Battlechat 17. Dezember 2011

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 17. Dezember 2011 von DarkISI

Heute war/ist wieder Battlechat! Der Erste ist bereits rum, der Zweite findet heute Nacht um 2:00 statt. Für den Ersten gibt es bereits ein Log, vielen Dank dabei an den amerikanischen Forums-User Hammer!
Und jetzt ist auch der zweite Teil online. Viel Spaß mit weiteren 13 Seiten Chat! Der Dank für den zweiten Log geht an den amerikanischen Forums-User maingunnery!

Chat 1:
<roosterboy>: Anyone know if we’ve ever had art of Malavai Fletcher in any published book?
<Habeas2>: Not so far as I can recall….
<Habeas2>: And I’d be the one looking, too
<roosterboy>: Yeah, I didn’t think so but I wasn’t sure.
<Habeas2>: Hello everyone! And welcome to the last BattleChat day of 2011!
<Chinless>: Hi Herb
<Habeas2>: As always, I’m your host, BattleTech Line Developer Herbert Beas, and we begin with the usual reminders:
<Habeas2>: Be courteous and patient; keep your questions short, give me time to answer, and give others a chance to speak.
<Habeas2>: Be good; I will kick anyone who I feel isn’t. No appeals.
<Habeas2>: If anyone wants a log of this chat, it’s on them; I don’t log these chats.
<Habeas2>: This chat will run a minimum of 1 hour, unless I feel particularly bored and lonely and have nothing else to do.
<Habeas2>: With all of that said, the floor’s now open to questions. Come at me, bros!
Habeas2 watches a tumbleweed roll by
<Habeas2>: Must be that kind of day….
<Alex_AFK>: I blame Stone
<xtrahmxwohld>: How’s the replacement BV coming?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – I have charged my people (writers and playtesters) with providing input up through 2 January 2012. AT that point, I plan to begin sifting through the ideas, and if I don’t like any of them, I’ll ram my own version down the collective throat, so… we’re still working on it, yeah.
<atlas>: will the 3067 be done like what the 3055 have a mass one release?. which was very nice to get all the sheets in one swoop..
<Habeas2>: Atlas – We hope so, but that depends entirely on various developmental factors.
<xtrahmxwohld>: is 3067 up next for the CGL reprints?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – Yes
<krazzyharry>: Merry Christmas all!
<Habeas2>: Krazzyharry – Happy Holidays to you as well
<Highball32>: afternoon all
<Habeas2>: Highball32 – Hello
<Bubba>: Goos Morning ,  Is there any Infomation on when we will see „WOR“ supplement?
<Habeas2>: Bubba – At this time, it remains under production. That’s all I can really say.
<GWA>: Well it’s morning in Chicago still.
<GWA>: So good morning all.
<Highball32>: fyi …. the line on the BattleCorps website is wrong. the link does not include the „!“
<Habeas2>: Highball32 – The link to this chat does not automatically add the exclamation point, so simply clicking on it doesn’t work. You need to add the exclamation point manually.
Habeas2 ponders setting the tumbleweeds on fire….
<Bubba>: Thanks for the info.   Will there be any PDF release between now and the end of 2011?
<Bubba>: Like XTRO’s or objectives
<Habeas2>: Bubba – While I would like there to be one, it depends entirely on my ability to plow through several projects at once; we actually have more than four PDF-exclusives that are in final draft form, waiting on me to edit and pass to layout, but other projects took priority first.
<Bubba>: Can you say anything about the other projects?
<Habeas2>: Bubba – They are print books; because they need more time in layout and have to meet schedule demands, they tend to trump any PDF-exclusive work
<xtrahmxwohld>: Any big plans you can tell us about for early 2012?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – Well, nothing extravagant at this time for early 2012, unless you count the AToW Companion and a 3085 Field Manual….
<Damage>: Hey guys!
<Habeas2>: Damage – Hello
<xtrahmxwohld>: speaking of 3085FM, do we have to pester the Dutch to get a wallpaper of the 3085FM cover?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – Oh, by all means, pester the Dutch!
<xtrahmxwohld>: Always! But is he the right one to pester?
<Lance>: the clogboy is always the right person to pester, on general principle.
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – Paul is a good one to pester for website content, yes, considering how he functions as something of a general go-between for us in that regard.
<Gaiiten>: Hello alltogether, my first time.
<Gaiiten>: A question regarding the Clan Homeworlds and Homeclans, will they reappear in future storyline?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Yes. They will. The whens and wheres and other specifics are up for debate, though.
<krazzyharry>: are we going to see an updated FM:Mercs in one form or fashion giving the current status of merc units anytime soon?  Will it include Bc
<krazzyharry>: BC PDF exclusvie PDFs
<Habeas2>: Krazzyharry – We have come to the realization that single-faction books simply don’t sell well. The 3085 FM will update the state of the mercenary industry as well as the rest of the factions active in the post-Jihad Inner Sphere, but don’t expect the sheer detail level of FM:Mercs at this point.
<krazzyharry>: thank you
<Suralin>: Wow. I showed up for the BattleChat and didn’t even know it was happening today. I need to pay more attention.
<Suralin>: Here’s a question from me then: Will there be any rules regarding Mechs whose tech level is in between Primitive and Standard?
<Suralin>: E.g. a mech with Primitive internals and engine, a standard cockpit, and ferro-fibrous armor? In other words, something that breaks the Primitive rules, but is within the realm of possibility in fluff terms.
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Yes, you do need to pay more attention. Your mother and I are very worried about you.
<Suralin>: hahahaha
<Habeas2>: Suralin – In what particular fashion do you mean „between Primitive and Standard“?
<Suralin>: <Suralin>: E.g. a mech with Primitive internals and engine, a standard cockpit, and ferro-fibrous armor? In other words, something that breaks the Primitive rules, but is within the realm of possibility in fluff terms.
