Megamek Dev 0.47.11

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 5. Oktober 2020 von DarkISI

Die neue Development Version versucht diesmal weniger neue Features zu liefern. Stattdessen hat man sich auf Bugfixes konzentriert. Mit etwas Glück gibt es eine neue Stable Version zum neuen Jahr — aber keine Versprechungen.


As mentioned not much new is here. We’ve got some improved infantry units, new sprites, and one new quirk – the dreaded Ammo Feed Problem quirk.


Things have slowed down for MegaMekLab just a few bug releases here.


Bugfixes are the name of the day, although there have been a few more MekHQ options, more news stories, and two larger changes: Hangar Tab Colours and Upgraded GM Tools.

Hangar Tab Colours

The light purple displays any uncrewed units, while orange shows for any units missing a tech that requires one. The rest of the image shows all of the potential colours that can appear here.

Upgraded GM Tools

You can load from a person to have access to this dialog to roll for unit, bloodname, callsign, and their name, or just access it from the Manage Campaign/GM Tools Dialog in the top bar.



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+ Data: Fixing missing ProtoMek Sprites
+ Issue #2144: correctly report avoidance of ASF ammo explosions due to heat
+ PR #2230: fix NPE in portrait chooser when customizing a pilot twice in a row
+ PR #2231: Swapping to LocalDateTime For Hour, Minute, and/or Second Dated MegaMek Saves
+ Issue #1233: VTOLs can now stack more than two per hex at different elevations
+ Issue #705: Jumping into water and getting a ‚hull down‘ result on the PSR no longer causes the unit to become permanently stuck on top of the water
+ Issues #1762, #2233: Board editor fixes
+ Issue #1093: Addressed several issues with magma crust handling; hovercraft don’t trigger breakthrough check, jumping onto crust breaks through on 4+
+ Issue #2093: Mech summary/TRO view properly displays mechs with 0 heat sinks
+ PR #2254: Fix wreck decal path Linux UI rendering problem
+ Issue #1918: Vibrabombs no longer damage units moving out of the mined hex
+ Issue #1813: Lasers (and other non-ammo weapons) are once again unable to clear minefields; prevent endless loops in weapon attack handling in certain cases
+ PR #2260: Fixing a key bindings NPE
+ Issue #2251: Bandaid Fix for the Clan OmniFighter TRO View Panel
+ Issue #2215: add exception handling when failing to draw background image
+ Issue #2269: 0.47.10 Prototype LB-10X record sheet typo
+ Issue #2271: 0.47.9 Rocket Launcher introduction dates
+ Issue #2215: Fix for exception drawing background image in certain themes on 4k monitors
+ Issue #2043: Artillery flak attacks can damage flying Battle Armor, WIGEs, LAMs in airmech mode, etc.
+ PR #2283: Fixing Large Support Tank isCrippled Check
+ PR #2284: Fix soft-lock when selecting infantry units using infantry weapons
+ PR #2285: Fixing isCrippled check for Super Heavy Tanks
+ PR #2288: Fixing player name display for game connection dialog from MekHQ
+ PR #2289: Fixing Unit Selector Name Generation
+ Issue #2240: Unit Tooltip Work
+ Issue #2214: Generic Infantry Types Data
+ Issue #2270: Recovered Prototype Gauss Rifle Ammuntion intro date wrong
+ Issue #2235: Primitive Prototype Weapons missing Static Tech tags.
+ Data: Fix for #2154 Stoat Weight, Protomek Sprites and Fluff for Units (Thanks Greekfire).
+ Issue #2253: Screwy speed on a Notos with QuadVee
+ Issue #2273: Address instability in BV calcs for Aeros
+ PR #2286: IS foot infantry fixes
+ PR #2295: Implement ammo feed problem quirk
+ Issue #1898: Boards of sizes xx:yyy don’t load
+ PR #2298: VTOL pathfinding and movement corrections


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+ Issue #768: Patchwork armor error
+ Issue #749: Tag for special internal structure missing on Record Sheets
+ Issue #726: Small support vehicle record sheet shows weight in tons
+ Issue #756: Seating/Quarters absent from Fixed Wing Support Vehicle record sheet
+ Issue #767: Small fixed wing support vehicles with weapons invalid on load
+ PR #786: Small fixed wing SV corrections
+ Issue #754: Coolant pods hard to find in Aerospace Fighter UI
+ Issue #752: Saving loading Issue with Primitive armor on Dropship


