Icons of War – Im Handel

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Wie angekündigt ist Icons of War heute erschienen. Überraschenderweise ist das Taschenbuch heute mal vor dem E-Book auf Amazon zu finden, das habe ich tatsächlich noch nie erlebt. Gibt doch immer mal was Neues.

Icons of War ist als Taschenbuch mit 200 Seiten für 8,96 € zu kaufen. Das E-Book gibt es für 4,29 € auf Drivethru.

Sobald das E-Book bei Amazon zu haben ist, trage ich die Links nach.


After the Word of Blake exacts an incalculable toll on Clan Wolf, Elemental warrior Garmen Kerensky is tasked by Wolf Khan Vlad Ward to undertake an audacious, top-secret mission in the Clan Homeworlds. While other covert teams help the Wolves evacuate Clan Space, Garmen’s command will steal the most prized relic of Clan history: the body of the Great Father, Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky, Garmen’s ancestor. But the father of the Clans’ founder is entombed aboard the McKenna’s Pride, a Star League-era WarShip in permanent geosynchronous orbit above the Clans’ capital city, a staunchly guarded vessel that will take ingenuity, a warrior’s spirit, and more than a little luck to reach.

Stealing his ancestor’s remains is a tall order under normal circumstances, but the Homeworld Clans are on the verge of open warfare with each other, and this mission threatens to blow Clan society apart entirely. As the elite warrior guards of the Ebon Keshik hunt Garmen, he and his hardened team must navigate the intrigue of the shadowy Dark Caste to have any hope of reaching the Pride alive. But no plan ever survives enemy contact, and Garmen must overcome the forces arrayed against him or risk forever losing the Great Father’s body to the chaos and destruction of the Clans’ internal warfare.

Icons of War – Im Handel
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