Transkript Battlechat 12.02. (Upgrade)

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Wir haben mal wieder keine Kosten und Mühen (oder in diesem Fall besser Schlaf) gescheut, um euch die Transkripte des aktuellen Chats zu besorgen! Jetzt auch mit beiden Chats. Dank geht hierbei an Firedrake aus dem amerikanischen Forum, der den ersten mitgeloggt hat, als ich noch in der Bahn von Hamburg saß 😉 Viel Spaß beim Lesen, diesmal stehen auch wieder ein paar interessante Sachen drin!
Starring: Herb Beas
Also Starring: Ben Rome, Jason Schmetzer
12:09:17 Chunga  Are the epub short stories the future of batteltech fiction or is there still hope for print novels?
12:11:21 Habeas2 Chunga – There is always going to be hope for print novels, but for now, that’s where our fictive efforts will lie.
12:09:22 martian I would like to ask about „Interstellar Expeditions“. Any movement in that direction? Exploring the Unknown?
12:11:38 Habeas2 Martian – Yes. There is movement.
12:11:32 sarcasmo        How’s fan reaction been to the Blitzkrieg novels?
12:11:49 J_Schmetzer     sarcasmo – minimal
12:12:39 sarcasmo        Really?! After all the complaining about no longer fiction? Wow. I’m surprised.
12:12:47 Habeas2 Sarcasmo – Hard to guage at this moment, on account of me not reading any reviews. (Oh, I see Jason answered….)
12:13:48 J_Schmetzer     sarcasmo – it’ll take time. I don’t have any doubts that the program will be a success, but just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’ll WIN THE INTERWEBZ in its first week.
12:24:49 trboturtle      How are the Bitzkrieg stories doing?
12:25:26 J_Schmetzer     trboturtle – no idea. I don’t get the sales figures. Response is thus far limited. Will all work out in the long run (combining several earlier answers)
12:10:39 Garydee Have you made a decision if TRO 3150 is coming this year?
12:12:07 Habeas2 Garydee – No, it is not. Due to a shift in the sourcebook focus for 2012, there is no TRO slated for this year (that isn’t a reprint, anyway).
2:12:20 Firedrake       The obvious question, but: state of play for Interstellar Ops?
12:13:55 Habeas2 Firedrake – Interstellar Ops is going about as swimmingly as one can expect for a core rulebook, which is to say… OMG, the rules! Holy crap, the rules are soooooo complicated! WHy on earth did we think this was a good idea!?
12:13:55 Gaiiten What about the WoR Supplemental? When can we expect the release?
12:14:40 Habeas2 Gaiiten – We hope for a release either in February or March, but I can always be wrong.
12:14:10 sarcasmo        Can you gives us any clues to the project you and Randall we’re so excited about the other day on FB and Twitter?
12:14:55 Habeas2 Sarcasmo – Not until my pants dry off, no.
12:15:36 sarcasmo        J_Schmetzer Good point. Still, after all the bit…err, complaining about the lack of fiction I would have thought fans would have been more excited.
12:15:47 Habeas2 RanFalsner – What Jason said, or until he has a catastrophic meltdown.
12:16:14 Habeas2 (probably as a result of editing a sourcebook)
12:16:14 sarcasmo        Habeas2 Not cool! :( We want to be exited too!
12:16:55 Habeas2 Sarcasmo – When we know enough to say more definitively, we’ll tell you. I hate raising hopes on projects only to say (over and over) that it got frozen for yet another unanticipated reason
12:17:04 J_Schmetzer     Luckily I am far less integral to Blitzkrieg. So if I do have a meltdown (re: Herb says „edit this…“) it shouldn’t matter too much.
12:17:52 Habeas2 Jason – No, I don’t see it quite that way…
12:14:13 RanFelsner      If the epub fiction is our current source of BT fiction, how many will we see in any given timeframe?
12:15:02 J_Schmetzer     RanFelsner – as all the release materials have said, we expect to publish monthly.
12:16:27 Gaiiten Can you tell us something more about the content of the Supplemental?
12:17:27 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Ben Rome can answer that best. Ben, the question is about content of the WoR supplemental
12:18:54 GhostBear       WoR Supplemental? Okay. Four Clan entries. Setting is a 3090 readiness report, on the cusp of the invasion. And some info on four now-dead Bandit groups.
12:20:07 GhostBear       The main thrust of the WoRS is a big RAT listing, and probably close to 25 record sheets.
12:18:51 SLDF_Gunslinger Will Historical: Liberation of Terra Vol I include RAT’s for the SLDF and RWR forces? Or will this info be covered in other supplemental  products?
12:19:16 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – Yes
12:20:21 SLDF_Gunslinger Excellent. Thanks!
12:20:52 Gaiiten Hmmm … was Ghostbear serious or is he smiling due his first answer? If he is serious that would be great.
12:22:09 GhostBear       Gaiiten: Me? serious? When?
12:23:22 Gaiiten While destroying whole Clans? Or were you laughing all the time :)
12:24:41 mib_ep2tdq      Ghostbear are we to expect any previews for WoRS?
12:25:37 GhostBear       mib_ep2tdq Maybe. My FT job is sucking life and soul at the moment AND placed a moratorium on „extraneous blogging“ so…we’ll see. 50/50 at this point, depending on what IT lets me get away with.
