Solaris Skunk Werks

Solaris Skunk Werks 0.6.80

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. März 2012 von DarkISI

Die neue Version von Solaris Skunk Werks ist erschienen. Ihr könnt sie hier herunterladen.
Liste der Änderungen:

Physical weapons file updated!  Please double check Hatchet, Sword, Claw wielding Mechs as we had an error in our data file that caused those designs not to load
SSW Fixes (‚Mechs)
 – Fixed issue with Force dialog not correctly loading unit files
 – Fixed fluff output on TRO
BFB Fixes (Force Balancer)
 – Changed logs directory to uppercase (Logs) to match SSW and SAW
SAW Fixes (Combat Vehicles)
 – FCS (ArtIV/ArtV/Apollo) updated to load correctly and now reduce tonnage and affect BV
 – File saving updated to use the .saw extension in all methods
 – Using „Clear“ on the equipment list will now adjust the HS back to the base of the config or the free heat sinks in the engine
 – Updated Speed export to actually multiply by 10.8
 – Added CASE checkbox that will auto-add the correct type (IS or Clan) or will ask to use for Mixed tech.
 – Fixed export to text issue
 – Fixed Engine Rating for units that cause non-5 divisible increments (32t WiGE moving 12)
 – Fixed Heat sinks when engine type changes (re-adjusts to max required or amount engine provides)
 – Fixed Omni option available to Introductory
 – Fixed CASE option available to Introductory
 – Fixed Print issue where no data shows and some dots do not, now shows all data, but armor dots may not reflect full number of points
 – Fixed Armor placement issues with all three buttons
 – Fixed double charge for Targeting Computers
 – Fixed File | Open and Help | About menu items
 – Implemented a widescreen version of the form at 1280×600
SGT Fixes (Game Tracker)
 – None
SQP Fixes (Quickstrike Printer)
 – None

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