<Habeas2>: Suralin – That actualy falls under Mixed Technology rules, since Primitive is basically a Tech Base.
<Suralin>: Eeeeexcellent.
<Lance>: Herb – which of the 15 full-color maps due in Field Manual 3085 is your favorite?
<Habeas2>: Lance – Steiner, of course!
<RodConvoy>: Will we ever discover the true origin of the Green Ghosts?
<Habeas2>: RodConvoy – I normally do not speak to Autobots, but in your case I’ll make an exception… Maybe.
<RodConvoy>: Habeas2 Autobot, I thought I was a Cybertron? ;>
<Suralin>: RodConvoy – You’ve obviously become incredibly confused from spending too much time in a Maximal Torture Chamber.
<Habeas2>: RodConvoy – I recognize only the American continuities; the Japanese ones make no sense to me. Like, at all….
<RodConvoy>: Depends on the creators and translation for Japanese animation  for the most part, but yeah, Japanese Transformers goes to odd places that few should ever tread. RodConvoy is an old moniker.
<Sarcastic>: apologises if already covered, but… What precipitated the change in ‚unseen‘ status of the Osts?
<Habeas2>: Sarcastic – The Osts, upon more practical reflection, were deemed significantly different from their previously presumed origins in the HG line of designs. For example, their legs are upright, rather than reverse-canted; they have full arm actuation, feature different weapon mounts, and the like, from the Robotech Zentraedi Battlepods they are said to reemble. While similarities are unquestionable….
<Habeas2>: Sarcastic – …the fact is, these are really quite different designs in the end, in many significant ways.
<Sarcastic>: Thank you. It’s nice to claw back some art from the darkness…
<Alex_AFK>: wait, Japanese animation makes sense?  Since when?
Alex_AFK has cake!
<Gaiiten>: Due the Homeclans, fine info that. BTW who is (or was) your favourite among the Homeclans?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Hell’s Horses. But now they’re in the Sphere. (Hard for me not to root for the Clan I had the biggest hand in designing.)
<Gaiiten>: But no love for the Stone Lions?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Meh. I’m ambivalent toward them. Nice to have anther „cat“ Clan, though. The ones we had to date really sucked.
<Goose>: Why this doesn’t work in FireFox
<Habeas2>: Goose – STandby.
<GLaDOS-Testing>: Hello.
<GLaDOS-Testing>: Subject_Name: Goose, please be advised that, via Firefox 8.0, this chatroom appears to be functional. However, if you are using an older version of Firefox, or have a conflicting add-on, or perhaps have outdated Java software installed, your performance may be negatively enhanced….
<GLaDOS-Testing>: Subject_Name: Goose, please be advised that, in the event that your performance is negatively enhanced, it may result in a number of undesirable side effects, including a diminished test score, followed by death.
<Goose>: FF 8.0, KarmaBlocker turned off, BetterPrivacy still live
<Goose>: You’ve got’a pick the right ones
<Habeas2>: Goose – Works for me.
<Habeas2>: Goose – I have neither of those addons
<Habeas2>: GLaDOS – Thank you.
<GLaDOS-Testing>: You are welcome.
<Goose>: Well, thanks anyways.
<Gaiiten>: Due the enigmatic defense system of the Ancestral Home, even if we will never get detailed specifications, it would be very, very aprreciated if we could get information how to play with (e.g. reduce damage by energy weapons by 20 percent et cetera) in own scenarios? Ben Rome, I asked, said no, but I hoped for something in WoR: Supplemental.
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – The Ancestral Home had no special defense system. We are taking all published references to it as an unintentional embellishment of the events regarding its combat performance.
<Gaiiten>: Ok, you are polite.
<RodConvoy>: By the way, what is the status of the Supplement?
<RodConvoy>: . . . for Wars of Reaving
<Habeas2>: RodConvoy – You may have missed my earlier response here. The Supplemental is still in development. I cannot say with certainty when it will come out, however, as it has experienced a number of unanticipated delays.
<RodConvoy>: Thank you, Habeas2. I missed the earlier response.
<Bubba>: Will we see TRO 3067 early next year?
<Habeas2>: Bubba – Not terribly early, but next year.
<Trboturtle>: miss much?
<Habeas2>: Trboturtle – You missed GLaDOS. But she didn’t miss you.
<Gaiiten>: Can you tell us about the next releases? Is WoR: Supplemental still targetted for this year?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – WHile I would love to see it done this year, again, I just cannot guarantee it, since this year has a whopping three weeks or so left to it. I also see at least five more PDF-exclusives on my desk, which I will need to edit up for layout work, making them imminent releases, but also delayed.
<xtrahmxwohld>: will there be more Dark Age Turning Points?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – Oh, most definitely!
<Trboturtle>: Is there a possibility of something new between now and the end of the year?
<Habeas2>: Trboturtle – There is always a chance, but it would be PDF-exclusive at this stage.
<Sarcastic>: Any word on the upcoming XTRO Prims?
<Habeas2>: Sarcastic – XTR: Primitives, Volume II is one of the PDF-exclusives on my desk for final editing and layout.
<Sarcastic>: Yay! More primitive goodness!
Suralin hopes the ON1-C shows up in Primitives II
<xtrahmxwohld>: Which DATP is next?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – It is rather difficult to be certain of what the next Turning Point PDF will be, since they’ve reached something of a „fire off whichever one is most ready“ point in the series‘ development. My schedule shows one for Irian comin up next, though.
<Goose>: BattleTech is ‚Mech-centric, as you’ve said a number of times; Teh Game from WizKids seemed to strive not to be: Is this something that needs addressing, and how so?