12:20:33 martian What about „old“ Unseens and „new“ Unseens (from TRO 3055)? That’s almost 50 ‚Mechs total. I have seen that at least Ostscout, Ostroc and Ostsol were pulled from Unseens list. Any change in positive direction?
12:23:18 Habeas2 Martian – I am pursuing an option that may resolve the Unseen matter more definitively for the universe. It will, of course, not please all of the fan base, but we have dealt with this particular problem since the late 90s, and I think it’s time we finally close it down for good. Remember, of course, your minis remain valid.
12:24:14 martian With 2012 being year devoted to history, I can imagine that avoiding Unseens must be problematic at best. I have thought that at least units produced by Vicore Musical Industries were made directly for FASA?
12:25:50 Habeas2 Martian – The Victor Musical Industries images were pulled as an added safety precaution. Fact is, when it comes to safeguarding against legal action, how much would you prefer we’d risk?
12:26:25 martian Thank You for answer.
12:24:40 SLDF_Gunslinger Will the Liberation of Terra Historical’s contain an Era specific campaign system similar to WoR or will it simply provide generic Warchest system Tracks?
12:26:51 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – The LoT Historicals follow standard Historical format, so there are no Tracks for the campaign; there are simply basic rules for scenarios in that setting.
12:27:22 SLDF_Gunslinger Excellent. Thank You!
12:27:41 GhostBear       SLDF_Gunslinger Trying to do a track-style system for LoT similar to WOR would be a nightmare. Too. much. data.
12:25:31 sarcasmo1       A longer question: IWM seems to take a new TRO and make mechs for it as SOP. However, does that also apply to the XTROs? Primarily the “Primitives” due to their coverage of the unseen issue, or are those mechs something that would have to be covered by “fan funding” or am I asking the wrong person?
12:27:34 Habeas2 Sarcasmo1 – No; unless we make a special case, XTR units are not generally being made by IWM
12:27:06 Gaiiten Due the WoR and the new Protomech types introduced, I missed a Glider PM (or was the Svartalfa originally made by the Society).
12:28:48 Habeas2 Gaiiten – The Svartalfa derives from a Society design, but was not in itself built by the Society
12:30:40 Gaiiten So we may get a Society-designed Glider PM in WORSup?
12:32:42 GhostBear       Gaiiten maybe. depends.
12:27:37 faraday77       question: what’s the current state of affair concerning the old novels going epub?
12:29:22 Habeas2 Faraday77 – At this moment the epubs of old novels remains on hold .
12:31:21 faraday77       herb: thanks
12:29:17 mib_ep2tdq      Any new HTP  or  DATP coming up in the next couple of months?
12:29:56 Habeas2 Mib_ep2tdq – That one’s for Ben. ;)
12:30:20 GhostBear       mib_ep2tdq Yes! I have HTP: Luzerne in the docks, and HTP: Towne, HTP: Antallos, and HTP something-or-other in varying stages of prep.
12:30:45 GhostBear       And then there’s this print book that all chaotic, too…
12:36:16 martian What kind of cooperation (if any) is between Catalyst and Personae Studios (MW:Tactical Command) or Infinite Game Publishing (MW:Tactics)? Or are they working on their own?
12:36:39 Habeas2 Martian – ALl electronic renditions of BattleTech work on their own
12:31:02 SLDF_Gunslinger I know this has probably been covered in another BattleChat, but aside from the 2 Historicals, what other SL Era products can we hope for this year?
12:35:31 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – There will likely only be one Historical this year, but we are also currently working on a Field Manual and an ERa Report set in the same period.
12:36:00 Klep    star league FM :D
12:36:13 SLDF_Gunslinger Excellent news! Thanks!
12:37:19 mib_ep2tdq      What is the progress on Handbook DC and TRO 3067?
12:38:12 GhostBear       mib_ep2tdq HBHK is in process.
12:40:36 Habeas2 Mib_ep2tdq – Handbook: Kurita is going about as fast as I can expect from its writer };)  TRO 3067 is going fine for a reprint.
12:41:04 GhostBear       Habeas2 At least with this HBHK writer, it won’t split into two books. ;)
12:50:41 martian I liked how we met Adept Edelle Kearny (from Fall of Terra) again in JHS. Or Galaxy Commander Russou Howell. Do you plan similar encounters in the future?
12:53:06 Habeas2 Martian – As we move forward, not as many; after all, we’re preparing a move to the Dark Age once this Star League craze blows over…and that’s a big jump
12:53:09 GhostBear       martian Maybe. that’s part of the fun, bringing in side characters like that. Helps tie things together.
12:53:32 martian Exactly. Thanks.
12:53:38 Habeas2 Or, you know, what Ben said
12:53:43 Habeas2 :)
12:34:00 Garydee Can we expect to see the new TacOps errata fairly soon?
12:36:58 SLDF_Gunslinger And, yes people, I am here to ask a ton of questions about the SL Era products. Like the handle isn’t a dead giveaway :D
12:40:38 SLDF_Gunslinger Will we be seeing any new RWR specific unit designs in the SL Era Products this year?
12:40:57 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – Maybe. Not sure.
12:46:33 SLDF_Gunslinger Will the Reagan SDS be covered in any detail in the Historical’s? Will we get rules for it (ala the JHS:Terra drone decision tree rules, etc)?
12:47:23 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – We thought about that, but then asked ourseles „who really cares about that whole SDS thing now?)
