MegaMek 35.30

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für eine neue Version von MegaMek. Mit der Version 35.30 kommen viele Bugfixes, die das Spiel mal wieder besser machen.

v0.35.30 (2012-06-07, 18:49 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3487451: booby trap weight error
+ Added industrial manipulator construction data
+ Default serverbrowser checkbox to true
+ Bug 3515027: minor equipment typos
+ Broke out the BombChoicePanel into a separate class so that it may be accessed
from MekHQ.
+ Bug: Aero BV fix
+ Fix stacking check NPE
+ BA cargo lifter construction data fix
+ BA BLK saving fix
+ fixed wing support damage threshold
+ some infantry weapon ranges for when mounted on support vees
+ ignore ECM for C3/C3i when saving unit list
+ fixed bug with new re-linking of C3i networks from MUL files
+ removed extra debug logging for C3/C3i relinking
+ aero Bay stuff for MML
+ some groundwork on support vee weight verification
+ Broke out the Equipment Panel as a class so that it is exposed for other programs, such as MekHQ
+ Added serialVersionUID to
+ Bug 3524560: No turret/torso twist button in indirect attack phase
+ hasQuirk method for entity and mounted, use instead of getQuirks().booleanOption, overrides revision 8808
+ Bug 3517646: Unjamming destroyed RACs
+ Feature 3517532: Unofficial rule option: unjam UAC like RAC
+ Feature: Unofficial rule option: UACs in Ultra Mode are rolled as two attacks instead of rolled on the 2 column of the hits chart
+ separated BLKFile.encode into a BLFile.getBlock and BLKFile.encode to allow writing internally to string
+ Bug 3529657: Scaled back weapons hitting airborne targets do full damage
+ added „Infantry Automatic Rifle“ to InfantryRifleAutoRifle lookup names for reverse compatability
+ Bug 3529656: Turning a Hull Down unit gives a free stand up
+ fix for negative P/G skills in Pilot#getBVSkillMultiplier (negative values treated as zero)
+ alternate cost field in MechSummaryCache
+ Added new clearModes() function to for clearing modes on equipment subtypes that are present on the supertype
+ Bug 3528850: Streak LRMs
+ Bug 3529891: critical hits needing colored red
+ Bug 3529773: When switching LRMs back to standard mode msg is truncated
+ Missing semi-colon
+ Bug 3526146: Backhoe on Quad
+ Bug 3527663: Case II Rules Update for limbs
+ Bug 3529875: Damage vs Aircraft / hot dropping units
+ Fix file filters so that directories show. No more annoyance! Yay!
+ Bug 3520623: Optional rule to skip immobile units in movement phase
+ Bug 3524542: Automatically confirm unit is done during firing phase
+ Forgotten Ammo Check added for Bugfix for 3520623.
+ Bug 3521136: Vehicles pushed (charged) into water don’t die
+ Bug Swarm missiles weren’t recalculating how many missed when the next entire rack missed.
+ infantry armor costs for infantry alternate costs
+ null check on Protomech#setCrew
+ null check on „Auto Confirm“ from Bugfix 3524542
+ another null check on „Auto Confirm“ from Bugfix 3524542
+ fixing getNextWeapon bug introduced with Bugfix 3524542 (This does the same thing as original code I removed,
but in a cleaner more understandable fashion…)
+ Bug 3530570: Fighters in Capital Squadrons damage tracking
+ Bug 3512512: Trying to create fighter squadron for a bot illegal argument
+ Bug 3511651: Selecting more than 6 fighters at once & squadron
+ Bug 3427659: Killer Whale display issue in „Equipment“ tab
+ Bug 3441396: Units locked inside destroyed dropships.
+ Bug 3433525: Altitude Issues
+ Bug 3399000: multiple bot – salvage file problem
+ Feature 3528485: Hatchets/Swords unofficial target like punch
+ Feature 3530179: (Unofficial) With TacOps CapFi count singles as non-cap
+ Feature 3518889: Unofficial rule : Vehicles and motive damage
+ Feature 3529119: Allow „Load Unit“ list button to detect which player…
+ RAT Bug: Cronus needed fixed, its CNS, not CRS – Also renamed the file in (file itself was already edited)
+ Organized l10n/megamek/common/options/ GameOptions to match whats in the
file in order to make everything easier to find
+ Feature 1885975: Begin Shutdown
+ Feature 951044: Manual Shutdown
+ Bug: When using the unofficial Manual Shutdown option & the skip ineligible during movement option, manually shutdown
mechs are skipped and can never be restarted.
+ Bug: ‚Mechs would remain standing after „leg blown off“ critical hit.
+ Bug 3455841: Artillery from grounded spheroid dropships (Requires use of individual weapons option)
+ Bug: Bold bleeds when indirect fire misses from a unit outside of LOS while using double blind.
+ Bug: Enemy units pick up stranded MW before Allied units do?!
+ Bug: Some code from an attempt to work on bug 3528477 slipped through in one of the commits on accident.

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