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+ Issue #2029: AmmoBin from warehouse can rarely come with free ammo
+ Issue #2032: Fixing Campaign Options Save following Preset Load
+ PR #2023: Moving StartGameDelay to MekHQOptions
+ Issue #2036: OmniVehicle config changes require omnipod heat sinks
+ Issue #2039: Subcontract Check NPE
+ Issue #1892: Launch Game Dialog Standardization
+ PR #2022: GM Tools Name and Callsign Generation
+ PR #2046: Fixing duplicated MekHQUnitSelectorDialog Display
+ PR #2045: Aero Fighter refit heat sink tracking improvements
+ PR #2047: Fixing Name Set after Adding a Bloodname
+ PR #2048: Fixing Random Bloodname NPEs when Editing Personnel
+ PR #2050: Fixing Person Tech Unit Id Concurrent Modification Error
+ Issue #2024: Can Repeatedly Complete Missions by Cancelling Retirement Dialog
+ Issue #1971: Fixing Repair Bay Bonus Parts
+ PR #2054: Fixing Erroneous Newline after Unit Loading Failure
+ PR #2055: Swapping MekHQ to use the proper GUI to edit DropShip/JumpShip/WarShips
+ PR #2060: Fix NPE when getSelectionPaths is null in TOEMouseAdapter
+ Issue #2059: Fixing Incorrect Campaign Operations Unit Rating Experience Calculation Method
+ PR #2063: Preventing null entities in AtBScenario
+ PR #2061: Add daily report entries for AtB scenarios
+ PR #2067: Improved refit handling of internals for Aeros and Tanks
+ PR #2057: Personnel Table GM Tool Access
+ Issue #1369: Unit Rating FM:M(r): Default Quality Value is no longer Elite
+ Issue #171: Manual Unit Rating Modifier
+ PR #2058: Implementing individual dice roll display in the GMTools Dialog
+ PR #2071: Fix campaign ops dropship maintenance costs
+ Issue #2017: Keep focus on unit during repairs
+ Issue #2066: Do not add zero or NaN costs for ammo during Refits
+ Issue #1481: Adding Option to Disable Mothball Information Save
+ PR #2073: MRMS Dialog Localization
+ PR #2075: Fixing Scenario Template Date NPEs
+ Issue #1986: Adding individual role filter and filtering by primary role options
+ PR #2076: Add Show BV Calculation to Unit context menu
+ Issue #1967: Save part repair reservation if present
+ Issue #1953 Part 1: Fixing mothballing and activation tech restore
+ Issue #2079: Implementing Bulk Free in Personnel Tab
+ Issues #1595/1805: Adding filters in Hangar Tab
+ Issue #1376: Hangar Tab Line Colours For Unmaintained and Uncrewed Units
+ Issue #2089: fix procuring vehicle engines from the parts store
+ Issue #2091: Fixing missing requirement of addToCampaign
+ PR #2094: AtB Bot Camo Load Swapover
+ PR #2097: Finances credit/debit capitalization fixes
+ PR #2098: Personnel Table: Hide Assign to Unit
+ Issues #297/1248: Prisoner Capture Consolidation
+ PR #2088: explicitly track child parts
+ PR #2096: Fixing Missing Unit Selector Unit Sprite in MekHQ
+ Issue #1525: Swapping to Minimum Crew instead of Maximum Crew
+ Issue #1875: Phenotype Bonus is properly added and reduced when editing your phenotype
+ PR #2101: Reduce the size of a Part’s XML by ~30%
+ PR #2102: Reduce the size of a Unit’s XML
+ PR #2077: Standardizing MRMS Options
+ PR #2052: Bloodname GM Tools
+ Issue #1079: Carrying out a refit no longer fixes shoulder/hip damage „for free“; legs with busted hips and center torsos no longer added to inventory after being removed from mech during refit
+ PR #2093: Loot Table: Fixing Money Capitalization and Adding Basic Unit/Part Tooltips
+ News data upgrade
+ PR #2109: News Validation
+ PR #2110: Campaign Preset Update

Shrapnel #2 ist jetzt im Handel erhältlich. Wie schon der erste Band, findet ihr auch in der zweiten Ausgabe des neuen Magazins allerlei Kurzgeschichten und Artikel aus dem Battletech-Universum (ich steuere einen Artikel zu Kafka bei).

Megamek Dev 0.47.11
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