hire/Add Multiple Infantry (Feature Request 3391637)
+ increment display name for multiple units of the same type
+ added cockpits, more armor, and mek locations to the parts store
+ Drag-n-Drop functionality for OrgTree
+ don’t allow customization that adds new equipment to missing locations
+ Bug: armor not set to actual amount when customization complete
+ various gui checks and notifications when unit is being customized or is in Lab
+ various fixes to new ammo in customizations
+ Bug: customization not handled right when armor type remains same but amount changes
+ updated MM.jar and MML.jar
+ Bug: ammo munitions getting switched in Refit#unscrambleEquipmentNumbers
+ Bug: refit armor amounts reverting to old unit values when refit is loaded from save
+ Bug: refitClass not being saved to XML
+ Bug: canceling at tech selection and model name does not stop refit
+ Bug: don’t include techs for selection of refit who are already working on a refit
+ Bug: variable cost equipmentparts screwing up equipment cost calculation
+ aero and vehicle parts for parts store
+ new MM.jar
+ check for internal name and munition type when restoring type in AmmoBin (MML problem)
+ Bug: NPE on game resolution when no killer
+ Bug: slots in destroyed locations are set as repairable when loading even if they have been scrapped

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