Children of Kerensky – im Handel

Children of Kerensky ist im Handel verfügbar.

Das E-Book gibt es für 5,09 € auf Amazon und bald auch auf Drivethru. Das Taschenbuch ist für 9,72 €  zu haben.

UPDATE: Wer einen Cent sparen will, geht zu Drivethru. Da kostet es 5,08 €.


Terra. For centuries, it has been the Clans’ ultimate prize. As prophesied by their founder, Nicholas Kerensky, the Clan that conquers Terra shall ascend above all others to become the ilClan, ruler over the rest of the Clans. And its leader shall become the ilKhan, and will lead the Inner Sphere into a new era.

And now, nearly a century after the Clan Invasion, two Clans race to be the first to reach Terra and the ultimate prize. On one side is Alaric Ward, Khan of Clan Wolf, a brilliant warrior and complex mix of the best of the Clans and the Inner Sphere. He comes to save the Inner Sphere from itself, intending to construct a new empire among the stars. His main adversary is Chingis Khan Malvina Hazen, the brutal, ruthless leader of Clan Jade Falcon. Forged in a tradition where only the strong survive, she leads her touman not to save the Inner Sphere, but to raze it to ashes and rebuild it according to her own twisted vision.

All that stands between them and a decisive victory that will reshape the Inner Sphere forever is the impenetrable barrier shielding Terra from invasion, not to mention the forces of the once-mighty Republic, which has no plans to surrender without a vicious fight…the only question is, who will reach Terra first?

Twilight of the Clans – Taschenbuch

Sword and Fire (Twilight of the Clans 5) ist jezt als gedrucktes Buch auf Amazon erhältlich (Print on Deamand).

Warum ausgerechnet Band 5 und nicht 1 – 4 … keine Ahnung. Wenn es dazu ein Update gibt, sage ich Bescheid.


An awesome mission has been assigned to Task Force Serpent: to destroy Huntress, homeworld of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Inner Sphere’s greatest menace. But the invasion has suffered a serious blow: Marshal Morgan Hasek-Davion has been struck down by an unknown assassin. With the fate of the entire Inner Sphere in jeopardy, only one other daredevil warrior is brave enough to bring the enemy to its knees…

She is General Ariana Winston of the famed Eridani Light Horse mercenary brigade, now commander of Task Force Serpent. The battle ahead is dangerous and uncertain, but Winston and her courageous comrades have the upper hand with hard-earned battle skills honed to fighting-edge perfection—and a secret weapon that could destroy Huntress for good…

Icons of War – Im Handel

Wie angekündigt ist Icons of War heute erschienen. Überraschenderweise ist das Taschenbuch heute mal vor dem E-Book auf Amazon zu finden, das habe ich tatsächlich noch nie erlebt. Gibt doch immer mal was Neues.

Icons of War ist als Taschenbuch mit 200 Seiten für 8,96 € zu kaufen. Das E-Book gibt es für 4,29 € auf Drivethru.

Sobald das E-Book bei Amazon zu haben ist, trage ich die Links nach.


After the Word of Blake exacts an incalculable toll on Clan Wolf, Elemental warrior Garmen Kerensky is tasked by Wolf Khan Vlad Ward to undertake an audacious, top-secret mission in the Clan Homeworlds. While other covert teams help the Wolves evacuate Clan Space, Garmen’s command will steal the most prized relic of Clan history: the body of the Great Father, Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky, Garmen’s ancestor. But the father of the Clans’ founder is entombed aboard the McKenna’s Pride, a Star League-era WarShip in permanent geosynchronous orbit above the Clans’ capital city, a staunchly guarded vessel that will take ingenuity, a warrior’s spirit, and more than a little luck to reach.

Stealing his ancestor’s remains is a tall order under normal circumstances, but the Homeworld Clans are on the verge of open warfare with each other, and this mission threatens to blow Clan society apart entirely. As the elite warrior guards of the Ebon Keshik hunt Garmen, he and his hardened team must navigate the intrigue of the shadowy Dark Caste to have any hope of reaching the Pride alive. But no plan ever survives enemy contact, and Garmen must overcome the forces arrayed against him or risk forever losing the Great Father’s body to the chaos and destruction of the Clans’ internal warfare.