<Habeas2>: Goose – The WizKids version of the game reflected a period where BattleMech forces were drawn down in size due to a reactionary post-Jihad culture that felt ‚Mechs made warfare too easy. The result was a greater emphasis on combined arms. This will be reflectd in upcoming products on the era.
<Gaiiten>: Though the Homeworlds will be in hibernation for some time to come, do you plan to release a product for past events, something of a Historical or a (smaller) pdf exclusive?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Hard to say. Is there something specific you want to ask for?
<Gaiiten>: Maybe more about the Burrock and Widowmaker Absorption.
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – I show at least one of those in the future schedule, yes
<Trboturtle>: The Wolvine and Mongoose destruction too…..
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Looks that way
<Suralin>: =D
<Gaiiten>: If you have describe 2012 with a short headline, what will be the main theme for? Dark Age?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Star League
<Goose>: If I’m reading things properly, Primitives are all about filling the rosters of the Reunification War. Yet, we seem to get primitive designs for units that seemingly were second gen designs, the ones that primitives made look good (read: Banshee). Is this an oversight?
<Habeas2>: Goose – The premise of the Primitives XTRs is to show us what the earliest generations of BattleMechs were like, and what kind of vehicles, fighters, and such were contemporary to them.
<Hammer>: Any updates on IO and the possible Beta?
<Habeas2>: Hammer – Randall’s on it, so expect something enormous and likely registerable as a lethal weapon.
<Trboturtle>: IO as a WMD?
<Habeas2>: Trboturtle – When dropped off a high enough bulding, I’m certain
<Goose>: What’s that? „Open Beta“ for IO? O_o
<Gaiiten>: That is interesting. AFAIK, there is Historical: Liberation of Terra, part 1, do you plan more products (I beg for details  )
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Yes, there will be supporting products for the Liberation fo Terra Historical in 2012
<Gaiiten>: Something different, what is the status of new printed novels? Can we hope?
<Habeas2>: Gaiiten – Hope away
<Gaiiten>: Ok, I am hopping away  Thank your for your answers.
<Goose>: Where do ASFs fit into the Dark Age? Where they all blown up, and never replaced?
<Habeas2>: Goose – They exist.
<Habeas2>: Nothing further?
<mib_9vyube>: So what is planned for next year?
<Habeas2>: Mib_9vyube – A few of the products for next year include: Historical Liberation of Terra (Volume 1), A Time of War Companion, Field Manual: 3085, and a reprint of TRO: 3067.
<mib_9vyube>: Considering the problems you had with the current box set, is there still hope for the Clan box set?
<Habeas2>: Mib_9vyube – Going to say that, for now, Clan Box Set is on hold indefinitely. And you have no idea how sorry we are for that.
<Suralin>: (random question) If you had to translate BT aerotech combat into an existing engine, what engine would you choose?
<Suralin>: Game engine, I mean.
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Wing Commander II. I loved that game.
<xtrahmxwohld>: the BT ePub books are availible at Amazon, but not BN, any plans to get them into the BN Nook store?
<Habeas2>: Xtrahmxwohld – We hope so
<xtrahmxwohld>: thanks Herb!
<Habeas2>: Final questions, everyone. Second chat of the day scheduled in 7 hours.
Next Live BattleChat! – Saturday, (17 December 2011) at 8 PM (EDT)
Topic set by Habeas2 on Sat Dec 17 2011 11:01:59 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)
<Habeas2>: Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Public Relations Activity.
<Habeas2>: Next chat is scheduled for 8 PM (Eastern) today: That is less than 7 hours from now.
Chat 2:
<Habeas2>: Finally, also in addition, as per usual compliance with established chat
protocols, the BattleTech Line Developer and guest of honor for this chat (meyself)
welecomes you to this Catalyst Game Labs BatleTech Line Developer-aided Public
Relations Activity. The floor is now open to questions from the chat attendees….
<Habeas2>: (o)
<Orin>: Question: After the „Big Leap“ – will you use the Jihad approach to the next era (hotspots type books covering 2-3 years of in-universe time) or another method of advancing the storyline?
<Habeas2>: Orin – Various story-telling methods will be used in the future timelines for BattleTech; we’d hate to be restricted in the use (or disuse) of any one.
<Maingunnery>: Will the news articles for MWO be considered to be canon?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – No
<sarcasmo>: Any movement on the novel front, either DTF or EPUB.
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Yes, but at this moment I cannot get into it.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, Space Combat has re devolved into assault dropships being the primary offensive combat element, with FTL capable ships being relegated to defense of important worlds. by the time we get to 3150, will manufacture of FTL capable combat vessels resume?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Not so much, sorry. That is still too close to the Dark Age period, where WarShips remain effectively extinct.
<JPArbiter>: no need to apologise, it was curiosity on my part is all
<Oystein>: JPArbiter – remember that there are still dozens of WarShips around in the Inner Sphere, and we will not be going to the „WarShips are bling“ mentality that some people seems to want, that WarShips are not to be used.
<LoPan>: Who will be doing aerospace artwork now that the great Mr. Chaffee has passed?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Likely a variety of artists, based on their capabilities. Brent Evans (the CGL art director) largely handles that angle of development.
<sarcasmo>: Will we see a boarding of Sub-Cap weapons, gauss or PPCs?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – A „boarding“? Can you clarify that question?
<sarcasmo>: dur… broadening
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Not terribly likely, really.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, post time jump, have you determined which of the wizkids generated characters are more/less important then who has gotten „screen time“ in dark age novels
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – We have considered which characters will be importnt and which will eventually fall by the wayside. As is normal for a large and complex universe, though, you can expect a lot of names to turn up and pass away throughout the course of the timeline
<Maingunnery>: I have heard that TPTB want to use BF stats as basis for BV3, but are TPTB prepared to adjust the BF conversion process so that the BF stats closely match TW performance?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – The present BF conversion process provides a very functional translation of unit capabilities in gameplay, to the point where even damaged units can be retranslated back from BF to TW scale gameplay, so I see no need for further complexity in the conversion system
<LoPan>: Is Battlecorps doing all right? Three stories in the last two months…
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Frankly, BattleCorps is experiencing a lack of incoming content that can get through continuity and musters the quality Jason Schmetzer considers to be viable. We do not wish to start publishing crap or fanfic, after all….
