Neue MegaMek Version 49.2

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 20. Juni 2021 von DarkISI

Es gibt wieder eine neue Development Version von MegaMek. Version 49.2 kommt mit einer großen Menge an Bug Fixes und ein paar neuen Features.

Java 11

Wie alle Versionen ab 49.0 benötigt auch 49.2 Java 11. Das Team empfiehlt OpenJDK 11. und hat Hilfeseiten für Windows und MacOS aufgesetzt. Linuxnutzer sollten es über den Paketmanager installieren können.

Princess Bot

Princess hat einige Updates bekommen. So kann sie jetzt Minen vermeiden, Verbündete anweisen zu fliehen und sie nutzt Battle Armors jetzt, um auch wirklich Anti Mech Attacks durchzuführen.




+ PR #2816: Board Editor Layout Scaling
+ PR #2852: Board Hex Fluff Transitions
+ PR #2877: Report Messages Cleanup
+ PR #2879: Remove unnecessary logging and bot processing of human-readable round reports
+ Issue #2704: Indicate that units may still move on facing arrow
+ Issue #2878: Princess configuration dialog no longer locks up when trying to click Ok
+ Issue #2886: Wreck sprites display correctly when zoomed; removed wreck sprite labels; indicator of what’s wrecked shows up in tooltip popup
+ PR #2887: Menu bar scales with the rest of the GUI
+ PR #2885: Fix „weird“ keybind defaults
+ Issue #2884: preventing Array Index Out of Bound error when adding bombs to a LAM
+ PR #2880: „De-hexed“ water and pavement (partial-looking water and pavement hexes that are functionally water and pavement, but look more „realistic“ like the recent physical CGL hex maps)
+ PR #2869: Camouflage: Deadborder Pack, Base Component Swapover
+ PR #2898: Princess will now do her best to avoid known minefields
+ PR #2896: Base Components: Using proper locale
+ PR #2903: Camouflage: Layered Overlay
+ Issue #2883: Can once again issue flee command to allied bots, but need to specify an edge (see docs);
Can set bot destination edge to ’nearest‘, causing its units to move to the nearest board edge
+ PR #2912: Show all locations for spreadable equipment in summary view
+ PR #2916: CommonMenuBar maintenance (checkbox items)
+ Issue #2897: Princess will now attack with swarming BA
+ Issue #2888: Princess can no longer unjam tank weapons/turret or use searchlight when unit crew is unconscious
+ PR #2924: Per current errata, „short“ buildings now provide partial cover for tall units (e.g. mechs) rather than enclosing them completely
+ PR #2923: Prototype TSM
+ Issue #2672: Fuel Tank Magnitude Tooltip Correction
+ PR #2915: Improved unit image scaling in the lobby
+ Issue #929: Narced status on unit tooltip
+ Issue #2920: Prevent lock-up when resolving homing artillery attacks vs tagged hex
+ PR #2929: Players can now skip deploying minefields
+ Issue #2543: Board images save at current zoom, game summary at zoom 1
+ PR #2910: UnitReadoutDialog Standardization
+ Issue #2917: Fixing Structured_Water directory reference
+ Issue #2003: Fix terrain exit issue in map editor
+ PR #2937: CommonMenuBar and MovementDisplay Menu entry corrections
+ PR #2941: Prevent rendering failures in lobby when using LAMs in fighter mode
+ PR #2934: Complete Anti-TSM „Green Smoke“ warhead implementation
+ Issue #2762: Improve the Minimap and fix empty summary screenshots
+ Data:New Sprites, Rec Guide 14 (also renaming folder to match MUL), more units with Fluff text.




+ Issue #912: Changing AMS, A-Pod, and B-Pod display text from PD to PB
+ Issue #905: Preventing Full Head Ejection NPE
+ PR #917: Remove prototype heatsinks from equipment tab
+ PR #918: Show unused tonnage in the status bar
+ PR #919: Show multiple equipment locations on the record sheet
+ Issue #870: Wrong aerospace fighter speed in clipboard export
+ Issue #871: Partial Wing heat dissipation on record sheet
+ Issue #873: Beagle Active Probe range on record sheet
+ Issue #885: Heat Sink/Laser Insulator Interaction on Vehicles
+ Issue #886: Prototype Triple Strength Myomer
+ Issue #884: Reengineered laser damage type
+ PR #926: Enable infantry field guns to use HVACs, if you wanted to do that for some reason
+ Issue #888: Artemis IV Validation
+ Issue #890: Mixed Tech QuaddVee Compact Heat Sinks multiple problems
+ Issue #897: Additional peculiar entry for Clan Machine-Gun Ammo
+ Bug: IS MASC not filtered out with Clan tech base




