MegaMek Development Snapshot 47.10

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. September 2020 von DarkISI

Es gibt einen neuen Development Snapshot für MegaMek, MekHQ und MegaMekLab.

Version 47.10 kommt mit vielen Änderungen, die ich unten gleich aufliste. Denkt bitte daran, dass ihr die neue Version nicht einfach über die alte installiert, sondern in einem neuen Ordner ablegt und eure Savegames rüberkopiert. So vermeidet ihr Probleme.

MegaMek Changelog:

+ Issue #2127 – Physical attack to-hit values incorrect
+ Data: Fed Com armor has wrong modifier.
+ Data: Fluff text (Thx Greekfire) and some royal Sprites.
+ PR #2088: Reduced unnecessary logging for tileset and mech summary cache
+ Issue #2146: Grounded LAMs no longer have to make PSRs when prone and taking damage.
+ Issue #2099: Advanced option to display attacker/defender sprites in the combat log
+ Issue #2141, 2142: Attempts to fix multiple threading-related bot freezes (addressable by kicking and replacing)
+ PR #2148: Out-of-control spheroid dropships in atmo no longer pretend to let the player control movement
+ Data: New Sprites
+ PR #2132: No more sending malformed game data objects over to the server to exploit deserialization vulnerabilities. Sorry.
+ Issue #2150: Fixing Princess Vehicle Abandonment NPE
+ Issue #2089: Generate Names from Specified Historical Ethnicity
+ PR #2158: Press ctrl-k for a handy summary of keyboard shortcuts
+ PR #2103: Graphical upgrade for all unit wrecks, except mechs and infantry.
Immobilized tanks also have a visual indicator depending on motive type and power plant.
+ Data New Sprites, add Rec Guide Vol 1/2 and Golden Century.
+ Data: Updated Maps including AGoAC maps
+ PR #2168: Improvements to Princess behavior when attempting to navigate to a destination/retreat edge
+ Issue #2176: Added multiple „unofficial“ high-powered turrets
+ Data: New Sprites, undated SimonLandmine and Dervs map packs
+ Issue #2029: Skidding into terrain will now properly apply 2x damage to reflective armor
+ Issue #2074: Mech mortars now properly apply only 1/2 damage to reactive armor
+ Issue #2207: Fixing Typo on Partial Repairs tab
+ PR #2194: Princess will avoid bulldozing her own turrets when doing long-range pathfinding
+ Data: New Sprites (Includes start of new Deadborder Proto sprites)
+ Data: Fixing Issues #2203, #2159, #2157, #2145
+ PR #2149: StratOps ECHO maneuver for airborne dropships and warships (basically, torso twisting with an MP/to-hit cost)
+ Issue #2206: Reduced DFA damage to proper levels
+ PR #2219: Track ammo for small support vehicles
+ Issue #2186, 2190: Inconsistent Combat Log Sprites
+ PR #2221: Combat Sprite are now default in the round report
+ PR #2198: New Camo and Portrait Choosers
+ Data: New Protomek Sprites, removing OTP Tokasha as the units are all in Golden Century.
+ Issue #1719: Level 1 Foliage
+ Issue #2212: Diagramming LOS calculation issue

MegaMekLab Changelog:

+ Issue #700: Heat display for IndustrialMechs does not update after changing engine types
+ Issue #722: VSTOL equipment does not appear on fighter record sheets
+ Issue #723: LAMs add pilot data even if none is specified
+ Issue #725: Artillery cannons and infantry record sheets
+ Issue #712: Bug Small craft validation passed with electronics not assigned to a slot
+ Issue #724: Batch exporting to pdf does not add file extension
+ Issue #737: Speed modifier for supercharger on vehicle sheet
+ Issue #738: infantry flamers not marked as flame based
+ Issue #739: Tripods introduction date inaccurate
+ Issue #740: Oddball characters appearing on infantry record sheet
+ PR #760: Edit small SV ammo capacity

MekHQ Changelog:

