MegaMek 0.35.39 erschienen

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 21. Juni 2013 von DarkISI

MegaMekHeute ist Tag der Fan Software bei uns 😉
Auch MegaMek hat ein Update erfahren. Die neue Version 0.35.39 steht zum Download bereit.
Anderungen an v0.35.39 (2013-06-18, 23:00 UTC+2)
+ Bug 3720: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Rifleman C 2 entry
+ Bug 3719: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Quickdraw QKD-8P entry
+ Bug 3714: defaultQuirks.xml is missing the Mongoose MON-69 entry
+ Bug 3628: tank weapon malfunction crit only works after one round
+ Bug: patchwork armor weight incorrect
+ Bug 2646: mech with UMU and mechanical jump boosters shows UMU Mp
+ Patch 447: Mouse wheel to control minimap zoom level
+ Patch 445: Allow dragging in minimap
+ Patch 444: Additional Mouse Wheel Behavior using CTRL/SHIFT
+ Bug 3724: MechSelectorDialog unit table cannot be resized
+ Bug 3725: Mechs can mount UMUs and standard jump jets
+ Bug 3726: Mechs with UMUs do not have to roll PSRs for walking into water
+ Bug 3251: UMU Bugs
+ Bug 3661: ChatLounge Comparator violates contract
+ Bug: superheavy tank and support tank locations not working correctly
+ Data: New Maps see Unofficial Folder Aokarasu (Thanks)
+ Data: Various Unit fixes
+ Bug: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when loading large support vees
+ Bug 3727: Large vehicle location/name mismatch
+ Bug: BA BV wrong for units with DWP
+ Bug: The server wasn’t being killed when a game fails to load, leaving the socket in use
+ Data: More Unit fixes, Reorganized Vehicles Folder and new image.
+ Partial fix for Bug 3731: Hex class inefficiently stores terrain information
+ Data: Fixes to Narc-/Artemis-equipped units lacking compatible missile ammo
+ Bug: UMU MP not properly displayed in MechDisplay for BattleArmor
+ Bug: units at wrong elevation after successfull DFA
+ Bug 3732: Okinawa DropShip should have aft Streak SRM2s
+ Bug 3731: Hex class inefficiently stores terrain information (Note: this breaks save compatibility)
+ Bug: no collapse check when moving in building
+ Bug 3723: defaultQuirks.xml missing STK-4P and STK-6M Stalker models
+ Bug 3730: Potential Race condition in RandomNameGenerator when loading a saved game before units are done loading
+ Patch : I changed how the MechSummaryCache is written. It’s now a binary file instead of a text file. This is part of the code in Patch #450
+ Bug 3037: „Done“ button failes to work after reset
+ Bug 3738: Startup button disabled for shutdown dropships
+ Bug 3737: Jumping over buildings causes collapse and fall — again
+ Bug 3740: Units loaded in the lobby cannot be unloaded in the first movement phase
+ Bug: NPE when entering buildings on mapsheets beyond the first
+ Patch 448: Allow a user to change the owner of units he controls in the ChatLounge
+ Bug: Minor updates to, see Bug #3671
+ Bug 3739: Hexes misreport their own coordinates
+ Bug: Angel ECM mounted on BA has range 2
+ Added BA heavy flamers
+ Bug 3459: Burning forests
+ infastructure to send sets of hexes to the client to be updated
+ Bug: Mechs register as crippled after first sensor hit.
+ Bug 3722: NPE error in Princess Precognition in round 2 when Immediate Withdrawal is selected.
+ Bug: Mechs with destroyed side torso not registering as crippled.
+ Data: Vehicle file fixes,new images,fixed RAT’s
+ Bug 3733: Battlearmor with UMUs can’t use all of their UMU MP
+ Bug 3741: Movement path decals aren’t removed with /reset command
+ Updated MechView to display UMU MP separately. Now uses #/#/#/# for Walk/Cruis/Jump/UMU
+ Applied 2013/05/21 ELRM20 heat errata, some C-bill cost fixes
+ Bug: Multiple „Weapon Malfunction“ vehicle critical hits in one phase striking the same weapon.
+ Data: More Vehicle file fixes
+ Bug: ClassCastException when selecting sword-equipped infantry
+ Bug 3722: Updated Precognition to (hopefully) eliminate all the potential concurrency issues.
+ Bug 3643: Dropping Troops From Aerospace Unit Movement Error