+ Issue #2620: Adding Missing Leadership Column in Personnel Tab
+ Issue #2625: Properly Clear Tech Units on Person removal/retirement
+ PR #2617: Contract Command Rights Enum and Tool Tips
+ PR #2637: Personnel Names
+ PR #2651, #2688, #2698, #2701, #2702: Various StratCon fixes:
– Updated arrival altitude for aerospace fighter reinforcement modifiers (they were showing up on the ground)
– Standardized „recon“ type scenarios to have the same criteria as Tukayyid scenarios
– Various briefing text clarifications
– Store artillery offboard status between campaign saves
– On Integrated command, don’t immediately and incorrectly undeploy lances after generating scenarios
– Adjusted manual force deployment rules (unlimited stacking on allied facilities, one per hex otherwise, no manual deployment under integrated command)
– Tighten up reinforcement restrictions (can’t deploy units that can’t actually deploy; can’t double deploy units; can now only deploy fight lances or have to use a support point/VP)
– VTOLs no longer start on the ground in certain situations, for real
– Removed extraneous „recon turrets“ modifier span for recon raid contracts
– Tighten up strategic objective generation; correct objective coordinate display
– Removed extraneous references to contract score in some scenario modifiers; water-naval units may rarely make an appearance
– More robust transport loading code
– Bot now has access to Arrow IV external ordnance, won’t load 20 TAG pods on a single fighter.
– Prevent double deployment of units and forces to individual scenarios
+ PR #2656: Cleaning up a few erroneous Campaign GUI properties
+ PR #2655: Ensuring BotForce has a Valid Base Camouflage
+ PR #2622: Camouflage: Deadborder Pack, Base Component Swapover
+ PR #2653: Expanding File/Refresh Capabilities
+ PR #2652: Personnel Table Expanded Randomization Functionality
+ Issue #2659: Hangar Report: Adding IndustrialMech Section and Missing Combat Vehicle Super Heavy Nodes
+ Issue #2642: StratCon Tab: Force Table Background Doesn’t Work Properly in Nimbus
+ Issue #2610: Adding Tech Officer migration from the reference class
+ Issue #2534: Fixing Missing Clan Check For Endo Steel Location Repairs
+ Issue #2382: Large Vessel Clan Repair and Maintenance modifier no longer applies to Clanners
+ PR #2667: Preventing NONE Primary Role Hiring
+ Issue #2485: Default Subcontract Name, Briefing Tab Mission Tracking
+ PR #2284: MHQ Options: Adding Colours Customizability
+ Issue #2491: Allow extra time for maintenance per StratOps/New CamOps repair/maintenance rules.
+ Issue #2661: Can no longer select the same unit across multiple selectors in StratCon scenario management UI.
+ Issue #2548: Making ROM Designation and Manei Domini Class and Rank part of the rank system data
+ Issue #2529: Fixing refit display so it no longer includes the pilot’s BV
+ PR #2678: Adding Personnel Tab Grouping and Filter Tool Tips
+ PR #2540: Factions Data Customizability Expansion and Cleanup
+ PR #2677: Ignorable Nag Dialogs
+ Issues #2636 and #2658: AdvanceDaysDialog Rework: Advancement-based Modality, Expanded Buttons, Persistent Daily Report
+ PR #2634: AtB Enum (Morale, Contract Type, Lance Role) tooltips
+ PR #2691: ResolveScenarioWizardDialog Uses Standardized Entity Readout Dialog for Unit Views
+ Issues #2116 and #2589: Improving Rank and Title Sorting
+ PR #2694: Hangar Tab: Maintenance Colour No Longer Shows with Maintenance Disabled
+ PR #2693: GM Tools Dialog Rewrite
+ PR #2422: Improve simple accessibility faults
+ Issue #2703: Defend against parts without campaigns after Refit
+ Issue #2687: Fix error refitting dropship transport bays


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Neue MegaMek Version 49.2
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