Megamek 35.27

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. Januar 2012 von DarkISI

Neues Jahr, neue Version.

Die 35.27 bietet vielleicht nicht ganz so viele Updates, wie manch andere Version, aber dafür sind sie um so schöner. Und wer freut sich nicht, wenn der eine oder andere Bug verschwindet?

Wie auch schon bei den letzten Versionen wurde auch hier wieder der neue Bot aufgerüstet.

v0.35.27 (2012-01-10, 20:41 UTC+1)
+ Use Marauder 9M image for Marauder 9M2
+ Bug 3446718: Rounding errors in crew quarters calculations
+ Bug 3441029: displaced VTOL falling
+ MagLev engine and Rail movement modes for construction purposes, no game rules
+ Bug: units switching from JJ to IJJ always report as invalid in TestMech
+ Fixed possible NPE in Princess’s BotGeometry.CoordFacingCombo.equals()
+ Bug: Calling KickAttackAction.getDamageFor() for infantry could lock up the game
during the physical attack phase
+ Bug: WiGE BV error
+ Bug: Princess shouldn’t consider offboard or undeployed units in
+ implement RandomUnitGenerator and RandomNameGenerator with static references to avoid memory problems
+ fixed Drone (remote) operating system crits
+ public getFlag method in Engine
+ Patch 3467874: Smoke SRM/LRM
+ Charge and Building displacement bugfixes
+ Bug: Mechs should roll for damage when leaving buildings, too
+ Artillery FLAK elevation error
+ Bug: Excessive AMS ammo shouldn’t count for BV
+ missing costs for VoidSig, NullSig, Blue Shield, and Chameleon Polarization
+ Bug: heavy flamer ammo BV should be 2, not 3
+ Bug: RL 15 heat should be 4, not 5
+ per a recent rules question, airboren aeros shouldn’t be able to spot for
artillery or indirect LRM, unless they have recon cameras or satellite imagers
+ Bug: evading should mean the unit is running, even when using less than
run MP
+ Bug: ammo dump not before round X game option was not working in swing UI
+ Bug: possible to dump ammo when carrying BA on back in swing UI
+ Bug 3463526: bot prevents new game starting
+ removed generics for java 6 compatability (at least until OSX releases java 7)
+ Coolant ammo for fluid guns and vehicle flamers
+ Errata: industrial mechs without advanced firing control now get a 0.9 mod on
final BV


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