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Die Gray Death Legion ist zurück: The Price of Duty

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 30. April 2022 von DarkISI

Ja, ja, ja!

Endlich. Lange war es angekündigt, lange wussten wir, dass es passieren würde und jetzt ist es endlich soweit: Die Gray Death Legion ist wieder da!

Das E-Book ist auf Amazon und und Drivethru verfügbar. Zur Rezension geht es hier entlang.


Former hauptmann Ronan Carlyle is a man without a nation. After his former commanding officer declared herself governor-general of a reborn Tamar Pact, Ronan, a loyal Steiner officer, led a group of soldiers and techs including his sister, Isobel, back for Garrison for reassignment.

But on Garrison, his troubles multiply. The senior Lyran officer brands the 26th Arcturan loyalists traitors and cashiers them, stranding nearly 200 former LCAF soldiers, technicians, and crewmen on a Lyran world with no way off-planet.

Forced to scrounge up a way to survive, Ronan and Isobel hatch a plan to get the former LCAF members back to their homeworlds by salvaging ’Mechs. But when a Lyran scout battalion goes AWOL over an off-world mission squashed by their commanding officer, the LCAF is shocked to discover the Arcturan loyalists have built up have the largest contingent of combat equipment outside the militia. Ronan’s people need cash. They have skills. And there’s history in his name…

Thus, the Gray Death Legion is reborn. First as a way to get funds for his people to leave. But they fight the Lyran unit—winning by use of unorthodox tactics—and discover they don’t want to disband…instead, the reborn mercenary unit wants to find its next employer…

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