Solaris Skunk Werks

Solaris Skunk Werks 0.7.5

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 2. Dezember 2020 von DarkISI

Es gibt eine neue Version von Solaris Skunk Werks.

Version 0.7.5 steht auf Github bereit.


  • HarJels have now been fully implemented. The correct armor multipliers, exclusions, and BF abilities are now applied.
  • SAW now correctly allocates space for ammo bins.
  • Extended fuel tanks are now treated like explosive ammo for the purpose of BV calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where Partial Wings could not be equipped if there were exactly enough free slots.
  • Fixed a UI refresh issue when loading units with various chassis modifications in SAW.
  • Removed the various „Upload to Solaris 7“ options as S7 is not coming back (per Skyhigh).
  • Fields were added to equipment so that SAW can properly allocate heatsinks.
  • Fixed a bug where fractional accounting wasn’t working correctly with poweramps.
  • Fully implemented Radical Heat Sinks and corrected previous behavior.
  • Fixed a rounding error when determining coolant pod bonuses in the Cost/BV Breakdown.
  • SSW now enforces Nuclear/Fusion engines when equipment requires them.
  • Added Beagle Active Probe (@Maelwys).
  • Added Prototype Guardian ECM Suite (@Maelwys).
  • Added Gauss Prototypes (@Maelwys)
  • Added RISC Viral Jammers (@Maelwys)
  • Adjust Prototype AC Ammo BV
  • Update RHS to match the errata’d calculation of a bonus == ceil(NumHS * 0.4) instead of ceil(baseDissipation * 1.4)
  • Update Pentagon Rocket Launchers BV
  • Make PPC Capacitor available for both IS and Clan.
  • Check for Armored Turrets in BV calcs and give turret full BV for front/rear arcs
  • Update Chain Whip Damage Add to 3
  • BV calcs properly sort by BV (highest first) then heat (lowest first)
  • Fixed BV issues related to weapon sorting.
  • Added TripleStrengthMyomerAffectsBV to physical weapons to account for TSM in BV calculations.
  • Fixed incorrect ammo explosion BV penalty affecting quad mechs.
  • SSW now accounts for armored turrets in BV calculations.

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