12:48:03 SLDF_Gunslinger Hmm…I’ll take that as a ‚No‘ then
12:50:28 SLDF_Gunslinger Will we see any more Royal units to better flesh out the end of the SL Era? Or has that well run dry? ;)
12:51:03 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – You can take it that way, but you’d be wrong.
12:51:28 SLDF_Gunslinger Excellent! Thanks!
12:40:53 Gaiiten Something I very liked in the last TROs were the different infantry types. Will you include them in the upcoming SL era products? (During the SL there were so many very advanced, let alone the SLDF standard infantry kit).
12:41:18 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Not planned at this time.
12:47:00 Gaiiten Given the massive decimation of the capital warship fleets (and old designs) in the Jihad era, will new warship be built or does the future belong to the pocket warships and warships will be more like PWS- and aerospace carriers?
12:47:50 Habeas2 Gaiiten – In the future? You won’t see as many WarShips, no.
12:49:50 Gaiiten But new warships will be built (in much smaller numbers)?
12:52:28 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Maybe. If, you know, we ever work out how to build them so that three different design programs don’t come up with three different tonnage discrepancies.
12:56:58 Gaiiten Due the warship construction, what about calculating with pen and paper? Or does each factchecker come up with fifferent tonnages?
12:57:52 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Pen and paper has let us down bad.
12:58:40 Klep    Gaiiten: i’m sure unit design is a long enough process with computer help. i’ve come up with stuff using p&p myself in the distant past and it’s not something i’d want to do again
13:01:10 Gaiiten That the calculation is such a problem suprises me.  IMHO it is simple math and well explained in sourcebooks.
13:01:47 Klep    multiple people can all think that and still have different interpretations
13:02:00 Klep    what’s clear to you as meaning one thing can be clear to another as meaning another thing
13:03:51 Habeas2 Gaiiten – You’d be amazed at how many things got left to interpretation. Remember when HMAero defaulted to establishing spare parts and food storage automatically? That was never even a construction mandate.
13:07:43 Gaiiten You are right, however, that is a program we are easily trust in because it has been so comfortable. Given the „How to calculate a warship`s construction“ you do have to calculate in certain steps, steps can easily compared to other person`s calculation and so mistakes can be found.
13:08:20 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Ah, but there’s trust and then there’s Herb’s Trust. There’s a reason Battle Value is on the chopping block now
13:08:32 Klep    also, unit construction isn’t a linear process. it’s iterative
13:09:12 Moonsword       And lack of computer support slows down the iterations.
12:53:45 Klep    is the new Hogarth cut from the same mold as his more famous relative?
12:54:28 GhostBear       Klep Heavens I hope not. The universe is big enough for only one Hogarth and his ego.
12:54:45 faraday77       oh please, not another Hogarth
12:55:19 *       Habeas2 shuts down the Hogarth factory
12:55:35 *       Habeas2 gets a VERY evil idea…
12:56:06 Klep    oh dear
12:56:07 SLDF_Gunslinger There’s a shock… ;)
12:56:11 Klep    i’m sorry in advance everyone :P
12:56:21 sarcasmo        I love Hogarth!
12:56:37 GhostBear       Habeas2 You know, i think I know what that idea is. *shudder*
12:53:49 mib_ep2tdq      What is the next XTRO?
12:54:13 Habeas2 Mib_ip9xn0 – Uncertain. Could be Primitives 3, Gunslingers, Phantoms, Deep Periphery, of Succession Wars 1
12:56:28 mib_ep2tdq      Thanks
12:57:27 DeJaVu  Greetings, mr Beas and all) when the situation with get better? Stories was more than a month.You are not an editor, but still …
12:59:02 Habeas2 DejaVu – The lack of quality fiction on BattleCorps comes from a variety of causes, but perhaps the biggest is a dearth of quality writers. Jason isn’t in the habit of passing crap along to the paying customer, and I stand by his standards.
13:02:10 DeJaVu  I agree with you. It may be worth a monthly fee increase, but to make more great stories?
13:06:25 Habeas2 DeJaVu – I do not think we can justify a rate increase on BattleCorps if we cannot guarantee a solid flow of fiction. We’re not getting few stories because people aren’t being paid enough; we’re getting them because continuity and editing standards are too high for just anyone to tell a tale with
13:08:55 DeJaVu  Will the light  clans-sourcebook in the post-jihad era?
13:10:59 Habeas2 DeJaVu – I’m afraid I don’t understand that question
13:13:15 DeJaVu  sorry( will be released Clans Inner Sphere-sourcebook after-jihad period?
13:14:29 Habeas2 DeJaVu – The universe does not end in 3085. There will be sourcebooks in the future that show us how the Clans and the Inner SPhere will evolve from here
13:14:56 DeJaVu  thx, mr Beas
13:17:41 DeJaVu  Release paper books as far?
13:18:20 Habeas2 DeJaVu – Again, not sure I understand your question
13:21:24 DeJaVu  sorry( Any news regarding the new paper books publishing?
13:22:52 Habeas2 DeJaVu – At this time, we are not printing novels. The Blitzkrieg series now underway is an e-reader format only.
12:59:46 SLDF_Gunslinger Will we be seeing any SL Era fiction from either BC or Blitzkreig release this year?
