MekHQ 0.1.14

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 9. Februar 2012 von DarkISI

Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Version von MekHQ. Die Änderungen sind massiv. Zur Kampagnenverwaltung gibt es derzeit sicher kein vollständigeres Tool, vor allem in Zusammenarbeit mit MegaMek.

Herunterladen könnt ihr die neue Version aus dem Downloadbereich der MegaMekseite.

v0.1.14 (2012-02-08)
+ don’t include conventional infantry as salvage
+ random skills (more to come)
+ tweaking of age randomization by skill
+ use UUID to identify units
+ use UUID to identify personnel
+ assign UUIDs to pilots and units and fix all references when loading older campaigns
+ Bug 3472687: External ID Conflict when managing both players with HQ
+ updated MM.jar for string external ids
+ proper faction object, indexed by string
+ option to disallow the purchase of star league era mechs
+ factions loaded from xml
+ ability for multiple factions to control a planet
+ added remaining clan factions and some other minor powers
+ Bug 3480666: scenario data not getting saved
+ era mods option
+ inner sphere team working on clan-tech modifier
+ altNames field in factions for name changes (e.g. Diamond Shark/Sea Fox)
+ updated planets.xml to new string based faction codes
+ FRR faction change on 3/13/3034
+ Lyran Alliance faction change on 09/13/3057
+ Ghost Bear/Smoke Jag/Nova Cat invasion corridor
+ Operation Bulldog map changes
+ Bug: NPE when saving scenario date if pending
+ Bug: solo pilot units not getting gunnery assigned correctly
+ Bug: Armor skill level needed not reset when fixed
+ filter techs in repair bay by appropriate type and skill minimum required, sort by skill
+ more helpful unit table in repair bay and integrated mech view
+ default sorting of tables
+ UUID bugs in resolve scenario tracker
+ Bug: cant finish pending work if repair status switched
+ Bug: context menu does not choose right mech in serviced units table
+ dont prevent user from repairing/replacing on equipment on limb with bad hip/shoulder, but do nag them
+ support personnel XP accumulation options
+ Bug: subforce scenario id not being set on deployment
+ Bug: scenario forces counting double
+ Bug 3477353: Hull Breaches cause regular crits
+ personnel logs
+ manual editing of personnel logs
+ customizable multipliers for the value of used and damaged parts
+ base value of units on parts (work in progress)
+ moved planet and faction data to data/universe
+ editable unit history
+ change callsign context menu option
+ keep the focus on selected units and personnel in the view when respective lists are refreshed
+ ammo swap options should follow tech limits
+ Bug: salvaged units have no value in resolveScenarioWizard
+ Bug 3477265: Salvaging MASC leads to campaign corruption
+ finished random skills and special abilities (need to allow user customization)
+ random portrait selection
+ NewRecruitDialog and HireBulkPersonnelDialog
+ warning dialog when game is not saved correctly
+ campaign option to generate portrait only for certain personnel types
+ Bug: tasksXP not being saved correctly
+ repairable parts in a destroyed location should be listed as salvage only regardless of unit status
+ random skill options in CampaignOptionsDialog
+ finished random skill options in CampaignOptionsDialog
+ Bug: can do task that is already being worked on
+ clear out game information from entity when resolving scenario (still needs work)
+ idle XP accumulation option
+ Bug 3484446: Green Repairs Become Impossible
+ Bug 3473292: Toughness doesn’t save
+ new MM.jar
+ Bug 3472962: In the Hangar, BA do not show under the BA tab
+ Bug 3474830: Salvage show shorthanded when not
+ Bug 3477127: Weapons Missing from Parts List
+ Bug 3477779: Debt not carried over to new year
+ make text field of all spinners in CampaignOptionsDialog non-editable
+ re-attachable limbs/heads (yay!)
+ destroy detached limbs and their equipment when player does not control battlefield
+ roll for equipment destruction (d26 < 10) on all damaged equipment in scenario
+ Bug: blown off status not being saved
+ Bug 3473821: 0.1.13 Battle Armor loses all armor
+ Bug 3472965: Mass assign not working for BA
+ Bug 3473516: Force icons not resizing anymore – cropped
+ Bug 3482814: Missing carriage return on Recovered units
+ Bug 3485504: /n visible in mouseover of „Start Game“ button
+ new MM.jar
+ remove units that are totally destroyed when loading campaign

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