MegaMek 0.47.13 [UPDATE]

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 10. November 2020 von DarkISI

UPDATE: +++++++++ Achtung, MekHQ hat einen massiven Refit Save Bug. Für MekHQ dringend bei 47.11 oder einer Stable bleiben! ++++++++++

Heute gab es gleich zwei neue Versionen. Die 47.12 wurde nach 2 Stunden wieder einkassiert, weil sie einen Game Breaking Bug in MekHQ hatte.

Daher gehen wir mal direkt zu 47.13 über.

Hier dann jetzt die Infos aus 47.12 und 47.13 kombiniert.

As mentioned we are moving toward a new stable, meaning not a lot of new things in this releases. But one of the big ones is sending Princess to another map reading course. She is getting better with fast units and with longer range paths. We’ve also changed a lot of default settings in Megamek – for a detailed list see here. We also implemented a couple more quirks (Oversize and Static Ammo Feed) and full head ejection system. Deadborder continues to crank out new sprites based on the Kickstarter, units that have cleared moratorium, and for fun check out the Ram Plate equipped Rhino.

Again lots of bug fixes as we push to make MegaMekLab more stable and capable. This releases includes improvements to printing, margin fixes, and expanding the optional tables on unit types.

Bug fixes and code optimizations here. While MekHQ was never designed to handle forces the size of SLDF divisions but players are doing it (much to our amazement). Windchild and Watford have been working to make MekHQ better able to handle this. This includes UI improvements, standardizing code, and filtering options. This fixes increases the risk of bugs in this release so make sure you keep backups. But in the long run sets us up for an improved experience. Lastly we’ve added a new AtB preset based on CampaignAnon excellent guide.




+ PR #2310: Implement "Static Ammo Feed" quirk
+ PR #2315: Prevent bot freeze when bot attempts to counter-battery fire using an on-board unit vs off-board artillery
+ PR #2308: Normalizes Data Files
+ Issue #2313: Some fixes for SSW -> MM BV Issues
+ Issue #2331: Laser Insulator costs (slightly) wrong
+ Data: New Sprites, new units (Rec Guides 4/5, Kaumberg, Hanseatic Crusade)
+ Data: Mass/Crit slots of Prototype UAC5 Wrong.
+ PR #2332: Substantial Princess performance (turn calculation speed) improvement across the board, especially visible for fast units
+ Issue #2338: Artemis IV counting for slot space
+ PR #2336: New equipment: ram plate
+ Issue #2344: Incorrect generic infantry armor cost
+ PR #2350: Allow java.util.TreeMap to be deserialized
+ PR #2334: Modernizing Multiple Visual Configs
+ PR #2351: Prevent aerospace units from sometimes showing as crippled after rolling for but not confirming a crit
+ PR #2357: Restored(?) full head ejection system to a lot of Wolfhound/Hatchetman variants;
ejection now hits the cockpit or blows off the head for full head ejection - mostly relevant for MekHQ
+ Issue #2246: "Change Tileset Theme" menu entry disabled outside the Board Editor
+ Issues #2349, #2347. #2339 Various Data fixes
+ Data: New Sprites
+ Issue #2343: Player units can flee during tornado; fix for blank report when loading game with report sprites in client with report sprites disabled
+ Issue #2367: Bot can no longer use searchlights with hidden units
+ Issue #2369: Heavy Machine Gun 0/0/0 Range
+ Issue #2300: Head loss with torso-mounted cockpit no longer prevents weapons fire unless other sensor damage has occurred
+ Issue #2371: Odd interaction between Modular Armor and Hardened Armor
+ Issue #2267: Units are no longer able to fire ammo-based weapons that don't actually have any ammo (thus locking up the game)
+ Issue #1955: Mechs can deploy hidden in water as long as they are completely submerged
+ Issue #2377: Fuel Air Bombs size wrong
+ PR #2380: Implement "Oversized" quirk
+ Data: Updated Boards, RecGuide 6, and new Sprites. To confirm the naming conventions on some of the new clan
Omni Variants are correct.
+ Data #2345: Infantry force assignment tables
+ Data #2365: Incorrect battle armor manipulator location