<Orin>: From what I understand there are legal issues around who can write official record sheet software. Heavy Metal (for various reasons) seems to be MIA – is there likely to be a resolution to this where another „official“ product that does construction/BV or is this unresolvable in the near to medium term?
<Habeas2>: Orin – At this time, HeavyMetal Pro remains the official software and is undergoing a long-overdue update, but it is highly unlikely that we will see anything near- to medium-term as you put it, which works for all units at the level of
exectations I have ben demanding.
<sarcasmo>: Have all the unseens been given the „primitive“ treatment, or will there be some that miss out?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – No. Some „Unseen“ models simply did not exist in the „Primitive“ era.
<sarcasmo>: So I should try to submit that BC story, after all?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Yes, you probably should. If it’s crap, it’ll be rejected, of course.
<sarcasmo>: Jason scares me…
<JPArbiter>: it’s okay sarcasmo, the only reason I have never submitted anything is I know I am a crap writer.
<Orin>: I’m glad my editors don’t tweet when they are going through my stuff
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Jason scares everyone.
<ANSKamas>: Can Jason scare himself?
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – Only if he manages to write as badly as some of my writers have.
<Suralin>: It can’t be worse than Twilight.
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Well, it can. That’s what’s frightening
<Scott_SR>: Can you tell us anything about what might be some of the first few SL-era releases next calendar year?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – There are, at this point, two supporting projects slated for next year that are designed to compliment the first volume of the Historical: Liberation of Terra duology. They are: A Field Manual, and an Era Report book.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, there has been a disturbance in the force regarding several issues of Marvel’s „the Avengers“ using derivatives of certain content. has there been any investigation as to whether art or images firmly inside the battletech property are involved as well? or is this more of a wait and see situation
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – What Marvel Comics does with its IP is it’s own problem. And, honestly, the legal teams involved would have to be Topps‘ not Catalyst’s.
<Orin>: Which release in 2011 were you most happy with?
<Habeas2>: Orin – All of them. Every time a book goes out, I consider it a victory, do a little happy dance, and cry at the mound of work that piled up while I was trying to be happy.
<ANSKamas>: Suralin: Have you ever used reflective armor?
<Suralin>: ANSKamas: I tend to avoid it personally, but that’s because I’m so used to seeing ballistics everywhere…
<Scott_SR>: It’s not listed on the „coming releases section of the BT website, are there still plans to make a „Objectives: Clans“ pdf? A Periphery one?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Yes
<sarcasmo>: Has anyone ever submitted crossover BT for BC?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Crosover? No, mainly because such a product would have to be a joke. After all, BattleTech has only one continuity.
<sarcasmo>: No, I mean has anyone TRIED to submit such a story?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Oh, yes. I’m pretty sure they have.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, what would you like for Christmas?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – A time control device, or access to the entire Soviet nuclear stockpile….
<Maingunnery>: Are there plans to ‚update‘ the Core book series after IO is finished?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – Someday
<bubba>: We will ever see Record sheets for Industrial Mechs and all there MOD’s?
<Habeas2>: Bubba – Yes
<LoPan>: Since their images appeared in RS3055U, are the Unseen from VMI once again allowed? How about the original Solaris ‚Mechs that also appeared there?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – In all honesty, I was not aware those images were used. The Record Sheet books are handled by Randall Bills as an incidental project.
<Scott_SR>: are there currently plans to make official record sheets for any more superheavy mechs like what we saw in J:FR?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Yes
<LoPan>: So it is Randall who must survive the burning blade, tame the savage heart?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – I was thinking „emerge alive from under the speeding bus“, but whatever.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, in Jihad, Final Reckoning, a letter from David Lear to Devlin Stone emphasis the importance of keeping a tight grip on Word of Blake Super Tech. whill they be successful, or by 3085, will the houses/clans have either built from examples or emulated some of it
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – COnsidering what we have seen in in the 3140s, the Republic successfully maintains most of the super WoB tech for itself.
<ANSKamas>: Most? Then, at least a little slips out, or is it just leftover scraps from the war that were captured?
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – Few secrets can be kept once others have sniffed out a sample of them. And WoB’s fall left quite a few samples.
<ANSKamas>: Have you added any new artists to the stable for the next TRO (I believe you mentioned in a previous chat one for the 3150 era would be next) that haven’t been seen yet?
<Habeas2>: ANSKansas – Our Technical Readout schedule has changed, so TR: 3150 may not be the next one out after all. But, of course, we’re always adding artists.
<Scott_SR>: I think I asked before, but is there going to be a supplemental for H:RW that will include the various record sheets?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – No such supplement is currently in our plans.
<Scott_SR>: are there plans to produce record sheets for the units in H:RW then?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – At some point, yes.
<LoPan>: Have you any plans to work any more designs from Battletechnology or the MechForce publications into canon?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Undecideed. Fact is, both of those sources are far from canonical and each design from those sources has to be re-evaluated.
<Orin>: Is a Catalyst reprint of TRO 3067 on the horizon or somewhere over it?
<Habeas2>: Orin – We plan to have a 3067 reprint out before the end of 2012.
<ANSKamas>: Is the next TRO the 3067, or is there a new product intended between that and 3150?
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – There exists a possibility that we may attempt a STar League-era TRO as added support for the 2012 products, though said TRO would NOT be out in 2012
<sarcasmo>: Pre or post 2750 for the SL TRO?
