A Rock and a Hard Place – Jetzt im Handel

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 21. September 2021 von DarkISI

Klar, kaum, dass ich den Tag über mal komplett beschäftigt bin und zu nichts komme, gibt es gleich eine Wagenladung an Meldungen. Fangen wir mit dem neuen Gray Death Legion Roman an.

A Rock and a Hard Place dreht sich nicht etwa um die neue Gray Death Legion in der ilClan Ära, sondern um die alte Legion, mit Grayson Carlyle. Und geschrieben wurde das Buch von niemand geringerem als William H. Keith persönlich. Von daher: Ab und kaufen!


Just a few months after their universe-shaking campaign on Helm, and the distribution of the Helm Memory Core, all Grayson Carlyle and his Gray Death Legion want is to settle into their new home on Glengarry. But they barely touch down on-planet when a Lyran Commonwealth general contacts the GDL, intent on hiring them to track down and capture Draconis Combine agents behind a daring raid on Lyons.

Tracking the Kurita raiders to the Draconis border system of Valdis—better known as Wheel—Grayson and his people have their work cut out for them. The system’s main feature is literally a wheel-shaped deep-space station and recharge facility at the Valdis star’s zenith jump point. Its structure means a direct assault with BattleMechs will be extremely risky, both because of the tight quarters and the very real danger of an errant shot or missile depressurizing and destroying the entire station. Also, Grayson will be splitting his force, with Lori Kalmar providing a decoy operation on the nearby mining planet Valdis I, otherwise known as Rock, to draw the Combine’s attention away from Wheel.

It’s a high-risk operation on both ends, but Grayson and the GDL have their orders, and they intend to capture the Draconis operatives one way or the other…even if they have to risk destroying the entire space station to do so…

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A Rock and a Hard Place – Jetzt im Handel

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