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Battletech Advanced 7.0 erschienen

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 22. August 2020 von DarkISI

Es gibt ein neues Update zum Battletech Mod: Battletech Advanced. Bei Version 7.0 benötigt ihr nicht einfach nur das Update, sondern müsst den Installer komplett erneuern.

v7.0 (aka the „New Abilities and Installer“ release) has been released to the installer. There’s some stuff in here, so read closely.

First and foremost, we have a new installer. This is required for you to download. Delete your old installer including the cache it created and download our new installer (from here: This will necessitate a full download of the CAB again, this is necessary since the CAB has undergone some changes on the backend for better performance. I know it’s annoying but this is better for us all in the long run. Otherwise, installation instructions are as normal. Now, the changelog:

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: We have overhauled the pilot abilities and have an entire second set of abilities. These are a beta right now and will be subject to extensive changes, so don’t get too attached just yet (it will always be save compatible though, so don’t worry about losing your save). For details about the new abilities, please visit the BTA FAQ, where they’re all broken down and fully explained for your reading enjoyment.
  • NEW VARIANT: The Dragon Fire DGR-4X, found with ComStar, has been added. This is a BTA Design Contest winner and gets special mention.
  • The multi-shot weapons have had their fire delays adjusted for faster animation. No more waiting on the X-Pulse Lasers for 10 seconds each shot.
  • The Bull Shark BSK-MAZ has been totally overhauled. It’s good now! Amazing!
  • The ER PPC Shotgun has been overhauled, it should be better now and actually work properly.
  • Charges have been fiddled with again, hopefully for the better. Expect more in the future.
  • A number of IS Omnis (Firestarter Omni, Blackjack Omni, Perseus, Owens) had hardpoints reduced.
  • A number of core mods have been updated for better performance.
  • A wide number of various fixes are included.

IMPORTANT: v7.0 is an „update“ update with a twist. Download the newly updated BTA Installer, delete your old one and its cache, then run the new installer like normal. It will be a full re-download, which is regrettable, but it is necessary for some backend improvements.


Ein kleines Hotfix kam auch noch dazu, bevor ich die New schreiben konnte:

Minor hotfix for called shots went out just now. Called shots once again were getting weird, it had to do with Retrainer. Additionally, because of retrainer’s weirdness, we’ve restricted it to once per pilot, so try and make good decisions.

Das Team würde sich ebenfalls freuen, wenn ihr sie über ihren Patreon unterstützen würdet. Nur so können sie euch den Mod in dieser Qualität und mit dieser Updatehäufigkeit gewährleisten. Ähnlich, wie ich mich freue, wenn ihr eure Battletech-Produkte über die Amazon und Drivethrugh Links auf der HPG Station kauft. Oder generell einmal hier auf einen Amazon-Link klickt und dann bei Amazon über das Fenster irgendwas anderes kauft 😉

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