<ANSKamas>: That’s fine, just curious. I’d love to see an earlier Star League TRO, say 2650 or so.
<ANSKamas>: And it could always be an addition to a future TRO as well – something like the Royals section in ’75
<Orin>: Do you regularly read the published BC fiction or is it something you usually don’t have time for?
<Habeas2>: Orin – I rarely have time to read anything these days; after all, my job entails reading, editing, and procesing the work of about 12 writers per product, and getting them to layout as soon as possible so I can get to the next job.
<Orin>: I suspected that might be the case ;-(
<JPArbiter>: Mr Beas, will the 3067 re release be a conventional reprint aking to TRO 3060, or an update/upgrade to account for the rapid technology developed between 3067 and 3090?
<Suralin>: To add on to JPArbiter’s question, will new ’67 record sheets be part of that rerelease?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Akin to 3060, the 3067 TRO reprint is merely a rebranding under CGL licence.
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Yes, Record Sheets are being planned for concurrent release.
<Habeas2>: Sorry. I was just assaulted by a cat
<sarcasmo>: So Herb, are you saying you need an assistant/underling/minion?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – A little of both.
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – I have an assistant, underlings, and minions.
<Oystein>: <— underling
<JPArbiter>: did you forget to feed your master?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Oscar simply wants attention and is prepared to destroy my workstation to get it
<LoPan>: Do the Green Ghosts have a fleshed-out backstory, or do they exist as just a vague mystery even to the writers?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – The funny thing about mysteries; as soon as I explain them, they’re no longer mysteries. Which would you prefer: To KNOW, or to be able to GUESS?
<Scott_SR>: Do you feel that the 95 ton hellstar mech is too powerful or optimized? How involved are you in design creation in general?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Up until TRO: Prototypes, I took very little active involvement in unit designs. Starting with TRO: Prototypes, I assumed complete control over the proces to remove conflict between writing and art.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, a fluff question for my own curiosity. the 53rd and 54th shadow divisions. can you share thier names with us, and do they follow the conventional color schemes of the other shadow Divisions, or do something different?
<JPArbiter>: by names I mean something akin to „Dantillion’s Dirge“ or „Eiglos’s Hell Knights“
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – The 53rd and 54th Shadows essentially died half-formed. We ceded their colors and other details to the CSO guys, since they were effectively annihilated as soon as they were introed.
<BJones>: Herb, with the tech level changes in TROrototypes and the „New BV“ being worked on, are we looking at new releases of the core rulebooks some time after Strat Ops being released? Does the „New BV“ have implications for the development of Strat Ops?
<BJones>: errrr Int Ops not strat ops in my question above sorry
<Habeas2>: BJones – WHile it is possible the new BV system will prompt a re-release in core rulebooks, all current books are continuing to use BV2 for references, and whatever succeeds BV may be released in a separate form until such time as reprints become feasible.
<Scott_SR>: Is the current story plan to spend some/all CY2012 looking back at the star league, and then move to ~3130+ starting in 2013, back half of 2012, or some other timeframe?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – There will be some „presnet day“ references in products throughout 2012, but many of the products will have a Star League focus, as we have recently decided to take a break from the post-Jihad period. By 2012’s end, though, you will see plot advancement toward the 3100s and beyond.
<Suralin>: Will the BV3 of various units be published in the MUL?
<Habeas2>: Suralin – Yes
<LoPan>: Some older products have illustrations of ‚Mechs that exist nowhere else. Ever considered giving them a TRO entry?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Examples, please? We have taken pains to try and get all of the older designs into TROs
<sarcasmo>: ComStar Sourcebook had a few..
<sarcasmo>: The Toyoma got one but there were a couple others, I will search page numbers later.
<Goose>: the really alien thing in the back of the TactHand
<Habeas2>: Goose/Sarcasmo – Those were just artistic renders, many likely drawn by artists with no real referene frames, working on tight deadlines or just trying to be cool; they do not really merit designs.
<LoPan>: The ComStar Sourcebook and McCarron’s Armored Cavalry, for example, contained illustrations of ‚Mechs that appeared nowhere else. They had no stats, just images.
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Illustrations without any stats or even names are not considered viable eferences for designs. There are too many ways an artist can „creatively reinterpret“ a design (or just plain get it wrong) for us to justify spending the time
and energy justifying them.
<mostrojoe>: I sthere any idea to produce a Solaris VII new set like the old 80s-90s one?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – No
<Orin>: The Hexpacks are great – even though I have all the published maps – I’d like to see new Hexpacks being released regularly as they are a great game aid. I hope the sales justify it.
<Habeas2>: Orin – More Hexpacks are coming, yes
<mostrojoe>: I’d like to see hex packs too, a „space“ one for sure, but perhaps you will have to go first with other sets…
<mostrojoe>: So it will be not possible to have rules to manage and run a gladiator staple?
<mostrojoe>: There will be optional rule sets coming out, even in some .pdf form?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Technically, a galdiator stable works well as a merc unit, and rules for mercenary ops will appear in IO.
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Yes
<mostrojoe>: Well was talking about something like, bets in the arenas, ability to call more or less public, to have earnings by holos… or differences between different game worlds, a thing is fightin‘ in Solaris VII another is fightin‘ on Astrokasky
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – A lot of that is role-playing territory
<Conspiracy>: Are there plans to add quirks to existing mechs?
<Habeas2>: Conspiracy – Yes
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, it has been stated before that the Starter series has been enough of a sales dissapointment to kill the line, even as a pdf only series. would you as the line developer be willing to revisit the concept after a long enough period of time
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – It would need to be in a very fresh fashion, but maybe
<Orin>: My FLGS keeps saying „AToW Companion: Coming Soon“ – are they on drugs?