13:02:47 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – Jason will likely pick and choose any story that works for BC, so SL fiction is not out of the running there. The Blitzkreig series may see some SL-era fiction as well, but it really depends on what we can fit into its demanding schedule
13:03:46 SLDF_Gunslinger Gotcha. I loved ‚The Last Full Measure‘ and would love to see more stuff like it…
13:04:20 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – …. Um, Last Full measure was Jihad era, wasn’t it?
13:05:43 SLDF_Gunslinger Hmm…..I am only on my 2nd cup of coffee. I’m thinking of the story about the Gunslinger fighting on New Vandenburg at Fort Gorky. Anyway…
13:09:19 Firedrake       Are you prepared to say anyting about what the replacement for BV2 will (or may) look like?
13:11:23 Habeas2 Firedrake – It may look like this: ___________________________________________________________
13:11:49 Firedrake       A straight line! Truly, all my questions are answered! Praise Blake!
13:12:19 Habeas2 Firdrake – The point is, all options are on the table, including NO Battle Value system at all
13:13:03 Firedrake       Fair enough! (I’m a user mostly in a theoretical sense – IMHO „balanced“ battles may be interesting, but are wildly unrealistic.)
13:13:18 mib_ip9x84      No balancing system?
13:13:44 Habeas2 Mib_ip9x84 – No Balancing System if it cannot be made simple and reliable.
13:14:19 Gaiiten Hmm, I think that is a challenge. Due the new BV, is the length of that straight line (in meters) the new BV?
13:15:04 Firedrake       Seconded
13:15:48 Gaiiten But the HomeClans will be hidden in the void for an undetermined peroid?
13:15:57 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Correct
13:16:13 mib_ip9xn0      And the Scorpion Empire?
13:16:25 Gaiiten My question to the new BV or to the HomeClans?
13:16:28 Klep    the scorpion empire is such a cool concept
13:16:41 GhostBear       mib_ip9xn0 same.
13:17:04 mib_ip9xn0      Hidden in the void.
13:17:25 GhostBear       mib_ip9xn0 yes.
13:17:36 Habeas2 Mib_ip9nx0 – What about the Scoprion EMpire? ;)
13:18:03 Habeas2 Gaiiten – Home Clans. I ignored your BV question
13:20:35 SLDF_Gunslinger Will the FM:SLDF be written in the vein of the older FM’s (FedSuns, etc)? Will we be getting writeups for specific Divisions, etc? Or will it not be going into that sort of detail?
13:22:30 Habeas2 SLDF_Gunslinger – The SL era was a time of truly monstrous force sizes, so no, we’re going to use an Updates-style approach that condenses the groupings better
13:23:08 Gaiiten Given the vast number if SLDF divisions I think the most reasonable would be something like the summary of the Comguards armies and divisions old FM: Comstar. May the armies splitted in the Corps.
13:23:28 SLDF_Gunslinger Thanks for answering my question! You all have a great day….
13:25:16 mib_ep2tdq      thanks again for Blitzkrieg series
13:26:21 Habeas2 Mib_ep2tdq – You’re welcome!
13:24:50 Gaiiten Due the WOB, will we see what happened to Berith and the Opacus Venatori?
13:25:07 GhostBear       Gaiiten Maybe.
13:26:25 Gaiiten Fine, Berith is a very interesting character and what he did in Final Reckoning was a thrilling story and track to play.
13:26:54 GhostBear       Gaiiten Oh don’t get me wrong, I *want* to tell more of his story. I just have a lot on my plate for the moment.
13:27:35 Gaiiten I am patient :) BTW why did he hate the Clans so much?
13:28:23 Habeas2 Gaiiten – They said bad things about his mother
13:28:28 GhostBear       Gaiiten He’s a Tukayyid vet. Isn’t that enough?
13:29:51 Gaiiten He was a professional soldier, so he knew what to expect in such a fight and did and suffered worse in the Jihad, did his attitude towards the Clans change?
13:30:36 GhostBear       Gaiiten Probably.
13:30:58 Gaiiten To the worse or to the better :)
13:31:00 Habeas2 gaiiten – DO remember that the Manei Domini were originally developed to annihiate the Clans. Undoubtedly, a good portion of Berith’s attitudes toward the Clans since Tukayyid was further underscored in his DOmini indoctrination.
13:31:04 Klep    wasn’t Tukayyid the first real combat for the vast majority of the ComGuard?
13:31:47 Habeas2 Klep – Yes.
13:32:05 Habeas2 Thank you for participating in this Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Line Developer-aided Public Relations Activity!
13:32:10 Klep    so he could easily have been far more affected by the battle than an actual seasoned veteran would have been
13:32:14 *       Habeas2 has changed the topic to: Next Live BattleChat! – Saturday, (18 February 2012) at 8 PM (EDT)
13:32:27 Gaiiten Thank you!
<Habeas2> Welcome to the second official BattleChat of February 2012.
<Habeas2> The usual rules apply here: Keep questions brief, and give me a chance to keep up (and for others to ask questions). I will answer questions in the order received. Be respectful (or I’ll boot you). And if you want a log, you should get to it; I don’t log these chats.
02:13:01 <Habeas2> That said…. Welcome again! Due to my crash and other delays, I will extend this chat to a minimum of 1.5 hours, thus ending about….9:45 PM (Eastern)
<JimDiGriz> Herb, you posted on Twitter that : „Per request, starting in 3150, all members of House Liao will be afflicted with a hereditary form of syphilis.“ Shouldn’t anyone with Centrella blood have a natural immunity?
