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Neue Auflagen der Regelwerke

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 6. Juni 2021 von DarkISI

Es gibt diese Woche nicht nur den neuen Recognition Guide, sondern gleiche eine ganze Flut von Regelwerken mit Neuauflagen. Alpha Strike Commander’s Edition, BattleMech Manual und Total Warfare erscheinen nicht nur in einer neuen Auflage und dem obligatorischen Errata, das eingepflegt wurde, sondern auch gleich mit neuen Covern!

Wer die Regelwerke in der Vergangenheit bereits bei Drivethru oder im Catalyst Store als PDF erworben hat, kann kostenlos die neue Version herunterladen. Wer das bisher nicht getan hat, kann jetzt zugreifen. Für Preise zwischen 8 und 16 € kann man wirklich nicht viel verkehrt machen.

Total Warfare

The Future of Warfare!

It is the 31st century, a time of endless wars that rage across human-occupied space. As star empires clash, these epic wars are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal titans bristling with lasers, autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons; enough firepower to level entire city blocks. Your elite force of MechWarriors drives these juggernauts into battle, proudly holding your faction’s flag high, intent on expanding the power and glory of your realm. At their beck and call are the support units of armored vehicles, power armored infantry, aerospace fighters and more, wielded by a MechWarrior’s skillful command to aid him in ultimate victory. Will they become legends, or forgotten casualties? Only your skill and luck will determine their fate!

The product of more than twenty years of gaming experience, Total Warfare presents the rules of the BattleTech game system as never before. For the first time, all the rules for various units that have a direct impact on the deadly battlefields of the thirty-first century appear in a unified rules set: from BattleMechs to ProtoMechs, Combat Vehicles to Support Vehicles, infantry to aerospace fighters and DropShips. Interwoven and meticulously updated, Total Warfare provides the most detailed and comprehensive rules set published to date for BattleTech—the perfect companion for standard tournament play.

Für 12,47 € bei Drivethru kaufen!

BattleMech Manual

Your Avatar Awaits!

• Standing from seven to sixteen meters tall, and weighing from twenty to one hundred tons
• Powered by an armored and shielded fusion reactor
• Skeleton of honeycombed, foamed aluminum core wrapped with stressed silicon carbide monofilament and sheathed by a rigid, titanium-steel shell
• Locomotion generated via bundles of polyacetylene-fiber myomer muscles
• Protected by aligned-crystal steel over a layer of boron nitride impregnated with diamond monofilaments Mounting a swath of powerful weapons from charged particle beams to lasers, missiles to rapid-fire autocannons
• All at the command of the noble elite, the MechWarriors
The modern BattleMech is the end result of more than three thousand years of battlefield technology development. Combining awesome destructive power and unparalleled maneuverability, the BattleMech is perhaps the most complex machine ever produced. The undisputed master of thirty-first century warfare, the BattleMech seems destined to reign supreme for centuries to come.

—Excerpts from a promotional pamphlet originally distributed by Defiance Industries of Hesperus, Lyran Commonwealth, 3007

Using the most up-to-date rules text, the BattleMech Manual has been designed from the ground up to cater to the BattleTech player wanting to engage in an all-’Mech battle. Includes a variety of optional rules, terrain and more.

Welcome to the most table-usage-friendly BattleTech rulebook ever published!

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Alpha Strike Commander’s Edition


In the BattleTech universe there remains one constant: the drums of war. And where there is war, valiant military commanders from the Great Houses, the Clans, and other interstellar nations lead the charge of hulking BattleMechs, brave infantry, and daring aerofighters to certain victory or crushing defeat on the sprawling battlefields of distant worlds. Rally your troops onward into the fray, and surge forth to triumph over the enemy.

Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition collects into one handy volume the revised fast-play rules from the original Alpha Strike and the expanded rules from Alpha Strike Companion. Take command of large-scale engagements with tabletop-miniatures gameplay designed for the modern wargamer. Use the force-creation rules to marshal your armies, charge them into battle, and either reap the rewards of conquest or taste the bitter pill of defeat. The future of the Inner Sphere is in your hands!

Jetzt für 16,63 € auf Drivethru kaufen!

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