<Habeas2>: Orin – They are not on drugs, but „soon“ depends on a lot of factors. We’re still writing Companion.
<Orin>: It’s more that they make it seem „imminent“ (and have done so for the last six months)
<Habeas2>: Orin – Not very imminent, no. As I said: Still writing.
<mostrojoe>: There will ever be naval supplements? Or „citytech“ boxes with building miniatures in them?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Not at this time. Aerospace-centric products do not sell well for BattleTech. Indeed, our worst selling product ever was an AeroTech product.
<Scott_SR>: Is there any chance that we will be seeing the release of FM:3085 today by chance? <crosses fingers hopefully>
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – No
<LoPan>: Is another Battlecorps antholoy print book planned for anytime soon?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – BattleCorps anthologies are yearly books, so I’d say we’re almost due for another
<mostrojoe>: Can you give some hints about the arguments the optional rules will touch? Or what part of the game you think can be the object of these future optional rule sets?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – I’m confused. What arguments?
<mostrojoe>: After canyons hexpack you can tell us what are the next ideas taken in consideration for hexpacks?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Hexpack: Woods and Hills is in development as we speak.
<Orin>: any box sets planned after Clan?
<Habeas2>: Orin – No.
<mostrojoe>: Well you said „yes“, but I can make mistakes, that some optionla rules for Battletech will be released. And I wanted to know about what sides of the game you think optional rules could be released
<mostrojoe>: sorry I am just writing fast because there are only 10 minutes my fault
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – There are tons and tons (and tons) of more optional rules we can make for BattleTech; we don’t actually wait for arguments to develop to make them, either. I have even considered a supplement just to codify how to play various sports using BattleMechs
<mostrojoe>: thank Herb
<JPArbiter>: Battlemech Ice Hokey… that would be hilarious
<WolfLancer4>: battletech sports? sweet! it would kinda be like Grind from Privateer Press
<ANSKamas>: Don’t forget the powerups from the Tacops april fools thing.
<LoPan>: BattleMech sports rules would be great because it works as either a joke product or a Solaris product.
<Suralin>: JPArbiter: Heh. We could make all kinds of jokes to… break the ice…
*badump tsshh*
<Habeas2>: WolfLancer4 – I’m not familiar with that product
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – Oh, I’ll never forget that one.
<WolfLancer4>: its kinda like soccer with Steamjacks/warjacks from their game Warmachine
<JPArbiter>: Two Words, Panther Kickball
<Habeas2>: This cha is still going strong enough, so I will extend it for another 30 minutes at least.
<Scott_SR>: can you tell us anything about planned future pdf only product lines?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – SOmeday, the PDF series will become self-aware and take over the world.
<Scott_SR>: dangerous!
<Orin>: Randall mentioned in a recent interview that if he’d been in his current position when the Clans had been specced out, he’d (I’m paraphrasing) have made them very powerful at short ranges but not so powerful at long ranges (as they seem to favour short range intense engagements). If you were in that hypothetical situation, would you have gone in that direction or another one
<Habeas2>: Orin – Probably a different one.
<JPArbiter>: would this include Battlemech Gymnastics, as a play on the Delrio Trilogies handstanding pack hunter?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Check out p. 224, ATOW.
<ANSKamas>: Considering we have throwing rules, I could see those adapted to kicking rules, and Solaris the game world would be the perfect place for such a thing.
<mostrojoe>: So for an exemple, you think there will not be optional rules for something like stacking units or other things like that?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Um, we have rules for stacking…
<mostrojoe>: yes you have rules for stacking but they have some things that I find strange, like savannah masters that occupy the same space of a 100-ton heavy tank. Obvioulsy is only a my point of view, but I ever thought that little vehicles should be considered difefrently. This can for obvious reasons complicate the game too much, but as an optional set of rules a mor
<mostrojoe>: just my opinion obviously
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Stacking covers „tactical control of the hex“. technically speaking, one could probably fit an entire lance of 100-ton BattleMechs in one hex, but in a combat scenario, that’s not a lot of maneuvering space, so it’s not permissible „terrain“
<mostrojoe>: * but as an optional set of rules a more detailed system can be devised. I ever thought that a good idea is to treat vehciles under 20 tons in a different way.
<mostrojoe>: Another idea is to give the motorized infantry options that you can achieve using the support vehicles construction rules in TechManual, this is not the right place to talk about points of view abiut the rules I think anyway
<mostrojoe>: Just want to know if some optional points of view could be published in future. Something not tournament valid but still official and not left to house ruling
<mostrojoe>: Yes the „tactical“ space in a hex is the main reason two vehicles only are admitted in a hex, but for an exemple 4 savannah masters in a same hex could cover tactically the space that two bulldogs or maxims take. So you couyld have an entire platoon of savannahs in the same hex, or a a series of 4 trucks in the same hex, again just talking
<mostrojoe>: the validity of the playability of a tournament game takes obviously the precedence
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Perhaps, but it certainly adds to the complications. Still, I can imagine a way….
<mostrojoe>: in a few words that’s what I was talking about when I was talking about optional rules, just more detailed rules that delve into compluications, obviously nothing good for a tournament, but it will be an official catalyst source
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – I recommend tabling what could be a lengthy debate over how to handle ultra-light vehicles
<mostrojoe>: just checking the meaning of the word „tabling“ anyway I can imagine what you mean. Not the place this one to talk about rules obviously. But I like to know if some sort of „Maximum Tech“ will be seen in future, despite the presence of the excellent TO book
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – I mean that we set that particular discussion aside for a more appropriate venue, as it is running long and may confuse others.
<mostrojoe>: (Yes I understood well then, thanks all for patience)
<mostrojoe>: I really like the sports idea, many gaming worlds are in the BT universe so perhas interesting fields can be discovered still really good idea
<Maingunnery>: Did you manage to stop any pony references from being introduced in Battletech?
