MegaMek 35.33

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 26. November 2012 von DarkISI

Es gibt mal wieder eine neue MegaMek-Version. Der Development-Snapshot 35.33 behebt wieder einmal eine Menge Bugs und fügt ein paar neue Möglichkeiten hinzu, wie beispielsweise, dass Einheiten zu Verrätern werden und die Seite wechseln können.

Herunterladen könnt ihr die neue Version hier.

v0.35.33 (2012-11-26, 22:19 UTC+1)
+ Added additional logging to Princess in order to make it a bit easier to track
down the runtime problems she has.
+ The Princess portion of the Bot Config Dialog now has 3 levels of verbosity:
ERROR, WARNING and DEBUG. DEBUG gets pretty verbose and shouldn’t be used
unless you’re looking for something specific.
+ I believe I have finally fixed the issue with Princess getting stuck in the
Precognition.wait_for_unpause logic because the events_to_process list was
never clearing out.
+ Bug: MM hanging up on deployment with conventional infantry
+ Bug: BA having equipment doubled
+ additions for InfantryLab in MML
+ traitor command for units switching sides
+ new windres and Id binaries in launch4j that will run on OSX Lion
+ updated OSX packaging to keep lib outside of app folder, for consistency with
+ check for null mounted on BipedMech#hasVibroBladeInLocation (still don’t know
why a null mounted was there though)
+ Bug: RAT files not reloading when the game is reset
+ Bug: random name generator losing preferences when game reset
+ added tech rating, availability codes, and dates to extended equipment
+ base getNCrew and getNPassenger methods in Aero
+ Feature 1115: Each C3/C3i Network gets a different color.
+ Bug 3572: Tanks are being treated like ASF for weight classes (Was: Tank
weightclass sorting wrong in MechSelectorDialog)
+ WIP Feature 1121: Unofficial Option: All mechs carry Battle Armor
+ Bug: Clan Recoilless Rifles have wrong internal name
+ Bug 3142: Flamer infantry attacks with rifles
+ Bug 3187: Infantry Flamers special ability
+ Bug 2764: Manei Domini and P/L MASC
+ Bug 3327: Some MD enhancement quirks
+ Bug 3359: Fighter Squadrons have 0 overthrust
+ Bug 3255: Deleting unit in squadron doesnt get removed
+ Bug: some cluster weapons not doing aero damage correctly
+ Bug: squadron base weapon damage not based on attack value
+ some fixes to
+ Bug 3063: (Aero) Ultra cluster damage
+ improvements to damage reporting for aeros
+ Bug 3254: NPE in PilotMapSet
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
but see,23928.0.html
+ Bug: Images from data/images/fluff/* not displaying in Linux AND
using File.exists() instead of File.isFile() allowing directories to be incorrectly matched
+ Bug 3062: 0 MP infantry cannot climb stairs
+ Bug 3326: Swarm w/ Conventional Infantry
+ Bug 3112: Sylph getting stuck with combat drop
+ Bug 3288: Aero return flyover deploys along wrong edge
+ Bug 3389: Altitude Bombing not working at NOE
+ Bug 3471: DFA on an Aerospace unit causes ridiculous fall
+ Bug 3372: Plasma rifles don’t add heat to ASFs
+ Bug: fighter squadron plasma rifles don’t add heat for all weapons that hit
+ Bug 3565: Infantry Costs
+ Bug 2672: (aero) NPE when ramming with Kraken-T missiles
+ Bug 3591: Fighters on ground maps – „Random“
+ Bug 3516: Collision with a dropship
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
+ Bug 3599: No flank speed for grounded aeros
+ Bug 3600: Physical attacks on grounded dropships impossible
+ Bug 3524: Physicals permitted (but fail) for a srpinted unit.
+ Bug 3397: falling during combat drop
+ Bug 3601: Can’t jump or VTOL fly over grounded dropships
+ Bug 3605: Calculating Incorrect BattleForce Armor
+ Feature Request: #1129 Need method to get non-prototype heat sink count – Added a method to count heat sinks without
+ Bug: Fixed UAC5 and UAC5 Prototype Aero ranges and damage
+ Bug: add support for C*/WoB BA Bays
+ Added naval tug adaptor construction data
+ Bug: transport bays not properly encoding when writing BLK files
+ Bug with bays
+ Dune Buggy MP reduction not shown outside of games, to match TROs
+ Bug: superheavy tanks loading equipment into wrong location
+ Support UTF-8 unit names
+ Bug: Tank fission engines need engine shielding
+ Bug: Tank fission engines don’t need power amps

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