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Catalyst hat Amazonproblem gelöst

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 18. Dezember 2021 von DarkISI

Na, das ging ja jetzt fix. Vor dem neuen Jahr hatte ich tatsächlich nicht mehr damit gerechnet, einfach weil so kurz vor Weihnachten für gewöhnlich alle überlastet sind.

Aber nun sind die noch ausstehenden Bücher auch bei Amazon verfügbar.

Shrapnel 7, The Day When Heaven Was Falling & Blood Avatar

Derzeit die Kindle-Ausgaben, aber die Taschenbücher für Shrapnel 7 und Blood Avatar folgen sicher zeitnah.

Shrapnel 7


Shrapnel: The Official BattleTech Magazine brings you more heavy-hitting action and heroism in the war-torn BattleMech-dominated future of the 31st century and beyond!

A young Periphery volunteer struggles against marauding pirates who have long overstayed their welcome. A small-but-growing mercenary unit faces off against a formidable foe capable of destroying their dreams. A Star League MechWarrior wrestles with an exciting career opportunity on the eve of the war that will change the face of the Inner Sphere forever. Experience the costly Jade Falcon assault on Arc-Royal, return to an idyllic paradise haunted by a specter of the past, and follow a Clan Wolf bondsman’s quest to reunite with his son. Then lurk in the shadows with more cloak-and-dagger plots in the continuation of the four-part serial novel set on the game world of Solaris VII.

Arm yourself with technical readouts, playable scenarios, an in-depth look at the weaponization of gift giving in the Draconis Combine, a glimpse into Clan Sea Fox’s customer service, an article on the importance of battlefield salvage, and more—all from elite BattleTech authors and recruits who have earned their stripes:

Craig A. Reed Jr., Tom Leveen, Bryan Young, Julian Michael Carver, E. Stephenson Auerbach, Charles Gideon, J. D. Neal, Curtis O. Thompson, Aaron Cahall, Étienne Charron-Willard, Matthew Cross, Jim Hauser, Wunji Lau, Eric Salzman, Paul Sjardijn, Tom Stanley, Joel Steverson & Chris Wheeler

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Eridani Light Horse 9: The Day When Heaven Was Falling


Other mercenary units fly flags at two flagpoles at their headquarters, one with their unit’s flag, and other bearing the flag of their current employer. However, the Third Regimental Combat Team—a.k.a. the Eridani Light Horse—leaves one flagpole bare, as a reminder of the death of the Star League, and the other pole flies the Light Horse’s unit and regimental flags at half-mast.

What triumphs and tragedies shaped the Eridani Light Horse and its traditions? What drove them to become a force to be reckoned with, an elite mercenary unit with one of the longest histories and the deepest traditions in the Inner Sphere? Witness the unit’s origins in the Star League and follow their evolution all the way through the Succession Wars and the Clan Invasion to their downfall in the Dark Age and their resurrection in the uncertain future of the ilClan era.

Part Nine: The Day When Heaven Was Falling by Jason Schmetzer: During the Dark Age, an invasion force from Clan Jade Falcon arrives at Hesperus II intent on conquest. The Eridani Light Horse must help the Lyran defenders hold the line…but at what cost?

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Blood Avatar


The first body that turns up in Farway, a secluded town on the planet Denebola, is from out of town. When the Denebola Bureau of Investigation and the legate’s office from the other side of the planet decide to help identify the murder victim, Sheriff Hank Ketchum knows he’s in over his head.

Enter infamous police detective Jack Ramsey, on leave after his most recent case, an encounter with a notorious serial killer who kidnapped Jack’s son. With the help of the talented local medical examiner, Amanda Slade, Ramsey digs into the case and discovers evidence that puts Farway at the heart of a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the sleepy backwater town. But who’s the greater threat—the Clans, the Word of Blake, or the legate’s own intelligence operative?

As the investigation deepens and the pool of suspects continued to widen, Ramsey and Ketchum race against time to catch a twisted villain who always seems one step ahead of them…and if not stopped, could destroy everything they hold dear…

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