<Habeas2> JimDiGriz – Pure Centrella blood; the Liao bloodline had no such immunity.
<nathan18> So with a FM: Star League, two volume set for Liberation Earth, ERA Report for the Star League time, HBHK, TRO 3067 Reprint, What else can we expect this year?
02:14:37 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – All of that isn’t enough for you?
02:15:17 <nathan18> yes it is , just wondering if there could be more?
02:15:59 <nathan18> ‚Also can you tell us if FM 3085 dead tree version will be coming out soon?
02:18:44 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – As it happens, yes, there will be more books in 2012, but firstly, I should note that only one volume of the Liberation of Terra Historicals will likely appear this year (the second volume would appear in 2013). We are also hoping to get A Time of War Companion, and Interstellar Operations out this year. (Stress on „hoping“)
02:22:54 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – As to when FM3065 will come out in print form, I cannot be certain. Sorry.
02:14:23 <TalonSpiritCat> May I say that I am thrilled to see new fiction appearing on BattleCorps. I downloaded yesterday and will be reading Ice Storm after the chat
02:14:53 <Habeas2> TalonSpiritCat – Most excellent!
02:16:04 <Euphonium> I too am thrilled by the Blitzkrieg fic, but I notice that the version on BattleCorps for subscibers is PDF rather than epub. Will epub versions become available, or will they only be for sale?
02:23:25 <Habeas2> Euphonium – The epub versions are intended for general sale, I believe
02:20:30 <Glendower> Herb: We here on the left coast are feeling a bit lonely. Do you forsee some of the PTB showing up in any official capacity for ComicCon San Diego or SoCal Smackdown?
02:24:38 <Habeas2> Glendower – I am afraid not; I know of no Uncivilized Coast conventions CGL is planning to attend.
02:26:20 <Glendower> I don’t know why we’re „uncivilized“, we have the best ice cream and pizza here in Bakersfield. We need something to distract us from the bad air…
02:21:17 <Suralin> Herb, you mentioned in the previous chat that you were „pursuing an option that may resolve resolve the Unseen matter more definitively for the universe.“ Can you elaborate at this time, or is it way too early to provide details?
02:25:47 <Habeas2> Suralin – While I imagine this will create a firestorm, I am investigating the possibility of retconning the Unseen entirely.
02:26:08 <Habeas2> (That’s images only, by the way; units and stats will remain unchanged.)
02:17:59 <JimDiGriz> Was there anything interesting asked in the previous battlechat?
02:23:57 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – Someone named Beeblebrox asked a question that I answered with 42.
02:24:17 <JimDiGriz> Ah, the sacred number…
02:24:39 <Garydee> Any Dark Age stuff this year or will it be in 2013?
02:26:42 <Habeas2> Garydee – Aside from PDF-exclusives, there may be one print product set in what is now known as the Dark Age setting.
02:26:30 <JimDiGriz> Have you made any progress with a replacement for BV, beside using the number of Stingers it can kill?
02:27:31 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – A number f proposed mechanics have been submitted, which I have yet to begin reviewing. Still, all options–including the complete removal of the BV mechanic–remain on the table.
02:29:13 <JimDiGriz> I’d prefer we not remove the BV mechanic. It’s how we balance our games in the Long Island group.
02:30:47 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – I’m sure many agree, but unless a simpler and more reliable (even if less exacting) system is devised, even wiping out the BV system remains a viable option.
02:30:05 <Glendower> My cat would like to know if there’s any plans to make a quad that looks cat-like. We have dogs and turtles and spiders and scorpions, but no real cat-like ones.
02:30:19 <Suralin> Don’t forget a fire-breathing horse.
02:30:38 <Glendower> Oh yeah, two horses. One more horsey than the other.
02:30:49 <JimDiGriz> I second the request for a feline mech.
02:32:04 <PaWeasley> One could even call a quad cat mech a Jaguar …
02:32:16 <Habeas2> Glendower – Hard to say; not too many cat-friendly factions left in BattleTech these days
02:32:29 <TalonSpiritCat> We Cats remain a viable Clan
02:33:12 <Glendower> I nominate the Magistry of Canopus to produce it. You may now speculate why. The speculations will all be wrong.
02:33:14 <Suralin> I would imagine the Davions‘ British roots would be conducive to some form of heraldic lion imagery.
02:33:21 <Habeas2> TalonSpiritCat – Of COURSE you do… *pats TalnSpiritCat on the head*
02:42:31 <Habeas2> (Incidentally, if anyone else would like to note the irony that a known cat-lover is line developer of BattleTech and STILL can’t find a solid reason to introduce a cat ‚Mech to the line, feel free to join me in that.)
02:43:30 <Orin> It could be a cunning plot, lull us into a sense of „no cat mechs“ and the BANG TRO: Caturday
02:44:02 <BJones> Jelousy from our feline overlords no doubt Herb.
02:44:11 <Suralin> Davion lion Mech, with autocannons on a turret. You know you want to.
02:44:35 <Suralin> 😀
02:44:40 <Habeas2> O.O
02:44:41 <JimDiGriz> A turret would look funny on a cat.
02:44:46 * Habeas2 scribbles down a note
02:45:06 <Suralin> ^_^
02:45:08 <BJones> only as long as it has an AC/2 head mounted
02:45:16 <Glendower> I still think a Canopian one would be more catty.
02:45:23 <PaWeasley> I made you a death machine but I eated it.
