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Pseudotech: Arcade Operations – Jetzt als gedrucktes Buch!

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 7. Mai 2022 von DarkISI

Es hat etwas länger gedauert als erwartet, aber nun ist sie da: die gedruckte Ausgabe von Pseudotech: Arcade Operations. Ihr bekommt sie als Print on Demand auf Drivethru und das PDF dann gleich kostenlos dazu. Wenn ihr also noch nicht zugeschlagen habt, um auf die gedruckte Version zu warten, dann gilt jetzt: Ran an den Speck!

Pseudotech: Arcade Operations

Ready Warrior One!

So, you call yourself an “Elite MechWarrior,” huh? What’s your top score in Grand ’Mech Melee, huh? Your longest chain in Tankertris? Have you ever beaten the Stinger Challenge? Where’s your Legendary Duelist medal? Bet you can’t even complete a single wave of Droneroids on your first life without a Shield buff! Go back to your Maraudero Party games, you noob!

Just because there’s a war on and you’re driving fifty-five tons of high-tech armor and weaponry in a giant, walking avatar of death doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, does it? Of course not! PseudoTech: Arcade Operations presents ways to spice up your BattleTech games in a manner that will amuse even the grimmest and most jaded of veterans. From power-ups that can offer your ride anything from instant death to temporary invincibility, to medal-worthy challenges beyond the humdrum monotony of win-or-die missions, show the Inner Sphere what you’ve got in nearly a dozen new scenario types—all presented in bright, colorful, holographic splendor, right on your very own tabletops! Special rules provide the classic arcade flavor your battles have been missing ever since you left the academy for the front lines, with bold new battle ribbons to be earned as you build a new kind of legendary status as king of your local military entertainment center!

Oh, and be sure to load up on extra tokens. The competition looks pretty fierce out there!

Auf kaufen (Softcover & PDF)

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