+ PR #1896: Campaign writeToXml: Fixing Output Spacing Issues
+ Issue #1888: Founder Filter in Personnel Tab
+ Data: Numerous fixes to RATS, Mechfiles, Sprites, and update Unit Roles.
+ PR #1893: Personnel Status: Fixing ChangeStatus, Standardizing Boolean Comparisons, and Implementing Death Options
+ Issue #1808: Adding an Option for the Player to Control All Attached Units
+ Issue #399: AtB campaigns display current parts availability at the bottom; more detailed „this part is not available to your unit“ explanations
+ Issue #1915: Fixing Date Lineup
+ PR #1917: Fixing the Award Tracker post-Ancestors Removal
+ Issue #1920: Fixing xml load for bad Ancestry data
+ PR #1916: Personnel Filter Enum
+ Issue #790: Implementing Non-Combat TO&E Forces
+ PR #1930: Fixing Fill Transports NPE
+ Issue #1829: Fixing Duplicated Nags in AdvanceDaysDialog
+ Issue #470: Mass Training: Rank, No Officer, and Only Officer Filters
+ Issue #1929: Scenario Resolution: Fixing Display Anchor Issues
+ PR #1932: Fixing Total Earnings Display Issues
+ Issue #1941: Person View Panel Ability and Injury Description ToolTip
+ Issue #1296, 1855: Fixed issue preventing customization of units in the meklab when ammunition is added to the unit.
+ Issue #1951: Autosave Does Not Always Initiate On First Load
+ Issue #1922: CrewSkillUpgrader Infinite Loop Fix
+ Issue #1661: Implementing Basic Russian Patronymics
+ Issue #1817: Implementing option to not save customs to XML
+ PR #1949: Fixing Genealogy Removal
+ Issue #1962: Grant kill credit to units from the player’s campaign given to other players for the duration of a megamek scenario
+ Issue #1264: Allow faction capitals to change on a specific date, not just year
+ PR #1966: Fixing Duplicated Siblings
+ PR #1925: Final PR to swap MekHQ to use LocalDate
+ Issue #254: Implementing AtB Battle Chance by Role
+ Issue #1166: Possible fix for missing turrets in AtB base attack/defense missions; still no turrets prior to 2750
+ Issue #1757: Enable Ranks For Captured Prisoners
+ Data: Large dump of current data.
+ Issue #259: Implementing Customizable MekHQ Display Date Formats
+ Issue #1982: Fixing AtBBattleChance for unassigned lances
+ Issue #1984: Implementing useManualMarriages Option
+ Issue #1983: Switching to new form of UUID save format
+ Issue #1952: Personnel Market Updates No Longer Fail in Rare Cases During Person Creation
+ Issue #1981: Fixing NPE when dragging TOE Units and Forces Around
+ PR #1999: Fixing Clan Vehicle Option
+ Issue #2003: Various faction startingPlanet errors in factions.xml
+ PR #2005: AtB: OpFor Uses VTOLs is now default true
+ Issue #1939: Fixing Preset Loading and Reworking Campaign Options Initial Value Load
+ PR #2008: Avoid several process-stopping errors when upgrading bot units with SPAs
+ Issue #2007: Correct required heat sink calculation for refits
+ PR #2009: Moving the Misc Tab to MekHQOptions, Fixing UnitMarketReportRefresh, Properly Localizing lblOpforLocalForceLikelihood
+ Issue #2001: Fixing Lance Display Ordinal Comparison
+ PR #2013: Adding MekHQ option to prefer GZIP in campaign saves
+ Issue #1866: Implementing New Day MRMS Option
+ Issue #630: Improved tracking of integrated heat sink changes during refit
+ Issue #1252: Spare „Targeting Computer“ not used on config change, new one ordered instead
+ Issue #2026: Don’t add phantom parts to warehouse when refitting unit
+ PR #2011: Command Center Unit Market and MRMS MekHQ Display Options

Achtung, folgender Fehler hat sich bei MekHQ eingeschlichen:

Warning: MekHQ preset loading is broken. Any campaign option changes done on the dialog after loading a preset will not apply, nor will the preset after initial load. I would highly recommend starting any new campaigns on previous versions and then upgrading once they have their options saved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

No new issues after known for using a pre-exisiting MekHQ campaign in 0.47.10 at this time outside of loading the preset.

TRO Golden Century bringt euch die Entwicklung der Clantechnologie wie wir sie heute kennen. Darunter natürlich auch die ersten Omnimechs. Mit zwei Einträgen aus meiner Feder (Rhino BA und Omni-Corvis). Greift zu.

Bei Drivethru als PDF und als gedrucktes Buch.

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