02:45:36 <Habeas2> Suralin – Of all factions to get a cat Mech, I would NEVER give it to House Davion
02:45:41 <Orin> In 3060 Mech designers everywhere went „FK YEAH, CAT MECHS!“
02:45:43 <JimDiGriz> I’m fine with a Canopian cat mech.
02:46:54 <Habeas2> Glendower/JimDiGriz – A Canopian Cat Mech would almost certainly be a „catgirl“ Mech, so humanoid shaped, with books, cat ears, and maybe a tail.
02:47:26 <JimDiGriz> I’d prefer a quad.
02:31:28 <TalonSpiritCat> Any chance of seeing just the fiction from the sourcebooks (ie the stories
in Total Warfare) in pdf/epub form at BC?
02:31:04 <PaWeasley> Hi all. Did I miss when Herb reveals what Berith’s up to these day? *I hope it’s a summer camp for troubled teen cyborgs.*
02:32:41 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – Yes, you missed it, and it was shocking
02:34:04 <BJones> So Herb, at this point, what is the one piece of the fiction/fluff/scourcebook you look forward to the most to getting out to the public, this year?
02:34:48 <Habeas2> BJones – Handbook: Kurita, if only so we can finally end that series.
02:35:50 <JimDiGriz> Any chance that you’ll be attending I-Con this year? It would dramatically improve attendance for the BT crowd.
02:39:21 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – I’m sorry; I had not planned on attending I-Con this year. Matters on the home front will be keeping me grounded for at least the early half of this year.
02:39:47 <JimDiGriz> Oh well. We’ll blow something up in your honor.
02:36:05 <mib_83fhui> What about after that?
02:39:42 <Habeas2> Mib_83fhui – After that, we’re in 2013.
02:37:52 <PaWeasley> Regarding some of the tweets/facebook posts that cropped up earlier in the week, have your pants sufficiently dried to give us any inkling what that was regarding?
02:40:34 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – Sorry, not yet. When I am CERTAIN there are no further major hang-ups to the project in question, I will let everyone know (presuming Randall doesn’t scoop me first).
02:41:27 <Habeas2> PaWealey – Regarding that, no problem.
02:42:41 <PaWeasley> Fair enough. Ya’ll did a good job getting a bunch of us fans worked up. :p
02:45:48 <CharlieTango> How is the progress on Interstellar Operations going? I’m guessign that’s on the schedule for 2013?
02:47:27 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – IO is SCHEDULED for 2012, actually. WHether we see it by then depends on how much Randall writes, and whether he realizes he’s written enough.
02:49:56 <CharlieTango> Herb: Which of the various types of products that have been done would you personally like to have seen more of for the line, but just haven’t proven to be financially viable?
02:50:32 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – Hmmm. Toss-up between handbooks and Adventures
02:51:13 <Glendower> Yeah, Red Array didn’t do well, and it was free from me. 🙁
02:51:50 <Glendower> I also wish I could find my notes on why the operation was called „Red Array“.
02:53:00 <CharlieTango> Really? I thought you didn’t like the Handbooks.
02:54:26 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – I dislike them only because they have become boondoggles, not because I feel they were bad products per se.
02:54:55 <CharlieTango> Ah Ok. thanks for the clarification.
02:50:16 <Garydee> Besides the LAM construction rules, will IO have much in the way of new weapons/equipment?
02:53:11 <Habeas2> Garydee – Oh, most likely. IO is aiming at introducing a number of items that exist/were used only in certain historical periods, such as LAMs, Caspar AIs, and Nuclear weapons
02:51:42 <Dukeroyal> Will the construction rules for Primitive JumpShips appear in IO or in a future XTRO Primitives Volume?
02:53:55 <Habeas2> DukeRoyal – Primitive tech should also appear in IO
02:53:45 <PaWeasley> Are their plans to introduce more Blitzkrieg story lines/serials before Ice Storm and Ghost Bear’s Lament are completed?
02:54:38 <Habeas2> PaWealey – Oh yes.
02:54:06 <nathan18> Since in the last chat you said there is no TRO schedule this year except TRO 3067, can You give us a hint if it will be A TRO for the Star League or for 3150
02:55:11 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – Um, it will be TRO 3067, unless you are asking what the first „new“ TRO after that will be.
02:57:29 <nathan18> After 3067
02:59:03 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – Depending on timing, the next new TRO after 3067 reprints will be either a Star League themed one, or 3150
02:59:17 <nathan18> thanks
02:56:19 <JimDiGriz> Will there be a pdf of the aerotech recordsheets?
02:56:47 <Habeas2> JimDIGriz – Maybe. Someday. Or those units will simply appear in various Unabridged TROs
02:56:54 <Habeas2> Er, Unabridged RS books
02:56:58 <Garydee> There was mention of a Tech manual for 3150. Will there be one or will new gadgets go into TRO 3150?
02:58:33 <Habeas2> Garydee – Yes
02:57:51 <Euphonium> How many Unabridged RS are there still to publish?
02:59:14 <Habeas2> Euphonium – One per TRO
02:58:57 <Euphonium> Can you tell us anything about MechWarrior Tactics, or are you completely out of the loop on the computer games front?
03:00:02 <Habeas2> Euphonium – I am willfully out of the loop on the computer games front. WHile the computer games are based on the BT universe, the core IP and the electronic manifestations thereof are not truly beholden to each other
03:00:34 <Euphonium> So any new computer games that come along will not be cannon, then?
