MegaMek 35.36

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 13. April 2013 von DarkISI

MegaMekEs gibt einen neuen MegaMek Release. Version 35.36 steht zum Download bereit.

Die Liste der Änderungen ist diesmal relativ überschaubar, enthält aber so schöne Dinge, wie die Beseitigung des Force Size Modifiers, der mit dem letzten Errata aus TechManual gelöscht wurde.

v0.35.36 (2013-04-13, 23:23 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3325: Oversized custom platoon causes client to hang on deployment
+ Bug: weapon swarm attack possible when not swarming a mek
+ Bug 3658: Infantry with AA guns cannot attack aircraft
+ Bug: cant load magnetic clamp BA in chat lounge
+ Bug 3647: Chameleon LPS not working
+ Bug 3648: Issues with „skip ineligible for firing phase“ option
+ Bug 3532: Arty splash damage listing
+ Bug 3610: Firing through Level-2 Fuel Tanks
+ Bug 3100: Flight Paths Conflict with TacOps Airborne Targeting
+ Bug/Data 352: Fixed mechset in 0.35.35 release
+ Added construction support for VTOLs with turrets
MapSet for MechDisplay is missing
+ Fixed Kyudo naming in Mechset
+ Bug 3549:  Torso Cockpit Head Destruction Causes MegaMek to Freeze
+ Bug 3645: Princess Bot NPE After Withdrawing Tank
+ Bug 3549/3645: Modified the code to make sure all references to the homeEdge
variable go through the new getter & setter methods.
+ Bug 3671: Undamaged unit flagged as „Crippled“
+ Bug: Chain Whip BV wrong
+ Bug: CASE II should prevent all explosive BV reductions
+ Bug 3684: TechConstants.getTechName(int) is unaware of T_ALLOWED_ALL
+ Bug 3679: MechViewPanel width and height not properly set
+ Bug 3676: Extended LRM name
+ Bug 3667: Deployment any on late deployment
+ Bug 2860: BV for external stores was not added
+ Bug 3170: Chatterbox2 slows down rendering on many systems
+ Bug 3637: Infantry Illegal Charges Mechs
+ Bug: Turret VTOLs with patchwork armor don’t get correct armortype on turret
+ Bug 3688: RS Unique Fighters
+ Bug 3687: Unit intro date bug
+ Data 338: Constable BA files
+ Data 318: Katya Ground Assault Craft
+ TM errata: Force Size Mod for BV does not exist anymore
+ minor additions in protomech (for MHQ)
+ Data 354: Assorted MegaMek unit images
+ Data 350: New image for Jackrabbit
+ Data 353: New and Fixed Unit Files
+ Data 334: Katya Art
+ Zip unitfiles into zips only when releasing, to keep better track of unitfile
changes in SVN
+ Bug 3355: Bot makes aimed shots with LB-X Cluster
+ Bug 3513: super heavy combat vehicle turrets not working
+ Bug 3581: BV calculation for vehicles with dead crew
+ Bug 3656: Hardened armor does not provide the -2 bonus for all penetrating
critical hits
+ Bug 3592: Defeated player stuck as observer in lobby after game ends
+ Bug 3690: The LOS tool doesn’t appear to consider wooded hexes when determing
whether LOS is blocked or not
+ Bug 3496: Hotkeys failing to work
+ Bug 3660: Map selection bug, keeps defaulting to „surprise“
+ Misc report fixes

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