<ANSKamas>: And to follow up that question of Maingunnery’s, what’s the official stance on pop culture references in general?
<Orin>: Isn’t Hells Horses being renamed Clan Brony?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – As many as I saw.
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – Pop culture refs are tolerable only in very small doses. When they become commonplace, this is no longer BattleTech
<Habeas2>: Orin – Over your dead body.
<ANSKamas>: Habeas2 – I bid myself re: Orin and dead bodies.
<LoPan>: Have you considered doing a more traditional boardgame like the old Succession Wars t otry t ograb a wider audience?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – Yes.
<Scott_SR>: do you have a favorite IS clan in the ~3080 time frame? If so, what makes them your favorite?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Clan Hell’s Horses will always be my favorite. I am biased there.
<Orin>: I know you don’t have it on the radar at the moment – but would love a separate QSR book that compiles everything into one place. I’m still not 100% sure that I play QSR properly
<Habeas2>: orin – Quick-Start or Quick-Strike?
<Orin>: Quick Strike – the mod battle force for individual mechs
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – We’d have to wait and see if a Quick-Strike rules compile is in the cards. Maybe as a PDF-exclusive. Not sure.
<Maingunnery>: That would be fine
<Orin>: +1 Quick STrike Rules combine. Would also like to see more record sheets
<Habeas2>: (I’m a little confused here; isn’t Quick-Strike entirely found in StratOps?)
<JPArbiter>: is that why despite having Can Stone Lion, there were no Voltron References that I could see in WoR?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Dear Cat, yeah
<sarcasmo>: Any chance of learning what mechs Filtvelt produces at Coalition Arms, anytime soon?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Wait for FM: 3085
<sarcasmo>: Yay!!! The Herb is WISE
<Maingunnery>: Will we ever see a small starter box with BF rules? (I like small boxes, very portable)
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – Maybe, but at present, I cannot say, as all Box Sets after the 25th Anniversary Intro are now on indefinite hold.
<mostrojoe>: is there a Battlecorps anthology volume 3 in sight?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – The compilation and publication of BattleCorps anthologies largely falls on the shoulders of Jason Schmetzer and Loren COleman, and as such I don’t have precise (or even estimated) dates there
<JPArbiter>: I dunno the Khans command cluster where one star is painted Black, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue would be subtle enough
<Scott_SR>: as a CHH fan, do you enjoy using/designing protos? Do you think they are underutilized, either in gameplay or in writing?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – I hardly ever play BattleTech any more, actually. Too busy writing it. I think protos have a certain potential, especially now that they have a superheavy category, but how much/little they should be used is ultimately up to the players
<JPArbiter>: speaking of FM 3085, I recognize the PPC catapult on the cover, but what of the cut off mech on the right side of the cover?
<Goose>: Is there „proper“ way to play CBT? I keep hearing about pick-up games, and know too many whom want to „grind“ with period-correct ‚Mechs, whereas I like to see Second Manassas reenacted, using designs with a little help from HMP, if you know what I mean. Is there a style TPTB design for?
<Habeas2>: Goose – The proper way to play BattleTech? Whatever you and yours find fun. You want a simple slugfest, have at it. You want a strategic campaign, have at it. You want aliens, have at it. We don’t send corporate cops out to check your work.
<ANSKamas>: Habeas2 – as an idle thought, has anyone tried to make the powerup rules work with Quick Strike? That seems to be something that might work better with the sort of ‚video game feel‘ of the idea. Frankly I thought it was cool, though I wasn’t a fan of them being a „real world“ thing.
<Orin>: Your earlier statement means the Clan Boxed Set on indefinite hold?
<JPArbiter>: supplimenting Orin’s question is this due to the difficulties Randall Mentioned in his blogs regarding chinese factories?
<Habeas2>: Orin – Yes
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – That’s part of it
<mostrojoe>: there will ever be mech that can be used only by crews of 2?
<mostrojoe>: some sort of F-14 Tomcat in Battletech sauce
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – The Colossi in the Dark Age setting are three-man BattleMechs
<mostrojoe>: ops sorry I don’t know the Colossi, but this is good news
<sarcasmo>: Are you holding off of any products till the BV issue is resolved?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – No, but don’t expect to see BV in any future XTRs
<Scott_SR>: was there any particular metaplot reasoning for creating the breakaway calderon proptectorate? for example „how can we make more periphery nations?“
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Not really, but it sure helped us find a way to end the Taurians‘ suicide war against the FedSuns! (I was actually a bit worried for a few moments there…)
<Maingunnery>: For which time period are you now most excited to fluff?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – The period after the Dark Age
<Orin>: was the „deep periphery“ sourcebook ever going to happen in some form (I know that faction specific sourcebooks have sales issues)
<Habeas2>: Orin – It was penciled in as part of the second Periphery Handbook, but ultimately scrapped.
<mostrojoe>: I have more than 200 games under my belt, but BT still is my favourite despite I see something can be hard to understand for new players. The long series of modificators in particular is the greatest obstacle I have in teaching the game. Do you think that counters with printed modificators could be seen in future?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Yes, actually. It is also worth noting that various third-party companies (such as Litko) make game markers that can easily be purposed for BattleTech games
<sarcasmo>: Will you miss the nuclear free for all of the Jihad?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – Given what I’m planning for the post-Dark Age, less than you may think.
<sarcasmo>: Deep periphery as a PDF only?
<Habeas2>: Sarcasmo – There is simply no money in it.
