Erscheinungstermine März

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 3. März 2012 von DarkISI

Catalyst hat die Erscheinungstermine der Druckausgaben für März bekanntgegeben.

Am 7. März erscheint Record Sheets: Prototypes.

Die Druckausgabe enthält 30 ‚Mech Record Sheets und 60 weitere Record Sheets. Ebenfalls sind zwei Szenarios, sowie ein Regelzusatz für Quirks etc. vorhanden.

Am 21. März erscheint Field Manual: 3085.

Statt hier groß was zu schreiben, werde ich einfach Catalysts Text kopieren. Ist einfacher 😉

The year is 3085. In the wake of the Jihad, a new realm—The Republic of the Sphere—has been born. Drawing war-weary masses from all over the Inner Sphere, the Republic stands for unity and security, in the hopes that never again will its worlds suffer from centuries of relentless war. But even though the common threat has fi nally passed, few believe they have seen the last of war. As the combined realms and Clans of the Inner Sphere struggle to rebuild, a new balance of power has begun to emerge.

Field Manual: 3085 updates the military and political state of the Inner Sphere in the years following the end of the Jihad and the formation of The Republic of the Sphere. This report includes a brief history and overview of recent developments in the BattleTech universe (including the formation and organization of The Republic of the Sphere), as well as current TO&Es for all of the major ’Mech and mercenary commands employed by the realms and Clans of the post-Jihad Inner Sphere. Special rules are also included, enabling players to create characters and forces for use in campaigns set in and after this critical point in BattleTech history.

Erscheinungstermine März
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