03:02:08 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Few of them were ever canon to begin with. Whenever you see cross-connection, it’s generally because we integrated some of the events into the print line after the fact (if we thought they merited such an action).
02:59:58 <JimDiGriz> Why did most of the record sheet pdfs dissapear from the Battleshop?
03:01:00 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – That could be a technical issue (or we pulled them down for errata; I’d have to look into that)
03:01:10 <JimDiGriz> Thanks.
03:00:31 <Dukeroyal> Are there plans for a TRO 3057 Upgrade?
03:01:18 <Habeas2> Dukeroyal – Not immediately, no. Really seeing no need for one.
03:04:01 <CharlieTango> With the revision or removal of BV, will a new system be developed for determining Battleforce/Quickstrike point values be determined, or will that be dependetnt on what replaces BV?
03:05:34 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – ENtirely dependent, since the BF/QS system derives from BV
03:07:45 <CharlieTango> Along that same line of questioning of my previous inquiry, has there been any further consideration (with the growing popularity of QS), of having those rules split out as a product separate from SO, and possibly including rules to run QS as a hexed game as well?
03:10:56 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – Yes
03:11:28 <Habeas2> (Though, honestly, as QS is basically BattleForce, you already have a hex game in there)
03:04:14 <nathan18> Any new PDF only items we soon be looking for?
03:07:16 <Habeas2> Nathan18 – Well, expect for XTRs, more Turning Points, the (eventual) end of the Objectives series, and more. There’s a few more new PDF-exclusive series pending development, but I can’t detail those too well just now.
03:05:35 <JimDiGriz> What is the order for future releases in the Objectives series?
03:10:13 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – The present order planned for the remaining Objectives is FWL, Periphery, and Clans…but that can change pretty rapidly as editing/layout needs may throw them into chaos.
03:04:59 <mib_83fhui> Isn’t it had to keep the Computer games‘ Continity with the BT universe without restricting the Computer game publisher ability to do their own thing?
03:07:50 <Habeas2> Mib_83fhui – That’s why we do not consider computer games canonical.
03:06:01 <Euphonium> So in the case of any new computer games, you will decide after they are published, if there are any ideas/events worthy of inclusion in the core line?
03:10:41 <Habeas2> Euphonium – I will decide afterward.
03:08:02 <Dukeroyal> Is there any update on the beta test of the new Mercenary Unit creation rules?
03:12:23 <Habeas2> DUkeroyal – Erm, what Beta Test?
03:16:52 <Dukeroyal> An open beta test was mentioned on the forums some time ago.
03:20:22 <Habeas2> Dukeroyal – At this time, I think any open beta on mercenary creation systems would be a vanishing proposition.
03:12:42 <JimDiGriz> If you had complete freedom to what you wanted, how would you shape the plotline for the BT universe?
03:14:03 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – You’ll see in 2014. };-)
03:14:25 <JimDiGriz> Should we be afraid?
03:14:32 <PaWeasley> IlClan?
03:14:50 <Habeas2> JimDIGriz – Yes, you probably should.
03:15:12 <JimDiGriz> For anyone in particular, or pretty much everyone?
03:15:31 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – What about it?
03:16:05 <PaWeasley> Sorry, guess regard 2014.
03:16:45 <Habeas2> JimDiGriz – For anyone who somehow thinks this universe should remain static, and factions shouldn’t die.
03:18:35 <Suralin> Habeas2 – Heresy! Rasalhague Republic forever!
03:18:36 <Suralin> 😛
03:15:57 <Orin> William Gibson says that SF is always a reflection of the time it is written – BattleTech being a very pre-cyberpunk 80’s view of the future. Would you ever consider with your great jump moving to a 20-teens view of the future or will BattleTech always be pre-cyberpunk 80’s sci-fi?
03:19:27 <Habeas2> Orin – There are always other universes and game lines that can do that better; there is no need for BattleTech to become another universe just to update itself to a different image. We spent 25+ years on the aesthetics we’re using now.
03:20:34 <Euphonium> Thankyou Herb. I feel my other favourite game ruined itself by following Orin’s suggestion, so I’m glad to hear BT won’t be doing that!
03:21:48 <Orin> Euphonium? YM Shadowrun?
03:21:52 <Suralin> I’m somewhat reminded of the song „Acceptable in the ’80s“
03:22:19 <Euphonium> Yes
03:24:56 <Habeas2> Euphonium/Orin – Don’t get me wrong; we do, have, and will incorporate certain other elements into BT that only became commonly known since the mid-80s (such as planetary internets), but the idea of a „bulk-tech“ universe still exists here. The Manei Domini don’t use nanotech at all, for example; they use prosthetics that are built more macroscopically.
03:24:59 <Orin> Euphonium: It’s certainly an interesting dilemma – though in SR’s case I don’t think they had a choice. Cyberpunk got retro really quickly.
03:24:09 <mib_ku2tqy> Any chance for new mapsheet sets?
03:25:30 <Habeas2> Mib_ku2tqy – We’re still looking into mapsheet sets, but have to be careful how we market those versus the Hex Packs
03:24:34 <Euphonium> Any updates on the Hex Packs? Any more planned?
03:25:56 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Definitely, there will be more. The next in the queue, in fact, is the Mountains and Canyons Hex Pack.