<mostrojoe>: you think hexpacks will be the new bread and butter product in future? There is an invasion of TROs actually, due to pdf media too
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – No, Hexpacks won’t likely reach TRO sales levels
<Maingunnery>: Comparing FM3067 and FM3085, what are the differences in content type? (FM3067 is one of my fav sourcebooks)
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – Stylistically, Field Manual: Updates (3067) and 3085 follow the same approach. FM: 3085, however, will have more detail on the formation of the RotS, 15 beautiful maps, all-new Advanced RATs, and even role-playing support for the post-Jihad period.
<Maingunnery>: sweet
<Scott_SR>: do we have any official verdict on the existence of protomechs in clan snow raven forces in the 3080’s?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – *checks*
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – *checks*
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – *checks*
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – *checks some more*
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Oh, there it is! Yes!
<LoPan>: Can you tell us what PDF products are next in the pipeline?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – XTR: ComStar, XTR: Primitives (Volume 2), Objectives: Lyran Alliance, Dossiers: Bounty Hunter are the four most immediate ones on my desk.
<Orin>: I liked the United Hindu Collective entry in ED: AoW. I wonder if you could ever do that sort of PDF exclusive short coverage for deep periphery nations (couple of pages for a couple of bucks) – each nation a separate product
<Habeas2>: Orin – That would be hard to justify, really,
<mostrojoe>: I don’t know how IO will deal with planetary invasions, but you think that planetary maps will be more easily seen in future? Or that some sort of Atlas of the border worlds will ever see the light? A product that can help you set and organize an operation in the federated/draconis border for an exemple
<Habeas2>: Mostroejoe – Planetary invasion maps will likely not be very common; we just do not feel they will sell well, and the art costs are prohibitive.
<Scott_SR>: is CSR likely to see any new proto designs in the semi-near future, or are CHH [and sorta CNC] the only ones getting that love?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Actually, in the post-Jihad, it really seems that only the Horses are seeing new Protos. Everything else is kind of refit-tech
<mostrojoe>: There will ever be new types of units after the introduction of the WiGEs?
<mostrojoe>: For an exemple GEVs
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Yes.
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – No GEVs, though. We already have hovers and WiGEs, but no gravity manipulation tech exists in BT
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas way back when Total Warfare was brand spanking new, it was stated that the core rulebook series would be capped off with a „Universe Book.“ is that still likely to happen?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – The Universe Book is being re-examined, since we already went past the number of core books planned. It isn’t gone, mind you; it’s just being looked at for a different use.
<mostrojoe>: I do not remeber if I asked it yet, I apologize if yes. There will ever be some book that will brilliantly show the many uniforms of the BT factions? I remeber a lot of descriptions about patch or insignias on the uniforms, but they are easily messed up in some art pieces
<mostrojoe>: the old Fasa sourcebooks were more concise abiut these lovely little things
<sarcasmo>: …and less concise about everything else…
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Again, as with all art-based products, it is very unlikely.
<LoPan>: Will the Quadvee from Technology of Destruction get some more explanation as to what it is?
<Habeas2>: LoPan – The QuadVee is one of the „new units“ we have yet to see rules for, yes.
<JPArbiter>: was the idea to make it a „Hitchikers Guide to the Inner Sphere?“
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Something like that, yes.
<mostrojoe>: and some exemple or hints about new types of units, just to make us dream… drool… buzz about..
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – I have already mentioned two in this chat, including the QuadVee.
<mostrojoe>: oh sorry
<Habeas2>: Final questions, people?
<Scott_SR>: have you played the new skyrim video game?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – No
<mostrojoe>: and… pardon me but… what is a Quad wee? It something that has four… what?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – We’re not sure; it got a passing reference in MechWariror: Technology of Destruction, so we get to make it up
<Scott_SR>: have the nova cats always carried a „please kick me!“ sign?
<Habeas2>: Scott_SR – Only once I took over the line.
<LoPan>: Tell me about Maio Yin. What province is she from? Hunan? Her father? He must be a holy man. I must know!
<Habeas2>: LoPan – O.o
<Suralin>: LoPan – You got a tongue, Dave, ask ‚er yourself.
<Maingunnery>: Will be see more tech becoming tournament legal in DA as we saw in 3090?
<Habeas2>: Maingunnery – Maybe.
<mostrojoe>: Well enough for me I „machine gunned“ my questions, sorry for that.
<JPArbiter>: Mr. Beas, a softball for you. who do you think is the Snarkiest Character in Btechs history?
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – Snarky? Natasha Kerensky, I imagine. SO glad she fried.
<mostrojoe>: Is some periphery state going to be no more peripheral? For an exemple will Capellan Conf and Magistracy going to be finally a unique political entity?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – That’s a future question
<Orin>: If Starscream was associated with a BattleTech faction – which one would you think best suits his personality and goals
<Habeas2>: Orin – Capellan Confederation
<ANSKamas>: Herb: Which death were you most satisfied to give to a character?
<Habeas2>: ANSKamas – Alex Carlysle
<mostrojoe>: OT- hell, there is even a Battleship movie, now I have seen them all… are you sure a Battletech movie will not ever see the light?
<Habeas2>: Mostrojoe – Seriously, I hope never to see one if the quality of the writing isn’t top-notch.
<Suralin>: Will Filtvelt get fully reabsorbed by Davion during the Dark age, or are you planning to have them languish in obscurity?
<Habeas2>: Suralin – That’s a future question
<JPArbiter>: Speaking of Natasha Kerensky, WTH is Stacy Chruch doing? she got to share a starter, and a spot in Jihad secrets, and we have not heard from her since!
<Habeas2>: JPArbiter – She’s still just a company commander. Really; what more can we expect?
<mostrojoe>: well I agree with you, if BT is going to have the Wing Commander rape let’s stay without a movie… I have ever thought that Battletech, like Star Trek, is better developed like a TV series anyway
<Suralin>: That was tried too, if you recall.
<Habeas2>: Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Public Relations Activity.

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