MegaMek 35.30

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 8. Juni 2012 von DarkISI

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für eine neue Version von MegaMek. Mit der Version 35.30 kommen viele Bugfixes, die das Spiel mal wieder besser machen.

v0.35.30 (2012-06-07, 18:49 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3487451: booby trap weight error
+ Added industrial manipulator construction data
+ Default serverbrowser checkbox to true
+ Bug 3515027: minor equipment typos
+ Broke out the BombChoicePanel into a separate class so that it may be accessed
from MekHQ.
+ Bug: Aero BV fix
+ Fix stacking check NPE
+ BA cargo lifter construction data fix
+ BA BLK saving fix
+ fixed wing support damage threshold
+ some infantry weapon ranges for when mounted on support vees
+ ignore ECM for C3/C3i when saving unit list
+ fixed bug with new re-linking of C3i networks from MUL files
+ removed extra debug logging for C3/C3i relinking
+ aero Bay stuff for MML
+ some groundwork on support vee weight verification
+ Broke out the Equipment Panel as a class so that it is exposed for other programs, such as MekHQ
+ Added serialVersionUID to
+ Bug 3524560: No turret/torso twist button in indirect attack phase
+ hasQuirk method for entity and mounted, use instead of getQuirks().booleanOption, overrides revision 8808
+ Bug 3517646: Unjamming destroyed RACs
+ Feature 3517532: Unofficial rule option: unjam UAC like RAC
+ Feature: Unofficial rule option: UACs in Ultra Mode are rolled as two attacks instead of rolled on the 2 column of the hits chart
+ separated BLKFile.encode into a BLFile.getBlock and BLKFile.encode to allow writing internally to string
+ Bug 3529657: Scaled back weapons hitting airborne targets do full damage
+ added „Infantry Automatic Rifle“ to InfantryRifleAutoRifle lookup names for reverse compatability
+ Bug 3529656: Turning a Hull Down unit gives a free stand up
+ fix for negative P/G skills in Pilot#getBVSkillMultiplier (negative values treated as zero)
+ alternate cost field in MechSummaryCache
+ Added new clearModes() function to for clearing modes on equipment subtypes that are present on the supertype
+ Bug 3528850: Streak LRMs
+ Bug 3529891: critical hits needing colored red
+ Bug 3529773: When switching LRMs back to standard mode msg is truncated
+ Missing semi-colon
+ Bug 3526146: Backhoe on Quad
+ Bug 3527663: Case II Rules Update for limbs
+ Bug 3529875: Damage vs Aircraft / hot dropping units
+ Fix file filters so that directories show. No more annoyance! Yay!
+ Bug 3520623: Optional rule to skip immobile units in movement phase
+ Bug 3524542: Automatically confirm unit is done during firing phase
+ Forgotten Ammo Check added for Bugfix for 3520623.
+ Bug 3521136: Vehicles pushed (charged) into water don’t die
+ Bug Swarm missiles weren’t recalculating how many missed when the next entire rack missed.
+ infantry armor costs for infantry alternate costs
+ null check on Protomech#setCrew
+ null check on „Auto Confirm“ from Bugfix 3524542
+ another null check on „Auto Confirm“ from Bugfix 3524542
+ fixing getNextWeapon bug introduced with Bugfix 3524542 (This does the same thing as original code I removed,
but in a cleaner more understandable fashion…)
+ Bug 3530570: Fighters in Capital Squadrons damage tracking
+ Bug 3512512: Trying to create fighter squadron for a bot illegal argument
+ Bug 3511651: Selecting more than 6 fighters at once & squadron
+ Bug 3427659: Killer Whale display issue in „Equipment“ tab
+ Bug 3441396: Units locked inside destroyed dropships.
+ Bug 3433525: Altitude Issues
+ Bug 3399000: multiple bot – salvage file problem
+ Feature 3528485: Hatchets/Swords unofficial target like punch
+ Feature 3530179: (Unofficial) With TacOps CapFi count singles as non-cap
+ Feature 3518889: Unofficial rule : Vehicles and motive damage
+ Feature 3529119: Allow „Load Unit“ list button to detect which player…
+ RAT Bug: Cronus needed fixed, its CNS, not CRS – Also renamed the file in (file itself was already edited)
+ Organized l10n/megamek/common/options/ GameOptions to match whats in the
file in order to make everything easier to find
+ Feature 1885975: Begin Shutdown
+ Feature 951044: Manual Shutdown
+ Bug: When using the unofficial Manual Shutdown option & the skip ineligible during movement option, manually shutdown
mechs are skipped and can never be restarted.
+ Bug: ‚Mechs would remain standing after „leg blown off“ critical hit.
+ Bug 3455841: Artillery from grounded spheroid dropships (Requires use of individual weapons option)
+ Bug: Bold bleeds when indirect fire misses from a unit outside of LOS while using double blind.
+ Bug: Enemy units pick up stranded MW before Allied units do?!
+ Bug: Some code from an attempt to work on bug 3528477 slipped through in one of the commits on accident.

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