Zuletzt aktualisiert am 1. Februar 2012 von DarkISI

Nach langer Zeit ohne eine neue Version wurde jetzt wieder eine veröffentlicht. MML ist damit in der Version verfügbar.

Die Liste der Änderungen ist erwartungsgemäß lang, aber das dürfte ja nur von Vorteil sein.

+ Refactored all Menu Code into one Class used by all MainUI’s
+ Added new Equipment List code and dialog box to help menu
+ New Abstract Class MegaMekMainUI
+ Converted all MainUI classes to extend MegaMekMainUI
+ Changed all CreateNew methods to conform with MegaMekMainUI CreateNewUnit Methods
+ Updated MenuBarCreator to use new MegaMekMainUI class
+ added code fix to ImageHelperVehicle#printTankWeaponsNEquipment for extra long damage
+ More MainUI Refactoring. Moved Common Elements to MegaMekMainUI
+ PPC capacitors and the like should count for mech/sponson turret weight
+ Bug with modular armor and walk MP
+ Improved Biped Mech armor printing
+ Bug: Body and wings locations not printing for Fixed wing air craft
+ Bug: Tank weapons and equipment printing into ammo.
+ Fixed wing support craft printing improvements
+ Bug: weaponlocation printint too small for VTOLs
+ Bug: Reset current unit not working correctly
+ Bug: fileextension for non-mechs wrong when saving
+ Print improvements for MASH, drone control system
+ Bug: add all button in tank build view duplicated equipment
+ Print all types of cargo bays for tanks
+ Bug: armor type error when loading BA
+ Added code to set manipulators when loading BA from cache/file
+ Updated code to work be able to compile with new patchwork armor
This is only a temp fix
+ Fixed issue with printing turreted WiGE
+ Issue printing C3
+ Issue with WiGE Front IS
+ Vehicle printing equipment font size issue
+ Modular armor crit name size issue fixed
+ Fix for Font issue when printing large equipment names
+ Issue with Extended Range LRM not Printing correctly for Aeros
+ Mixed tech weapons not printing correctly for DS
+ Mixed tech techbase not printing for non-mechs
+ cockpit tech bug
+ Bug: tank armor type not being set correctly
+ one-shot weapon ammo showing when loading unit from file
+ Added vehicular grenade launchers
+ Mech Patchwork armor UI
+ Tank armor saving wrong
+ Remote sensor dispensers
+ Bug: Large Support Vehicle printing Armor for Second Unit.
+ Bug: Large Support Vehicles not printing Cargo.
+ New MegaMek.Jar
+ automatically select DHS when selecting clan tech base
+ automatically set techlevel to experimental when selecting a mixed tech base
+ mixed tech unofficial equipment bugfix
+ Bug Vehicle Grenade Launcher print out the wrong damage range and type
+ Primitive is now printed as tech level for Mechs
+ Started Navel Unit Record Sheets
+ Bug: Tanks with supercharger print wrong flank movement
+ Bug with mech/sponson turrets
+ Work in progress: Better printing
+ Fixed margin issue with new Mech Template
+ Armor initialization bugs fixed
+ BA camo fix
+ strikethrough for damaged equipment on mechs
+ Bug: center torso armor determined by getOArmor and not getArmor
+ BA DWP printing
+ Fix WiGE armor/IS printing
+ Improve BA jump MP printing
+ allow NONE tank engine for trailers
+ support vee cargo bay print fix
+ support vee trailer fix
+ BA exoskeleton print fix
+ added centurion weapon system
+ print ASF cargo
+ new MM.jar
+ Fixes to dropship printing
+ PPCs are only explosive when linked to a capacitor
+ Manual BV Added for RS usage.
+ Simplified issue with Locale. Set to US at start of the program.
+ Optional BV printing. Enter „-1“ in manual BV to not print BV at all
+ Improved Quad Printing
+ Dropship MML printing fix
+ support rail vehicle printing (not finished)
+ Bug 3464432: tank suspension factor problem
+ Bug: some BA notes didn’t print when no equipment was mounted
+ adjusted MASH printing
+ Separated handheld searchlight from mounted searchlight
+ Print ASF cockpit type if it’s not standard
+ LAM sheets printing
+ LargeSupportTank supercharger printing
+ Updated copyright year
+ Allow industrial quads to mount physical weapons
+ IJJ heat in status bar displayed wrong
+ Super-Heavy Combat vehicles

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