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Zuletzt aktualisiert am 12. Dezember 2012 von DarkISI

Sniper-Vengeance-StormCGL hat drei neue E-Books veröffentlicht. Wie auch bei den letzten Veröffentlichungen handelt es sich auch diesmal wieder um das Blitzkrieg-Format. Das heißt, die Bücher sind weniger lang als ein normaler Roman, aber doch länger als eine Kurzgeschichte.

Bei den neuen E-Books handelt es sich bei allen dreien um Bücher von Jason Schmetzer, mit den Titeln Vengeance, Edge of the Storm und Sniper.

Neben dem Battleshop und Drivethru bekommt ihr die Bücher auch bei Amazon, was den Einkauf deutlich leichter macht. Preislich liegen die Bücher jeweils bei 2,99$, in Euro also nochmal etwas weniger.



When the armies of the Draconis Combine killed his parents, Galen Cox swore vengeance. Now an elite MechWarrior with the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth, Galen will have a chance to exact his justice when the Combine raids the planet Ryde with a BattleMech battalion. As two armies clash on this snow-and-ash covered world, two men will be forced to examine exactly why they’re fighting even as they both strive for victory and absolution.

Edge of the Storm:

The Inner Sphere is a realm of constant combat, as the Successor States to the mighty Star League vie for the ancient and conflicted First Lord’s throne. Their ancient feuds are thrown into even greater conflict with the coming of the Clans in 3050, invaders from beyond the Periphery.

Not even the hundreds of worlds of a Successor State can field an army large enough for their leaders’ egos, and so legions of mercenary armies ply their trade across the Inner Sphere. From single paladin MechWarriors in a single BattleMech to mutli-regiment mercenary brigades, soldiers of fortune often turn the tide.
The band known as Lennox’s Light Horse is one such band. And on the eve of one of the largest conflicts in the Inner Sphere’s history—the Word of Blake Jihad—Andrew Lennox’s mercenaries are just trying to survive and prosper.
The Edge of the Storm gathers four previously-published short stories from „The Gulf of Reason,“ „Sound and Fury,“ „Monster“ and „Toil and Trouble.“


It is the year 3027, and the Inner Sphere is at war. Thousand of worlds, controlled by the feuding lords of the Successor States. Centuries of near-constant warfare have left the feudal realms exhausted and near collapse, but none will surrender.

National armies clash on hundreds of worlds, and proxies bought for coin—mercenaries—fight on countless more. Mighty MechWarriors lead their BattleMechs like the ancient knights of old, but they are not the only soldiers. Fusion-powered tanks, heavily armored and nearly as powerful as ’Mechs, roam the battlefields, and few are as deadly as Halsten’s Brigade, in the service of House Steiner’s Lyran Commonwealth.  Even fewer are as deadly as gunner Sniper Jones, the man even MechWarriors fear.
Sniper collects two previously-published short stories from „Sniper“ and „Panzer.“

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