03:25:32 <CharlieTango> I’d heard both Mountains/Canyons and Woods/Hills were in the pipeline on Hex Packs. Will either come this year?
03:26:12 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – Both are hoped for a 2012 release.
03:26:00 <PaWeasley> Can you comment on Ben’s statement about the WoR supplemental in the earlier chat? He mentioned the HW Clans on the cusp of the Invasion in 3090. Is that actually true or another case of him teasing the fans with a mix of truth and fiction like with his earlier blog posts.
03:27:09 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – Do you really expect me to ruin Ben’s fun like that? 😉
03:27:38 <PaWeasley> A guy can dream … and possibly bride. 🙂
03:27:45 <PaWeasley> Bribe
03:27:57 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – No brides for me! I’m done with that mess!
03:28:04 <PaWeasley> haha
03:28:45 <JimDiGriz> You could’ve called it a campaign contribution.
03:30:34 <Suralin> The Herb/Catalyst Super PAC
03:31:05 <BJones> Cat PAC?
03:31:13 <JimDiGriz> I’m calling it a night. Thanks for answering our questions, Herb.
03:31:34 <PaWeasley> As long as there isn’t factional Super PAC. You think the fiat whining is bad
03:32:55 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – This is America! Power flows to those who have the most money. Don’t even know why we have elections any more; we should just have the candidates show their tax returns, and give the job to whoever made the most in the previous four years…
03:33:58 <Orin> I think Randall has been talking on twitter about playing the BT CCG. Is there any chance ever of doing say a non-collectable card game (ala the FFG games Mag Blast / Death Angel)
03:34:34 <Habeas2> Orin – There is always a chance, but it’s hard to say
03:36:52 <Orin> How much freedom do you have in building the new universe? Has anything made Randall go „that may be going too far“
03:38:13 <Habeas2> Orin – One of the reasons I was chosen to take over from Randall was how much we were in synch about what the core asethetics of BT were. To be honest, there’ve been many times where I reined HIM in. Granted, my big plans for the post-Dark Age settings did raise some eyebrows, but in general, they fit BattleTech
03:39:27 <Orin> I’m looking forward to it. I like the idea that not only will you knock over the apple cart, you’ll set it on fire and drop a kansas farm house on it
03:39:37 <Euphonium> Are there any questions you wish we’d though to ask tonight? And what are they? 😀
03:40:21 <Habeas2> Euphonium – I’m a blank slate; you can ask anything.
03:40:27 <Habeas2> For another 5 minutes, anyway
03:41:23 <Euphonium> Ah, well, it was worth a try
03:41:05 <Suralin> I can’t really think of one, apart from rehashing my old „mixing heat sinks“ question
03:41:08 <Suralin> so here goes
03:41:26 <Suralin> any plans to add rules for mixing heat sinks into a future book?
03:43:04 <Habeas2> Suralin – Unknown
03:42:13 <PaWeasley> How drastically will the map be altered when we „wake up“ in 3150?
03:43:17 <Habeas2> PaWeasley – Pretty drastically
03:42:14 <Euphonium> Any feel for how long it will be to reach a decision on the UnSeen?
03:43:46 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Could be a while; fan reaction to some upcoming projects will help me decide.
03:44:08 <Euphonium> Have you ever wanted to give a faction a good kicking, but had to restrain yourself for the sake of the storyline?
03:44:47 <Habeas2> Euphonium – House Davion still exists, doesn’t it?
03:45:11 <Euphonium> But House Davion has had a good kicking!
03:48:10 <Habeas2> Euphonium – They’re still alive, right? So I restrained myself.
03:49:13 <Euphonium> Why the dislike for House Davion then?
03:49:43 <Orin> They are the default good guys in a universe without „good“?
03:50:02 <PaWeasley> autocannon envy?
03:52:36 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Why not?
03:45:06 <CharlieTango> Has there been any thought of using Kickstarter to try to accomplish some particular project for Catalyst tht wouldn’t otherwise be financially possible?
03:47:53 <Habeas2> CharlieTango – Not really, no
03:50:08 <Euphonium> Are we going to see much happening the in Deep Peripheryover the next few years?
03:52:45 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Yes, we will
03:55:37 <Euphonium> Are there any plans to explicity confirm or deny any of the stories from the last Interstellar Players book in the near future?
03:55:59 <Orin> is there a chance of any future „Interstellar Players“ type sourcebooks?
03:56:49 <Habeas2> Orin – Definitely!
03:56:11 <Suralin> Out of the new factions added post-3067, do you have a favorite?
03:57:07 <Habeas2> Suralin – Um, … No, not really.
03:56:47 <Euphonium> Will the Bounty Hunter still be around in the 3150 era?
03:57:17 <Habeas2> Euphonium – That’s a coin toss right now
03:57:45 <Euphonium> Since it has been said before that there will not be a sequel to Best Ever, the SR/BT crossover, can we get a BT/Leviathans crossover this year, please?
03:59:10 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Who said no sequel? I’ll have their … something
04:00:34 <Euphonium> A couple of BattleChats ago, it was asked, and we were told that since the 1st BT/SR crossover was Best Ever!, there could not be a sequel.
04:01:05 <Euphonium> And even if there is, I’d still love to see a BT/Leviathans one 😉
04:01:42 <Habeas2> Euphonium – Never say never; it just means that the next crossover won’t be „The Best Ever!“

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