Icons of War – Cover Preview

Icons of War scheint nahe zu sein, denn Craig Reed, Jr. (der Autor) hat damit begonnen, Teile des Covers über Social Media Kanäle (Facebooklink) zu veröffentlichen.

Die nächsten Tage wird es mehr davon zu sehen geben.


Vlad Ward is planning Clan Wolf’s departure from the Homeworlds. But before they leave, there’s one thing he must acquire—the body of the Great Father, Aleksandr Kerensky, interred aboard the WarShip McKenna’s Pride. But with the floating tomb heavily guarded by the rest of the Clans, the mission seems impossible—until Ward turns to an Elemental with an unorthodox plan of recovering the general’s body.

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Rock of the Republic – Jetzt als E-Book und Taschenbuch

Nachdem Rock of the Republic gestern bereits als E-Book verfügbar war, ist nun auch das Taschenbuch erschienen.

124 Seiten für 8,89 €.


Exarch Devlin Stone, hero of the Word of Blake Jihad and architect of the Republic of the Sphere, has returned to Terra only to find his beloved nation under siege and in danger of breaking apart. As threats bear down on the Republic from all sides, Stone and his inner circle must move fast to bolster Terra’s defenses from all who seek to conquer the birthplace of humanity.

However, not all of his allies have heeded Stone’s call to arms. Former Exarch Damien Redburn, who left Terra to defend the Republic’s borders from the rapacious Clan Wolf, was cut off when the walls of Fortress Republic rose. Without support or reinforcements, Redburn, the Fidelis, and Countess Tara Campbell’s Highlanders have held the line against the Wolves for years, but the never-ending campaign has pushed all of them to their breaking points.

Is Stone’s return genuine, or a carefully crafted hoax? Can Redburn be brought back into the fold, or has he gone rogue for good? In the end, Stone, Redburn, and their allies must each decide their path before tensions can erupt in a clash that could shake the very foundation of the Republic.

Auf Amazon kaufen:


TRO: Golden Century – am Freitag

Heute Morgen gegen 02:00 wurde endlich das neue Datum für TRO: Golden Century angekündigt (Facebooklink). Es wird diesen Freitag als PDF und PoD (über Drivethrugh) veröffentlicht.

Ebenfalls weiterhin erscheinen wird Recognition Guide: IlClan 4 und Rock of the Republic wird im Laufe der Woche über die verschiedenen E-Book Plattformen veröffentlicht, auf Amazon ist es bereits erschienen.

Good news! Technical Readout: Golden Century and Era Digest: Golden Century will be available in print-on-demand and PDF this Friday, July 31. Don’t worry, Recognition Guide: Vol. 4 is still planned for release that day as well.

To tide you over, here’s a look at a Golden Century ‚Mech, the Vision Quest!

One more thing: you may start to see the new Blaine Lee Pardoe novella Rock of the Republic appearing on your favorite e-book platforms over the next few days. Due to the variations in publishing methods and timing between the platforms, we can’t provide a single date when it would drop on all of them. However, once it becomes available on all e-book platforms and in print-on-demand, we’ll be sharing the convenient one-stop link to get it.

Deutsche E-Books bei Ulisses

Mission KiambaDa ist uns letzte Woche doch tatsächlich eine Meldung durch die Finger geschlüpft. Bei Ulisses gibt es diverse neue Battletech E-Books zu kaufen.

Neben drei von vier Teilen des Bear-Zyklus gibt es seit letzter Woche auch „En Passant“ und „Royal Flash“ sowie „Duo Infernale“ als Ebook in Ulisses‘ E-Book Shop zu kaufen (wir verstoßen ausnahmsweise mal gegen unsere Regel, nicht auf Shops zu linken, weil ich denke, die Existenz des Shops ist nicht nur bei uns untergegangen).

Video-Lesung: Zorn

Andurienkriege 2 ZornBernard Craw hat mal wieder ein paar schöne Videos zur Verfügung gestellt. Dieses Mal handelt es sich um eine Lesung aus seinem Roman Zorn. Aufgeteilt in sieben einzelne Videos zwischen jeweils 6 und 21 Minuten, gibt es hier eine ganze Menge an Text, in den ihr reinhören könnt.

Ihr könnt die Videos entweder unten einfach in Folge betrachten, oder sie jeweils direkt auf der  Youtube Playlist ansteuern.

Viel Spaß 🙂