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Hunters of the Deep – Jetzt verfügbar

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 28. September 2021 von DarkISI

Die Dark Age Reihe schreitet voran. Der Clan Sea Fox Roman Hunters of the Deep ist nun verfügbar.

Derzeit das E-Book auf Amazon. Drivethru und das Taschenbuch folgen, wie gewohnt, später.

E-Books und Taschenbuch sind nun auf allen Plattformen verfügbar.


Sea Fox Clansmen are space-bound, nomadic warrior-merchants who live and die aboard their naval vessels, going planetside only to negotiate a new deal or for combat—often the same thing for a Fox. Divided into five autonomous Khanates, they are led by the Khan of Clan Sea Fox. Their mission: to make deals and acquire the revenue needed to expand Sea Fox’s honor, glory, and power…

For more than a decade, ovKhan Sha Clarke has watched his Spina Khanate achieve greater wealth and fame than any other. A burning passion drives him to free Spina Khanate from the shackles of Clan Sea Fox—no matter the cost…

Fiercely loyal to Clan Sea Fox, ovKhan Petr Kalasa knows Sha is plotting rebellion, but even he cannot guess the lengths to which the other ovKhan will go to achieve his goal. Attempting to stop his rival, he baits Sha into a one-on-one duel. The result is a disaster that vividly demonstrates how much Petr will have to sacrifice to put an end to Sha’s machinations. Yet his suspicions of Sha will not let him rest. Petr has lost one battle, but—as the Clan as his witness—he will not lose the war…

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