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Battletech: Blood Rage (Fortunes of War 2) – Jetzt für alle

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 26. Januar 2024 von DarkISI

Vor zwei Monaten bekamen Unterstützer des Battletech Mercenaries Kickstarters den zweiten Teil der Fortunes of War Serie (Blood Rage) zum Download in das Drive Folder. Nun bekommen auch alle anderen Zugriff auf das Buch.

Blood Rage (3070)


Three years after the massacre of their families on Bromhead, the hard-bitten mercenary unit Hansen’s Roughriders have already exacted revenge against Taurian Concordant forces on the planet Lindsay. But that is only the beginning.

When the Second Taurian Lancers—the unit responsible for the massacre—lands on Midale to conduct a supply raid, they run into Colonel Wolfgang Hansen and the entire Roughriders force—all out for blood. And underestimating the Roughriders may be the last mistake the Lancers make.

Amid the savage fighting, a Federated Suns liaison officer uncovers evidence of a third party’s involvement in the slaughter—and who may have been behind it. But will he be able to gather the necessary evidence—and eyewitnesses—before the rampaging Roughriders destroy everything in their path?

(NOTE: This is the same novella that was distributed to the BattleTech Mercenaries Kickstarter campaign. If you received this story through the campaign, you do not need to buy it here.)

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Auf kaufen (E-Book)

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