+ Infantry weapon damage/BV update to most recent list values.
+ Added inferno heavy and standard infantry SRM.
+ Bug: Wrong to-hit modifier for base range 0 infantry attacks.
+ Bug 3744: Change of bot unit ownership in lobby doesn’t „take“
+ Bug 3559: Conventional Aircraft cannot deploy troops
+ Data: Beginning of Date corrections for all units.
+ Bug 3614: (Aero) Side-Slip Rules Incorrect on Ground Maps
+ Bug 3625: „no units to move“ after assault drop; dropped unit frozen at altitude after skip
+ Bug: If a game is loaded that is beyond the deployment phase, the RNG, RUG and MechSummaryCache do not get wiped out.
This leads to a lot of extra memory being used. These are normally wiped out in Client, when the phase changes to deployment.
+ Data: More Mech Date fixes. Removal of a few duplicate units and adding a couple of missed Omni Variants
+ Cleaned up a bunch of unclosed handlers creating memory leaks. Added some warning suppression to a few unused things.
Added default cases to several switch statements to get rid of warnings.
+ Bug: Entity.isPermanentlyImmobilized counting MP reductions from heat as permanent damage.
+ Bug: shields get less DA and DC when constructed without hands/LA
+ Bug: BA Jump MP not correct for UMU units
+ Data: More Date and unit fixes
+ Bug 3750: Indirect LRM fire from a tank isn’t being checked correctly for LOS
+ Bug: Modifier for motive damage check for charged vehicles taken from *attacker*, not target; ClassCastException if „attacker“ was a (skidding) ‚Mech.
+ Bug 3722: Synchronized the copying of the events_to_process LinkedList.
+ Bug: Missing messages for WeaponQuirksInfo.option.fast_reload.displayableName and WeaponQuirksInfo.option.fast_reload.description
+ Bug: sprinting with XXL should cost 9 heat, not 8
+ Bug 3743: NPE: Incorrect cross platform support for directory path separator (/ vs. \ depending on OS)
+ Bug: ASF BV wrong when using PPC capacitors
+ Fixed some leftover calls to deprecated methods.
+ Keep techlevels per year, to allow tech progression as in recent TROs
+ Bug 3755: Armorless second turret added to vehicles loaded from HMV files.
+ Added a couple of ‚Mech-specific „permanently immobilized“ checks (prone with 0 base walking MP / gyro destroyed).
+ Bug: VTOL rotors not shown in MechView.
+ Removed some more spurious „phantom“ locations.
+ Bug: more building basement oddities fixed
+ Bug: prototype IJJs failing verifier
+ VTOL rotor damage handling updated to reflect May 2013 rulings/errata (notably, destroying the location by running it out of IS kills the vee again but the „rotors destroyed“ critical hit itself doesn’t, and VTOLs destroyed in mid-flight don’t stick around long enough to crash).
+ Rotor TACs now marked as such.
+ Data: More Date/Unit/RAT fixes and a couple of new images.
+ Bug: Tech Level fixes to Medium and Light Rifles.
+ Bug: Aimed shots at VTOLs allowed aiming at an unarmored phantom „turret“ but not the rotor.
+ Bug 3759: NPE going from damage resolution to physicals
+ Bug 3757: units.cache not properly synched
+ Bug: TacOps ammo explosions ignore vehicle CASE.
+ Bug: Broken C3i network display in Swing chat lounge (missing message string for free slot count).
+ Data: CASE mounted in rear rather than body on Thor Artillery Vehicle (C3i); fixed.
+ Bug: misc BV fixes
+ Bug 3762: Dropship Artillery receiving bonus
+ WIP Bug 3763: ArtilleryBayWeapon not working on ground map (always out of range)
+ Bug 3764: NPE loading maps
+ Feature 1127: Edge and MASC
+ Bug 3753: Vehicular Mine Dispenser is non-functional
+ Bug: NPE in – Missing NULL check for metal content.
+ Bug: NPE in when calling calculateBattleValue (via MekHQ)
+ Bug 3765: Turn issues with „infantry move after other units“ option
+ Bug 3752: Artillery Designated Hexes not scaling with map sheet size
+ Bug 3754: View Unit Not Working in Artillery Phase
+ Bug 3304: Hang when unloading elementals from prone unit with TestBot
+ Bug 2845: Aero does not dissipate heat while offmap

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