+ Issue #761: Cost of communications equipment does not reflect size
+ Issue #758: Damage notation for torpedoes and prototype rockets incorrect
+ Issue #762: No cost for heat sinks and power amplifier for spot welders on ICE vehicles
+ Issue #763: Cost for cargo bays on vehicles is incorrect
+ Issue #765: Really early dropships and small craft not allowed
+ Issue #773: Superheavy industrialmechs fail validation
+ Issue #793: Industrialmechs with DHS loaded as SHS
+ Issue #770: Status message about unallocated heat sinks is confusing
+ Issue #775: Quarters on large aerospace craft again have a c-bill cost, but other bays do not
+ Issue #777: Direct Neural Interface blanks out Summary and TRO
+ Issue #784: Sub-Cap Ammo weight discrepancy
+ PR #801: Printing progress bar and memory use improvement
+ Issue #342: Incomplete queued print
+ PR #803: Add an outline to PDF output
+ Issue #802: Record Sheets printing small for layout
+ Issue #807:TAG (Light, Man-Portable) is misclassified
+ Issue #746: Weird margins on printing
+ Issue #665: Formatting Issue when printing vehicles or battle armor
+ PR #810: Show munition type on record sheet
+ Issue #812: Super-heavy trailer not possible (Combat Vehicles)
+ PR #812: Add optional reference tables for vehicle record sheets
+ PR #818: Optional reference tables for aerospace record sheets
+ Issue #816: Split equipment not printing second location on RS Weapon and Equipment Inventory
+ PR #820: Optional reference tables for infantry and protomechs
+ Issue #821: Primitive Armor on large spacecraft errors
+ Issue #823: Primitive dropship engine and control mass by year not applied correctly



+ Issue #1970: Workaround for single hex ecm causing smallcraft to be overweight
+ Issue #1079: Add refit time for moving a part between locations
+ PR #2117: Fixing New Personnel Market Report
+ PR #2105: Avoid part ID references in Refits and elsewhere
+ Issue #2115: Fixing GM Tool Gender load
+ PR #2122: Fixing Scenario Date Compare
+ Issue #1265: Option to Subtract Salvage Overages from Final Contract Payment
+ PR #2128: Improve performance of searching for spare parts in large campaigns
+ Issue #442: Enable/Disable MRMS Repair and Salvage Portions
+ Issue #2118: Fixing MekHQ's use of MM password
+ Issue #2138: Fixing GM Mothballing
+ Issue #2139: Fixing Award Tracker Data Manipulation
+ Issue #2130: Fixing TOE “Deployed” and “Undeployed” Background Colour Display
+ Issue #1723: Fixing Missing Personnel and Hangar Tab Selection Highlights
+ PR #2153: UnitRatingMethod: Add Disabled Case
+ Issue #1537: Fixing Null AmmoType NPE in Hangar Tab
+ Issue #2159: Fixing Soldier Filter Name
+ PR #2164: Fixing Historical Daily Log Disabled Message
+ Issue #2159: Personnel Filter Style for All Options
+ PR #2168: Properly implementing AtB edge assignment if MekHQ cannot assign an SPA
+ PR #2169: Fixing all and none portraits click when changing options preset
+ PR #2170: Support Edge is now properly reliant on Edge being enabled
+ PR #2173: Implementing sort order for SPAs in Campaign Options
+ PR #2174: Tabbed MekHQ Options Dialog
+ PR #2161: Improving Zipped Force Icon folders
+ PR #2162: Standardized Portrait Chooser
+ Issue #2188: Cannot assign salary to LAM Pilots or Vehicle Crew loading older CPNX files
+ Issue #2193: Unit Market: Units No Longer Reset to Open Market upon load
+ Data: Megamek Portrait Data Pack. Notes and licensing in Megamek contributors file which I will push
with the next Data work in Megamek.
+ Issue #2171: Implementing Campaign Option and Campaign Preset Versioning
+ Issue #2181: Personnel File CSV Export Toughness, Status, and Portrait Path
+ Issue #785: SLDF Ranks are Wrong
+ Issue #572: Random Portrait Fails to Properly Compare File Paths
+ Issue #564: AbstractIcon: Fixing Basic Info Portrait Scaling
+ Data: Adding a CampaignAnon 3.5 AtB preset.
+ Issue #2213: Fix disastrous bug in AmmoStorage::ctor

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